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Review – Money In The Bank (2017)

Money In The Bank did not disappoint, it was a solid show from start to finish with some excellent wrestling at times and a few surprising moments. Controversy in the first ever Women’s MITB ladder match, a shocking debut and hopefully a few teases of things to come.

It’s vary rare for me to walk away from a WWE main roster PPV with a good overall opinion of it, but I was very happy with what happened. I see potential in all story lines and even though my favourite wrestlers didn’t win. I am content.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Winner: Carmella

054_mitb_06182017jg_0611-caa06542d3384264da149ee1e3b35a8cStraight in with the controversy! Oh the internet seems to be massively divided on this on. Some people despise the ending other people love it. I personally loved it.

In case you are unaware the finish of the match saw James Ellsworth tip Becky Lynch from the top of the ladder, proceed to climb the ladder, retrieve the briefcase and then drop it into Carmella’s waiting open arms. It was a complete mockery off a finish, showing complete disrespect to all of the women involved. This was their moment to show the world they could do it just as well as the men and it was ruined.

It was the PERFECT heel move. Absolutely brilliant! I mean, what a disgusting thing to do. To ruin the inaugural Women’s MITB ladder match by having a man decide the finish. The heat Carmella should receive from this is unreal. This is where a lot of people seem to be getting confused again. You didn’t like what the heel did? You aren’t meant to. It’s meant to rile you up!

The only problem I had with it was the confusing referee discussion after the bell rang. It made it seem like Shane McMahon or Daniel Bryan were going to come out and restart the match but never did. It clearly confused the crowd to who just stood there waiting for something to happen.

As for the match itself, I thought it was unfortunately a little sloppy. Certainly not the high standards we know the women can reach on their day. I certainly thought the ‘this is awesome’ chant early on was incredibly generous of the St Louis crowd. Not that anyone is going to remember the match itself its all about the finish.

I’m not entirely sure why the WWE made the creative choice of having all 5 women come out to the ring, then show a 3/4 minute video hyping up the match. Surely it would have made more sense to open the show with that promo package? As for the video itself, even more marketing bullshit promoting the women’s revolution. Stop patting yourselves on the back every chance WWE, it makes everything seem so much more forced and false.


Predictions: Money In The Bank (2017)

Money in the Bank is actually one of my favourite PPVs of the year. Unofficially its the real fourth member of the ‘big four’ (sorry Survivor Series), so I guess we could make it the big five? At least in my opinion anyway.

It’s actually one of my favourite match types as well. Ladder matches are always fun but then you’ve got such an interesting stipulation to play with as well. Will the winner cash in on the night? Will they bide their time and wait for the perfect time to strike? Or will they announce their chosen time to challenge fairly for the title. Potentially you’ve got a years worth of story lines being created in one match. I love it.

This year Money In The Bank is a Smackdown exclusive, which I really dig. You don’t need both shows having a briefcase each. Make it more exclusive, make in more unique and make it more important.

Having said that this year is the first year that the WWE are doing a women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. So you can go ahead and scrap that more unique and exclusive nonsense I just spouted. Okay, so first of all I really like that they’re doing a women’s match. It will be really cool to see what they can all do and I love the idea that we’ll get to see them play out all of the possible ‘cash in’ story line options for the first time. It would be fantastic if they’d figured out a new, never seen before twist for this, but even if they do something we’ve seen before it will be with new people and a new spin.

However, I said the same thing when Raw and Smackdown had a Money In The Bank ladder match each or when WWE have three Hell In A Cell matches in one night. Less is more. The main problem is far too often they end up spreading themselves too thin, having to share out moments and spot ideas. After all you can’t have the same table spots two matches in a row, the crowd wont keep on popping for them. So potentially instead of having one brilliant match you get a few good ones, or worse average ones. Hopefully we get two excellent matches though.

