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Predictions: Money In The Bank (2017)

Money in the Bank is actually one of my favourite PPVs of the year. Unofficially its the real fourth member of the ‘big four’ (sorry Survivor Series), so I guess we could make it the big five? At least in my opinion anyway.

It’s actually one of my favourite match types as well. Ladder matches are always fun but then you’ve got such an interesting stipulation to play with as well. Will the winner cash in on the night? Will they bide their time and wait for the perfect time to strike? Or will they announce their chosen time to challenge fairly for the title. Potentially you’ve got a years worth of story lines being created in one match. I love it.

This year Money In The Bank is a Smackdown exclusive, which I really dig. You don’t need both shows having a briefcase each. Make it more exclusive, make in more unique and make it more important.

Having said that this year is the first year that the WWE are doing a women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. So you can go ahead and scrap that more unique and exclusive nonsense I just spouted. Okay, so first of all I really like that they’re doing a women’s match. It will be really cool to see what they can all do and I love the idea that we’ll get to see them play out all of the possible ‘cash in’ story line options for the first time. It would be fantastic if they’d figured out a new, never seen before twist for this, but even if they do something we’ve seen before it will be with new people and a new spin.

However, I said the same thing when Raw and Smackdown had a Money In The Bank ladder match each or when WWE have three Hell In A Cell matches in one night. Less is more. The main problem is far too often they end up spreading themselves too thin, having to share out moments and spot ideas. After all you can’t have the same table spots two matches in a row, the crowd wont keep on popping for them. So potentially instead of having one brilliant match you get a few good ones, or worse average ones. Hopefully we get two excellent matches though.

I do wonder in what order they will lay out the match card though. Will they have the Money In The Bank matches before the Women’s and WWE Championship bouts allowing for cash in opportunities. Will they have one on the night at all? Would they have two?! That would be crazy and I bet few people would see it coming. I think its more likely that the winner of the women’s will cash in than the men’s though as I see Jinder holding the title for a while. Whoops, prediction spoilers…

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

20170602_mitb_womenladder-3c948664588094cfa324b23beefeafd1The first ever women’s Money In The Bank Ladder match. Will it be great or will it be a flop? I mean, hopefully it won’t be a flop…why would anyone hope for that? Weirdos.

I joke but in all seriousness this match, just like the Hell In A Cell match, the tables match and the Iron Man match has to deliver. Not just to shut up that section in the audience who just love to see things fail but to continue to show Vince McMahon that yes, the women in his company can be just as good as the men. I have complete faith that they have all the ability in the world to knock it out of the park, they just have to do it right on the night.

But who is going to win? Well, I think it’s between three ladies. Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Carmella.

Carmella?! I hear you cry. If there was ever a dark horse in this match it would be Carmella and I can just imagine James Ellsowrth following Carmella down to the ring each week carrying her briefcase for her. That image alone would be fantastic! I think I can rule out Natalya and Tamina without any second thought but Carmella (who I know a lot of people will say is the weakest of the group) could be a brilliant heel with that Money in the Bank contract up her sleeve.

Which leaves Charlotte, who is an obvious contender simply for being Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Now with Charlotte you have to think about who she would feud with, if Naomi is still champion I think it will be unlikely for Charlotte to win. That is of course unless WWE a thinking very long-term.

With Becky however, she has fallen from number one babyface on Smackdown AND Women’s Champion, to neither the champion or number one babyface. With Charlotte arguably taking over the role of face and Naomi obviously champion. Becky kind of needs the briefcase to stay relevant in the topper half of the division. Plus, you can go a few ways with her as Ms Money In The Bank, either as a face or perhaps with a heel turn. Which again, Charlotte probably wouldn’t do as she’s only just turned face.

My pick here is Carmella, thanks obviously to a massive assist from James Ellsworth.

Winner: Carmella


Royal Rumble 2016 [Review]

After the past two years of awful booking, terrible reactions and fan backlashes WWE have finally gotten the Royal Rumble match right again.  The matches were good throughout the night with a well booked show from start to finish. The tag team match and Intercontinental Championship street fight stood out in particular from in the early bouts.

royal-rumble-2016-logoThe Rumble itself was vastly improved with eliminations making sense, setting up potential future feuds for Wrestlemania and beyond. Fan favourite eliminations didn’t meet the same backlash as last year as a result. The Royal Rumble event tends to attract a ‘smark’ crowd and that showed with their reactions to Roman Reigns, the longer the event lasted the less patience they had for him. Definitely a mixed reaction but nowhere near the universal rejection he received last year. It will be interesting to see the reactions he continues to get the closer we get to Wrestlemania itself.

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose defeats Kevin Owens


tumblr_o1hp02jfv51v5ue77o2_400When I was watching the match live I thought it felt rushed. Trying to fit in as many spots as they could. Having watched it again I feel like it’s pacing is better than I first thought and that they actually have plenty of time, but something is still slightly off for me. Maybe it was the finish? Overall I thought the match was good, but not great and that it had some cool spots but not enough story to end the feud. Maybe it will continue?

