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Progress Super Strong Style 16 2017: Thoughts On Wrestling Podcast

Join Rob and Dan for the Thoughts On Wrestling Podcast as they discuss Progress Wrestling’s three day, Super Strong Style 16 2017 Tournament. It’s Rob’s first ever taste of Progress and he likes it quite a lot.


Review: WWE UK Championship Special



Inaugural UK Champion Tyler Bate vs. Mark Andrews was an excellent match. 

After the brilliant success of the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, specifically the second night, I was looking forward to seeing more of the WWE’s UK scene. This special, taped a little while ago in Norwich, was the first opportunity for this. Yes, I know they’ve been wrestling on NXT as well but this is something different. It is their own show and in front of British fans again.

Ultimately though, I was slightly disappointed by this special. Let me explain why before you start raging at me as I realise there were two good matches on this card.

Firstly, the crowd were heavily edited and muted, that is a terrible sign for the WWE UK scene. Part of British wrestling is the crowd, if you try to control them like WWE used to edit Smackdown it will only succeed in killing the entire vibe. Do not, ever, edit a crowd. They might not being doing what you want, but that is life. In general the audio of the entire show felt wrong and was very noticeable to me, it was a distraction. Perhaps it was just me, but I’m sure others felt that way too.


Green screen commentators…TNA? Is that you?!

Secondly, the blatant green screen additions of Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness made the show feel much more like Impact Wrestling than they probably intended. If you want to record the commentary after the fact that is fine, I would prefer it live but it is not a big deal. The green screen however did not work for me.

I did enjoy the commentary itself though. It’s fantastic to have Jim Ross back in the WWE and I really do enjoy Nigel’s calm commentary style. It’s so different to what everyone else brings to the table. Sure there was some of the ‘first show together awkwardness’ but over time that will disappear.

The opening two matches left me feeling cold too. Joseph Connors versus Wolfgang and the bizarre 205 Live tag team match of TJP and Brian Kendrick versus Rich Swann and Dan Moloney were not exactly barnstormers put it that way.


I loved that Pete Dunne came out with his PROGRESS Championship

However, this is where it all turns around because the number one contenders match between Trent Seven and Pete Dunne was really good. Dunne is an absolutely detestable heel and while I love it, I do still want to see him be beaten because fuck that guy. What an utter dick. He’ll be a star for sure.

The UK Championship match between Tyler Bate and challenger Mark Andrews was also really good. I know everyone raves about it, but it really is mind-blowing that Bate is only 20 years old. He is so smooth and confident in the ring.

I just wish these two matches, the whole special actually, had been broadcast a week or so earlier because we already know who is fighting who at NXT Takeover Chicago tonight for the UK title. It just took the edge of the proceedings. I do not like knowing spoilers, I realise that sets me aside from the majority of wrestling fans these days who want to know everything in great detail before it happens though.

Overall, the UK Special had a rough start and made some mistakes that I hope they learn from but the quality of wrestling in the number one contenders match and championship bout saved the show completely.

WWE UK Championship Tournament: Night 2 Review

Wow! Night 2 of the UK Championship Tournament was simply amazing. I criticised the first night being solid yet unremarkable, but everyone really kicked it up a couple of gears for round 2. As you’d expect in a two-day tournament obviously.


Tyler Bate is the inaugural WWE UK Champion!

Being a wrestling fan can be very frustrating at times. Nonsense storylines and dumb booking decisions. This past weekend has been a perfect example of wrestling done right. I honestly hadn’t been this invested in wrestling in months. This is coming from someone who only knew 5 of the 16 competitors at the start of this whole thing! Excellent work by everyone involved.


All of the matches from night two were fantastic, despite only 2 of them going over 10 minutes. The match of the night has to be the main event, but a close second would be Trent Seven versus Wolfgang. Not only was it a good match, but it also had a surprising ending which really rocked the entire tournament. With Seven out suddenly it was anyone’s to grab.

I did correctly predicted that Pete Dunne would make it to the final but it was Tyler Bate who won was declared the first ever UK Champion. It was the perfect decision has he quickly became the most over man in the entire thing. A true fan favourite. Dunne was built up as the main heel very well over the 2 nights. Attacking Gradwell twice and Bate’s after his semi final victory over Wolfgang. It’s simple story telling but it set up a perfect hell/face final.



Great work by all 16 competitors, especially those who made it through to the second day. Excellent performances.

It was nice to see Neville appear before the main event. He cut a very logical promo about being excluded from the CWC, 205Live and now this tournament too. Careful though WWE, in a world with your rubbish babyfaces you don’t want a heel to actually be justified in his thinking! I must admit I really wanted to see Wade Barrett as well, even if just for a promo. I knew it wasn’t going to happen but still find myself disappointed.


The commentary of Michael Cole and Nigel McGuiness was again very good. Although Cole being surprised that Balor was here this weekend was odd considering he’d introduced him the previous night. I wonder what the WWE’s plan for McGuiness is now that this is over?