I do wonder in what order they will lay out the match card though. Will they have the Money In The Bank matches before the Women’s and WWE Championship bouts allowing for cash in opportunities. Will they have one on the night at all? Would they have two?! That would be crazy and I bet few people would see it coming. I think its more likely that the winner of the women’s will cash in than the men’s though as I see Jinder holding the title for a while. Whoops, prediction spoilers…

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

20170602_mitb_womenladder-3c948664588094cfa324b23beefeafd1The first ever women’s Money In The Bank Ladder match. Will it be great or will it be a flop? I mean, hopefully it won’t be a flop…why would anyone hope for that? Weirdos.

I joke but in all seriousness this match, just like the Hell In A Cell match, the tables match and the Iron Man match has to deliver. Not just to shut up that section in the audience who just love to see things fail but to continue to show Vince McMahon that yes, the women in his company can be just as good as the men. I have complete faith that they have all the ability in the world to knock it out of the park, they just have to do it right on the night.

But who is going to win? Well, I think it’s between three ladies. Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Carmella.

Carmella?! I hear you cry. If there was ever a dark horse in this match it would be Carmella and I can just imagine James Ellsowrth following Carmella down to the ring each week carrying her briefcase for her. That image alone would be fantastic! I think I can rule out Natalya and Tamina without any second thought but Carmella (who I know a lot of people will say is the weakest of the group) could be a brilliant heel with that Money in the Bank contract up her sleeve.

Which leaves Charlotte, who is an obvious contender simply for being Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Now with Charlotte you have to think about who she would feud with, if Naomi is still champion I think it will be unlikely for Charlotte to win. That is of course unless WWE a thinking very long-term.

With Becky however, she has fallen from number one babyface on Smackdown AND Women’s Champion, to neither the champion or number one babyface. With Charlotte arguably taking over the role of face and Naomi obviously champion. Becky kind of needs the briefcase to stay relevant in the topper half of the division. Plus, you can go a few ways with her as Ms Money In The Bank, either as a face or perhaps with a heel turn. Which again, Charlotte probably wouldn’t do as she’s only just turned face.

My pick here is Carmella, thanks obviously to a massive assist from James Ellsworth.

Winner: Carmella

Predictions: WWE Backlash 2017

Simply put there is no way that Backlash 2017 can follow NXT Takeover Chicago. That Tyler Bate versus Pete Dunne match will be a match of the year contender for sure. Maybe the show is doomed from the start though, after all the main event is Randy Orton against JINDER MAHAL for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP. Let that settle in for a moment, you might need to take a seat.

Bizarre times we live in for sure. However, there should be at least two good matches. Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles in all sorts of a dream match and I’m expecting big things from Nakamura’s main roster debut against Dolph Ziggler.

The rest of the show though, oh dear. It’s not exactly gripping stuff is it? Actually I tell a lie, this show has The Fashion Police on it. So automatically its going to be a five-star show.

Enough ramble, let’s do some predictions!

Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan

I mean, does anyone actually care? Either man could win or lose and it will make absolutely zero different in the long or short-term. Prove me wrong WWE!

Winner: Luke Harper

Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn

20170509_1920x1080_bl_zayncorbin-a90bc9dcd9038c1fc9a708a744bdf274I imagine that Big Banter Baron Corbin will pick up the victory over Sami Zayn. I’d prefer Zayn to win, but considering his gimmick is ‘wrestler who tries real hard but always loses’ there doesn’t seem to be all that much hope. Potentially a good match though in fairness!

Winner: Baron Corbin

Naomi, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. The Welcoming Committee


I’ve always been a big fan of the Women’s Champion being lost in the shuffle of a multi-women tag team match on PPVs. Not.

What would be the point of The Welcoming committee existing if they don’t pick up the victory here? Then again, what a terrible world it would be if a team consisting of the Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch can’t defeat Natalya, Carmella and Tamina Snuka.

Expect a screwy finish for certain here is all I can think of and either Becky or Naomi to take the fall.

Winners: The Welcoming Committee

Elimination Chamber Predictions

Wrestling isn’t exactly setting my world on fire right now. It’s not that it’s ‘bad’ per se. In fact there’s a lot of little things that are, in fact, really good. AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Even the whole Goldberg/Brock Lesnar angle is interesting  and I never thought I’d say that! Yet as a whole, the shows (and boy there sure are a lot of them and a lot of hours to watch, too many in fact) all just seem so uninspiring.