I continue to love everything Kevin Owens does, his constant trash talking to his opponents and the way he treats Micheal Cole is hilarious.

Tag Team Champions The New Day defeat The Usos


tumblr_o1hjcfk0oo1rofocqo1_400This is my personal match of the night. The promo that The New Day cut before the match is so top draw. The return of Xavier Wood and a trombone is a truly joyous occasion. The match itself is awesome, though you’d expect it to be after the amount of times these two teams have fought each other now. Big E is particularly impressive. His catch for the Big Ending was amazing, but my props go to the camera work and editing team who kept his return into the ring a surprise. I moan about Kevin Dunn’s work a lot but that was some quality work.

Kalisto defeats Alberto Del Rio to become the new US Champion

surprise of the night, didnt see kalisto winning the title back again. cant really remember that much of the match in honesty, was getting a little tipsy at this point

Didn’t remember much about this match in honesty other than the surprise of del Rio losing. Rewatched it today but struggled to find much interest in honesty. Don’t care about either man that much. Stuff hard hitting, most from del Rio. A really ugly botch is the most memorable moment. A number of rope breaks, which is nice. Turnbuckle spots have started to make a come back recently, muchly missed.

Divas Champion Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch

145_rr_01242016jg_0820-2891719582This was a solid match between two talented women. Nothing in it is going your world but it was suitable. Perhaps more importantly it didn’t do anymore damage to the ‘divas revolution’ that has gone so poorly.

Becky Lynch continues to be an incredible dumb babyface. Apparently in WWEs eyes to be a good guy you have to have no common sense. Why did Becky break her submission hold when Ric Flair threw his sports coat at her, it literally changed nothing in her ability to perform the move. Keep it locked in, win the title and then get rid of the coat! Stop being so easily distracted. Also that kiss Ric gave to Becky was creepy as hell, he should be arrested!

Sasha Banks came out to a huge ovation after the match. That girl is over with the crowd. After seemingly siding with Charlotte over Becky, she locks in the bank statement much to the delight of the fans. I’m thinking WWE will go for a triple threat match at Wrestlemania with the NXT women or maybe a fatal four way with Paige as well. Either way, it should be awesome.

Royal Rumble Match


That was both mine and a lot of peoples general thoughts going into the 2016 Royal Rumble match. It was frustrating having everything focused around him when there are 29 other competitors. In typical WWE fashion though all the story lines, all the adverts were about Roman Reigns. Even Brock Lesnar barely got a mention!

180_rr_01242016rf_0266-2938641063I didn’t want to believe in a 2016 Triple H title run but there I was cheering for him, the heel, or the babyface Roman Reigns. Anyone but Reigns though. Awkwardly the boos for Roman returned on Monday when he speared Brock Lesnar and they were present again last night too.

Despite the build only focusing on one man, the match itself created plenty of potential matches and feuds going forward. Which is great to see. With Chris Jericho/Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn, Triple H/Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar/Bray Wyatt there’s plenty to look forward to for Wrestlemania 32.

tumblr_o1huvxtg2f1t1bfpho1_500Moment of the night must be the debut of AJ Styles, the reaction he received was deafening. Vince McMahon must have been pleased with that. I would have liked to see more offence from him during his 30 minute outing. Instead he was always the first guy up to get knocked down by a new entrant, but as we all know, AJ can sell like the best of them. The fans chanted his name loudly through out the match, even after he was eliminated. A good first night on the job.

Other thoughts and higlights from the Rumble match:

  • A mixed reaction for Roman Reigns. Will he get booed at Wrestlemania for a second year in a row? I think he might.
  • Seeing Rusev jobbed out and first eliminated is extremely disappointing. How the might have fallen.
  • R Truth’s ladder spot was hilarious. I really like his character and little skits he’s been given at the moment.
  • In a rare moment of continuity with the WWE, Kevin Owens enters the Rumble still selling his injuries from his match earlier in the night. There’s a big pop for him verses AJ Styles as well, which was cool.
  • Michael Cole, clearly impressed by Owens, reminds the audience about the falling out Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose had last year. Something Roman Reigns had clearly forgotten on Raw a few weeks ago. Continuity overload!
  • Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens is a must do feud. Simple as that.
  • Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar does best. Dominate. After eliminating Rowan, Harper and Strowman, Bray Wyatt enters and the four of them eventually eliminate Lesnar. Who, unfortunately doesn’t kill them all in revenge.
  • Triple H had me convicned several times that he had been eliminated. Some really good stuff, especially the Dolph Ziggler superkick.
  • The fans love Reigns being eliminated as suddenly they weren’t quite sure what was going to happen. It was smart booking having Ambrose and Triple H as the final two instead of Roman and Triple H. Dean Ambrose is a fan favourite so it avoided the cheering of a heel and the booing of the babyface that would have happened.