Actually, I wonder what the plan for the UK Championship in general is now. Will it get its own show on the WWE network? Will it just be an annual or bi-annual tournament? What happens next?

WWE UK Championship Tournament: Night 1 Review


Last night we saw the first half of the tournament to crown the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion. It was an interesting, yet mostly uneventful night. There was nothing wrong with the show. It was solid, but predictable and seemed to be playing it safe for the most part. No one went out to steal the show that’s for sure. Overall it did feel to be lacking something, but I’m sure the second night will make up for that 10 fold.

There were a few standout moments though. For example Tyler Bate in general and Pete Dunne assaulting Sam Gradwell at the end of the show. The most interesting aspect however was Jordan Devlin’s victory over Danny Burch. Even now I’m still not sure if I watched the best booking I’ve ever seen, which put Devlin over as an arrogant, self-important heel, or a well covered mistake. Burch received a nasty cut to the back of his head and the referee counted to 3 even though he clearly kicked out. It looks like a pretty big botch, but then the post match Superkick and promo seemed to work perfectly. Now granted he could have been booked to turn heel either way and the cut was just an accident, but if they wanted the crowd to hate him. I don’t think it could have been done any better.

As you’d expect from a British crowd, they were loud and boisterous. Lot’s of chanting and all of the usual UK wrestling jokes. Such as ’10!’ when the referee counts anything and ‘One fall!’ during match introductions. Chant of the night however was aimed at Saxon Huxley who received a “Hey, Jesus. I wanna know if you’ll be my God” sing-song. It didn’t help the match very much, actually it took away from it, but it was rather amusing.

Let’s run down a few other moments starting with Joseph Conners. I’ve watched him a few times in WCPW and had literally no idea that he was missing part of an ear, yet after one match under a WWE banner I’m already sick of it being mentioned. Not only was the match built around it, the commentators wouldn’t stop mentioning it and Conners himself kept positioning his hair so that the camera could always pick up on it. Stop it!

While I’m on the subject of Conners,  I was wondering what WWE would change the name of his finishing move to as ‘The Righteous Kill’ isn’t very PG. Well, it turns out not only did they change the name to something rubbish that I can’t remember. They change the whole flipping move. Boo!


Jordan Devlin Superkicking a bloody Danny Burch post match. The fans wanted to boo him, WWE just gave them a reason to do so.

The commentary, other than being obsessed with Conners ear, was excellent. Michael Cole and Nigel McGuiness made a great pairing. Offering insight to different wrestling promotions within the UK and generally explaining strategies and moves well. I don’t understand why Michael Cole is shackled so much on Raw and PPV’s because when given freedom he is actually really good.


Finally Tyler Bate showed that he has more charisma in his little toe than most of the other competitors put together. He is a popular man. Bate versus Tucker was certainly match of the night and a well deserved ‘main event’.

For the second night of the tournament my predictions will see the semifinals as Jordan Devlin vs. Trent Seven and Pete Dunne vs. Joseph Conners. I believe that Jordan Devlin will gain even further heat with the crowd by defeating fan favourite Tyler Bate. Probably via shenanigans, but he will be avenged by good friend Trent Seven. Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket I can only see Pete Dunne proceeding to the final to face Seven. In that final I believe Trent Seven will win the first ever WWE United Kingdom Championship, but it could go either way.

WWE UK Championship Tournament: Thoughts/Predicitons

I’m really looking forward to this one. In a direct response to ITV bringing back World of Sport Wrestling and the recent British indie wrestling boom in general, WWE have created their own UK Championship. With the tournament for that belt taking place over 2 nights this weekend!

uk-championshipAs much as I enjoyed ITV’s WOS it did feel more like a Saturday night gameshow rather than sporting event so I’m looking forward to seeing British wrestling presented on a bigger stage in the more ‘traditional’ style. By that I mean, what I’m used to.

I’m also looking forward to learning more about the British wrestling scene in general. I only know a few guys from the scene so it will be nice to have my horizons broadened. Unfortunately the two people I know best Marty Scrull and Will Osprey aren’t in the tournament as they work for NJPW and ROH. I do know four of the competitors from WCPW though; Joseph Connors, Trent Seven, Pete Dunn and Tyler Bate so will be watching those guys carefully.

Here’s hoping that WWE will be able to recapture the magic and success that they had with the CWC. Knockout tournaments, in theory, are always exciting. This one in particular though as there are plenty of choices they could choose for the winner. I love unpredictable wrestling. They just need to tell the right story over both nights and I’m sure they could get any number of the competitors to workout brilliantly. Simple story telling, with a understandable target for all men to achieve. Should be great!

12152016_uk_presser_0698dogIf I had to make an official predication, which I really shouldn’t as I know so little, I would have to go for one of the four WCPW guys I know. More specifically Pete Dunn or Trent Seven. I’m going with one of those mainly because they stood directly next to Triple H during the press conference a few weeks back.

Most of all though, I’m just excited about watching live wrestling at a reasonable hour.