The terrible booking of Roman Reigns has (potentially permanently) ruined him for me. Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble seemed like a boring and ‘safe’ bet instead of taking the opportunity to do something new and exciting. On a smaller note, what the hell have WWE done with Enzo and Cass? They are so bad these days.

So like I say, wrestling and I might not be best friends right now, but it is Wrestlemania season so I’m going to keep watching. Hoping it will all pick up as the ball starts rolling. Will this happen at the Elimination Chamber? Hmmmm, judging by the card all hopes are pinned to the main event. Which will in turn set the stage for my early thoughts on Smackdown’s half of Wrestlemania. It can’t actually be Cena/Orton can it?!

I’m not going to go into much detail for the under-card as in honesty, it’s rather bland. So here we go, quick fire predictions!


Elimination Chamber

The main event is the only match on the card that has any long-term meaning and relevance. Everything else can be repeated and re-matched to death but this is a one time deal. Which makes it special.

Elimination Chamber matches have had a hit and miss history. It fell into the same trap that still plights Hell In A Cell PPV’s, too many matches on one card. Thankfully we only get the one so that’s nice. It’s good for 2 reasons. Firstly, all the eggs into one basket instead of having to share out spots. Secondly, over saturation is killing wrestling in every other way so this is actually a nice change from the norm. I honestly believe that if they could, WWE would have 2 Royal Rumbles one for each show.

There’s a couple of people I would love to see win this match. AJ Styles being the main one. Wouldn’t it be great if he just leapt straight back up to the top of the Smackdown mountain? I would be so very, very happy. Unfortunately it isn’t going to happen. Neither will it happen for The Miz. Miz has been undoubtedly one of the best things post brand split era but he’s getting lost in the shuffle a little bit since losing his title to Dean Ambrose. That makes me sad.

The third option is by far the most likely, in fact he has to be the heavy favourite to win. Which means we might actually get to see Bray Wyatt win the World Title. Which means Bray Wyatt might actually win at Wrestlemania while defending his title! Okay I got carried away, Orton wins lol.

I’ve got to say, this Randy Orton joins the Wyatt family storyline has actually been really good. Odd, eye glowing effects and other magic nonsense aside. However, I still think it would have been far better to have Bray win the Royal Rumble match! Putting someone new over instead of the same 5 guys. How great could that have been?

You could still get to a Wrestlemania match between Bray and Orton, just have Randy in the Elimination Chamber match instead, have him win and create friction between the duo that way. It’s so close yet feels so far.

Still, won’t complain too much as like I’ve said, this feud has been pretty interesting. I would have liked it to go on for a lot longer though.

Watch me say all of this and then Baron Corbin picks up the surprise victory or something. What an idiot I’ll look like.

Whatever happens at and after the Elimination Chamber, just don’t give me AJ Styles versus Shane O’Mac at Wrestlemania for gods sake. What a waste of one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Top 5: Best Looking Title Belts In Wrestling Today?


Speaking of the exact opposite of a nice looking title. Here’s the WWE’s Jam Championship from Monday Night Raw.

In 2016 there were a lot of new title belt designs, mostly in WWE after their brand split. Some of these titles looked okay such as the new silver (with either red or blue straps depending on the show) tag team titles. The Raw and Smackdown’s Women’s Titles look pretty nice as well. I’m not quite sure on my opinions of the new UK Championship though. I like the centre piece but I’m not sure in meshes very well with the modern WWE Title design.

Meanwhile the new Universal Championship with looks like the WWE World Title dipped in strawberry jam. I’m sure we’ve all gotten used to it by now, but that doesn’t mean it looks good.

So this got me thinking, what are the best looking titles, currently active, in wrestling today? Here are my top 5.

#5 NXT Tag Team Titles

wwe_nxt_tag_team_championshipNumber 5 on my list is the NXT Tag Team Titles. I think they are far superior than the main roster equivalents, which until recently looked like big copper pennies. Now they look like big silver pennies instead.

It does undoubtedly help that I really enjoy the NXT tag team scene and I’ll happily admit that this is probably the reason that they made the cut. Dash and Dawson of The Revival, are personal favourites of mine, but the whole division has been excellent for over 2 years now.

I find it remarkable that the design of these titles can be so simple and so right. While the main NXT Title looks awful. Not only that, since the main roster got it’s new Women’s Titles, the NXT Women’s title looks more like the old butterfly Divas Title than I think people realised.

What I really like about these titles is that unlike other tag titles, they aren’t a matching pair. As far as I’m aware that is a very unique feature. Instead they are mirror images of each other.

Sleek, clean and simple. In fact they are the epitome of the new championship designs coming from WWE.

#4 IWGP Intercontinental Championship

2nd_version_iwgp_intercontinental_championshipA late addition to my list is the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, having watched Wrestle Kingdom 11. I took some consideration over whether I was going to include this title or the IWGP Heavyweight Championship instead.

The two do look relatively similar but overall I prefer the shape of the Intercontinental Championship. It doesn’t have the extra space on the top and as a result looks cleaner and more symmetric.

Plus it has a white leather strap, much like the WWE version. Which is almost like a trump card for title belts in my opinion. I just think they look really cool. It’s the combination of white leather and gold plate that makes this title look so special. If every championship in the world was on white leather it would lose its appeal very quickly, but for now its still very unique and I like that.

#3 WWE World Title


When The Rock first introduced the new design for the WWE Title it was immediately met with a wave of relief and delight. Finally the WWE had replaced that God damn awful John Cena Title that had been around forever. It looked like a toy and only ever really suited one man, John Cena. On anyone else it looked, well, rubbish.

It wasn’t until it received the updated logo that it really started to work though. The old attitude era style clashed with the new clean design and quite frankly looked a little ridiculous.

It’s a modern design but still keeps its legacy and legitimacy intact. I even like the fact that WWE have made the top title for male and female competitors look similar. However, I’m not a fan of the Universal Titles look and I’m not 100% sold on the UK Championship either. Those problems aside, you can’t deny that this title looks great. It might actually be my favourite WWE Title design ever. Winged Eagle fans please don’t shoot me!

#2 WWE Intercontinental Championship

wwe_intercontinental_championshipThe WWE Intercontinental Championship came very close to being my number one pick. For a long time I would have said that this is the best looking title belt in not only the WWE but in all of wrestling.

I fell in love with this title back in 2011 when Cody Rhodes introduced the modified classic design on the white leather strap. For a brief moment I wanted to be a ‘traditionalist’ with the belt kept on a black leather strap, but there is no denying how good this looks. Its pure class.

That’s why I had to rank it higher than the WWE World Title itself, obviously I like the World Title design, but it the IC Title is in a league of its own. Unfortunately the title itself has been treated like the after thought of an after thought for the majority of the last decade. Even with its modern design introduction. Hopefully now that it is a Smackdown exclusive championship it will keep receiving more focus than it had prior to the brand spilt. Which will, in theory, return some of the prestige that it lost years ago. Basically, just keep it on The Miz forever is what I say.

#1 Ring of Honor World Title


Here we are, my number one pick for best looking, currently active, championship title. The Ring of Honor World Championship. There’s something about this title belt that just shouts prestigious to me.

Obviously its a great looking belt straight away. The front of the strap is black while it has red on the back. The centrepiece with its multiple gold wreaths. The continents on either strap. It all just creates this image of luxury, class and history.

For a relatively new design, it is actually a throw back to the older design of titles. It reminds me of the Winged Eagle WWF title belt in many ways. While the majority of WWE titles have been super modernised, it’s really cool to see a championship look like this.

Have I missed any obvious ones? If I have let me know! And if you think my opinion sucks and I’m a big dumb fat idiot moron face, keep your opinions to yourself please. Fragile ego and all that.

How To Improve Raw & WWE Programming In General (One Year On)

A year ago when I first started this website I wrote an article on ‘8 Ways To Improve Raw (& WWE In General)’. It focused on the 8 ways I thought WWE could change to fix their plummeting ratings. Since then, ratings have dropped even lower so I’m back again to show them the light.

Actually, a few of my ideas were implemented by WWE (not that I’m really taking credit), the Brand Split itself has helped with some of these, but they’re some issues that still remain and even newer problems have arisen. Here we go, my two cents on How To Improve Raw (& WWE In General).

The Third Hour

Let’s once again get the big one out of the way first. In my opinion it’s Raw’s biggest problem, but it’s also the one that won’t be fixed. Why? Because it makes too much money dummy! Advertising revenue drives this decision but unfortunately it leads to quantity over quality.

0raw3hours642x361Raw and WWE programming continue to suffer from far too much filler and not enough killer product. Back before the Brand Split it was even worse with 3 hours of Raw, 2 for Smackdown and another 2 for Main Event and Superstars all under the same umbrella. Since the split they’ve been able to focus slightly, but Smackdown is appreciating this far more than Raw. The ‘A’ show still struggles to produce quality entertainment for all of that time.

If you cut the third hour you turn the problem on its head. Instead of being desperate to fill time WWE should be struggling to get everything they need into the show. This will up the tempo of the whole show and wont leave time for any down time. At the end of Raw WWE should want their fans to be desperate to see what happens next not desperate for the show to end! Less is more!

Which actually takes me to the even bigger problem. There’s simply too much product to watch in general. Raw, Smackdown (Main Event & Superstars) and NXT is 8 hours a week already. Don’t forget about the brand new Cruiserweight show on the WWE Network. Never mind the fact that there’s more PPVs than ever before, roughly 2 a month, and that PPV length is growing too! Wrestlemania, excluding the pre-show was 5 hours. SummerSlam and Survivor Series are 4. I’m assuming the Royal Rumble will follow this pattern.

It’s all too much. I do not have time, or rather simply refuse to make the time to watch all of these shows. However, the point remains the same. Quantity over quality is not the way to go. If you can’t fill all of your time with great content, trim it down!

Too Formulaic

Last year I said that Raw (and WWE in general) had become too predictable. There was a formula that every Raw followed. The same formula was then seen on Smackdown too. It went something like:

  • Opening promo
  • Add break to end the promo
  • First match that gets cut in half by an advert.
  • Authority segment, followed by a recap
  • Rematch from last week
  • Some 50/50 booking
  • Authority segment
  • rematch, with a recap of earlier.
  • 3v3 main event

The Authority maybe off television, but Stephanie remains as does the formula for all Raw’s.

Every week it was the same thing, it became predictable and fans felt that they could miss an hour or the entire show and not miss anything. It’s one of the reasons NXT became so popular as it was offering something that looked and felt totally different from the main shows. WWE still needs to get the fans believing that ‘Anything can happen in World Wrestling Federation’ again but it has improved slightly. This is in part due to the fact that The Authority has taken a back seat again instead of being the thing the show revolved around.

It’s not perfect and definitely still needs more of a shake up, but there have been some slight improvements. However, this has mostly been due to the fact that Smackdown has its own identity rather than Raw itself improving. A lot of the things I wanted Raw to change are the same, bu they have been changed on Smackdown. The problems Raw suffers from are still there but they aren’t as obvious or frustrating as the other show isn’t just a mini Raw.

The use of different camera angles for example makes a huge difference. New stage designs have been brought in, new theme music too. Title changes have even started to happen as well. Which makes watching the TV show worth it and keeps fans guessing. In the past year the US Title, World Title and Raw Women’s Title have all changed hands on TV and its been great. Don’t over do it though as it will lose it’s novelty. Continue reading

Tables, Ladders & Chairs [Review]

The final Smackdown PPV/Network Special of the year. Perhaps in Raw’s hands I wouldn’t have been looking forward to yet another gimmick based show but Smackdown have been doing very well since the brand split. So I went into this with decent hopes.

Overall it was a decent show but there was something missing overall. I can’t really put my finger on it specifically. That matches were okay, but not amazing. The crowd were generally quite quiet. The only reason I can think of is that the build into the show wasn’t good enough to get people hyped up enough for the matches. It makes sense, a lot of time and effort went into the survivor series build and then just two weeks later we’ve got this show. When wrestling rushes story lines it does damage the end product.

We saw two title changes though. One we all saw coming, the other a pleasant surprise. Title changes don’t equal good shows but I think it’s fair to say if the status quo hadn’t changed on this show it would have been received a lot worse.

Why do Smackdown have a four man announce booth? That’s rididculous. I thought three was too many! The problem is Tom Phillips rarely even talks, other than for the direct to camera pieces. I will say that I found Otunga less annoying than usual but when you stop and listen to him too closely he is just spewing total garbage as usual. Personally I would go back to the two man booth idea, with Mauro Ranallo and JBL. Face and heel, play by play and colour commentary. Perfect.

Tag Titles: Heath Slater & Rhyno (c) vs. The Wyatt Family



Finally Bray Wyatt wins a title! It’s been a long time coming…

It could have been a thing for a while and I’ve just not noticed, but the flickering through Randy Orton’s old themes into Bray Wyatt song is awesome. It shows more conflict and is more convincing in 5 seconds than I’ve found Orton as a member of the family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it. I just want Orton to commit. A change of clothing or something! Otherwise I’m just sitting here waiting for the swerve.


Also what is with Rhyno’s facial hair? He looks hilarious.

Incredibly quick match, nothing really to it. The finish sees Randy saves Bray from a big clothesline in the corner from Rhyno, tagging himself in. Luke Harper then saves Orton from a gore on the outside. A quick RKO later and we have new champions!

The most interesting thing about this was the post match tension between Harper and Orton. Eventually seeming to come to an agreement with Randy passing him his title to carry as Bray had.

Nikki Bella vs. Carmella


You could say that any chance of a decent push Carmella had just got…extinguished. HAHAHA. Shut up.

I don’t really want to say it, but it really does feel like a big step down in quality when watching Nikki Bella and Carmella as opposed to Sasha and Charlotte etc. I do like how Nikki has her hair up though. I’m hoping its a UFC style reference about being more serious with it being a no DQ match but I’m probably wrong.


The match is alright, but nothing special. The finish is effectively a prolonged fire extinguisher spot before the Rack Attack 2.0. It was a pretty convincing win for Nikki, the exact opposite of what Carmella needed.

After the match Carmella rather blandly declares that is wasn’t her who attack Nikki before Survivor Series, it was Natayla. Why didn’t you say that before then ya big dummy! Later in the show Nattie unconvincingly says that she didn’t do it. I’m hoping for the Eva Marie swerve down the line, otherwise this is the most obvious plot ever.


IC Title: The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

107_tlc_12042016ca_0800-58009a94354aa75c185b4df2c4e75f3a1I loved the promo package hyping the importance of the intercontinental title. I love that WWE are trying to build it up to mean something again. The video showed the history of the belt though it oddly skipped most of 2000 to 2015. It’s almost as if the belt meant absolutely nothing during that era!

I’m not sure why Dolph is wearing his America tights again. Stop trying to get extra fan support you sly dog! I had no idea that Ziggles was 3-0 in ladder matches at TLC, would never have guess that in a million years.

Good match, though not as good as their No Mercy bout. It struggled, like a lot of matches on the show, for some direction for the first chunk. Eventually The Miz starts working Dolph’s leg and we get a proper match, with ladders. Rather than a ladder match. Know what I mean? The gimmick should enhance the show, not drag it down.

Why would The Miz waste time setting up a second ladder, next to an already set up ladder? Miz ya big dummy, that’s not helping you out at all. Gotta say though, Dolph loves headbutts on the top of a ladder. He does it every time!

Did we get a new champion!? No because Dolph Ziggler fannied around at the top of a the ladder when he had approximately 7 years to grab the belt. Ziggler ya big dummy! Miz retains! Good call, he’s doing top work right now.


Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin

113_tlc_12042016ej_2280-7365883cea952b60af7814bee66cf84dKalisto is an idiot. He runs down to the ring and starts looking for chairs underneath it. Apparently oblivious to all the chairs surrounding the ring. You freaking idiot. Also, when did he start wearing shorter trunks? I don’t like it.

Ranallo says that Corbin is not about friends or titles, just money. Little does Baron know that you earn far more money at the top of the card when holding the title. What an idiot!

I’m not really a fan of the bully verses underdog story. I feel like I saw it too many times with Rey Mysterio. So I just don’t really care about any of it. Surely Kalisto would be better of on Raw with the other cruiserweights? Surely.

Corbin keeps falling for the ‘whatever you set up ends up hurting you’ cliche of wrestling matches. This is a pretty decent chairs match, but that’s like saying this is a pretty good turd sandwich. You still don’t want it.

There’s an awesome catch from Corbin turning a dive into a Deep Six on the outside while the finish sees an End of Days onto a pile of chairs (which surely hurt Baron more) to win the match.

It was a good showing from Kalisto as he didn’t get annihilated, much to my disappointment. The commentary team try and put over how dominate Corbin was. Despite the fact he wasn’t that dominate and almost got upset by a midget.

Women’s Title: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

20161122_tlc_match_beckyalexa-ce6c21e8e8e56505c0b14acf2b5a8d04This match was slow and it was quite clumsy. Alexa Bliss threw some of the worst punches I’ve ever seen too. Laughable. Come on Bliss, you’re better than that!

The crowd actually started chanting for JBL at one point The chant gets briefly and mildly booed. At least it wasn’t CM Punk chants I guess? Seriously, don’t chant stuff like that guys, JBL doesn’t deserve that support. Save it for Tom Phillips, he needs encouragement to say his first words.

The table match gimmick was a hindrance here. It stopped the flow of the match and generally removed any good story telling or match psychology. I don’t think it’s Becky or Alexa’s fault though to be honest. How are you meant to build up a match that ends in an instant?

Predictably the match does end out of nowhere. A powerbomb off the apron to the outside and we’ve got a new champion! I did not see that coming! Will the feud continue? I assume so.

Immediately after the match Generic Backstage Interview #4 shoves a microphone in Becky’s face asking “how do you feel?”. How do you think she feels! Get out of here you idiot.


WWE Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Dean Ambrose


Can you believe its almost been a whole year since we saw this amazing debut for AJ Styles?!

The promo package before this match shows just hoe much James Ellsworth has been involved in this feud. Too much. However, credit to AJ Styles for making those matches entertaining in fairness. Can I just say how great it is to have Styles in the WWE? He should have been here years ago but better later than never I suppose!


2 hours in an we’re at the main event? This one is going to go the distance! promo package shows just how much James Ellsworth has been this feud. credit to aj for making the matches work so well in fairness.

Straight out of the gate Dean Ambrose throws punches even worse than Alexa Bliss in the previous match. Pathetic stuff.

AJ Styles is so good that even when he tears a hole in his tights mid match he can still put on a clinic. He makes everyone look a million bucks. I’m pretty sure I heard Dean laughing about it to Styles moments after being put through a table though and Kevin Dunn seemed obsessed with having it in shot at one point.



I really enjoyed this match, highlight of the show. It was pretty much a spot fest but they kept upping the stakes every time. It was awesome.

215_tlc_12042016jg_1089-96e124a4d837854bb26e648731655ac9Ellsworth comes out to interfere and the crowd boo. I think the honeymoon period is definitely over for everyone’s favourite jobber. Luckily he’s there to turn heel and cost Dean the match by pushing over a ladder causing him to crash through two tables. Ellsworth is a delusional idiot. If WWE do it right, he can still be an interesting character. Or, and far more likely, they’ll continue to overuse him too high on the card and drive everyone nuts.

Ellsworth comes out to interfere. the crowd boo. honeymoon over james? aj wants to do another styles clash off the stairs, but dean saves him and hits the dirty deeds. taking roughly 8 millenia to climb the ladder aj catches him. and then Ellsworth finally turns heel, sending  dean crashing through two tables!

AJ wins! The champ that runs the camp retains. Excellent.