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Review – Money In The Bank (2017)

Money In The Bank did not disappoint, it was a solid show from start to finish with some excellent wrestling at times and a few surprising moments. Controversy in the first ever Women’s MITB ladder match, a shocking debut and hopefully a few teases of things to come.

It’s vary rare for me to walk away from a WWE main roster PPV with a good overall opinion of it, but I was very happy with what happened. I see potential in all story lines and even though my favourite wrestlers didn’t win. I am content.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Winner: Carmella

054_mitb_06182017jg_0611-caa06542d3384264da149ee1e3b35a8cStraight in with the controversy! Oh the internet seems to be massively divided on this on. Some people despise the ending other people love it. I personally loved it.

In case you are unaware the finish of the match saw James Ellsworth tip Becky Lynch from the top of the ladder, proceed to climb the ladder, retrieve the briefcase and then drop it into Carmella’s waiting open arms. It was a complete mockery off a finish, showing complete disrespect to all of the women involved. This was their moment to show the world they could do it just as well as the men and it was ruined.

It was the PERFECT heel move. Absolutely brilliant! I mean, what a disgusting thing to do. To ruin the inaugural Women’s MITB ladder match by having a man decide the finish. The heat Carmella should receive from this is unreal. This is where a lot of people seem to be getting confused again. You didn’t like what the heel did? You aren’t meant to. It’s meant to rile you up!

The only problem I had with it was the confusing referee discussion after the bell rang. It made it seem like Shane McMahon or Daniel Bryan were going to come out and restart the match but never did. It clearly confused the crowd to who just stood there waiting for something to happen.

As for the match itself, I thought it was unfortunately a little sloppy. Certainly not the high standards we know the women can reach on their day. I certainly thought the ‘this is awesome’ chant early on was incredibly generous of the St Louis crowd. Not that anyone is going to remember the match itself its all about the finish.

I’m not entirely sure why the WWE made the creative choice of having all 5 women come out to the ring, then show a 3/4 minute video hyping up the match. Surely it would have made more sense to open the show with that promo package? As for the video itself, even more marketing bullshit promoting the women’s revolution. Stop patting yourselves on the back every chance WWE, it makes everything seem so much more forced and false.


Predictions: Money In The Bank (2017)

Money in the Bank is actually one of my favourite PPVs of the year. Unofficially its the real fourth member of the ‘big four’ (sorry Survivor Series), so I guess we could make it the big five? At least in my opinion anyway.

It’s actually one of my favourite match types as well. Ladder matches are always fun but then you’ve got such an interesting stipulation to play with as well. Will the winner cash in on the night? Will they bide their time and wait for the perfect time to strike? Or will they announce their chosen time to challenge fairly for the title. Potentially you’ve got a years worth of story lines being created in one match. I love it.

This year Money In The Bank is a Smackdown exclusive, which I really dig. You don’t need both shows having a briefcase each. Make it more exclusive, make in more unique and make it more important.

Having said that this year is the first year that the WWE are doing a women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. So you can go ahead and scrap that more unique and exclusive nonsense I just spouted. Okay, so first of all I really like that they’re doing a women’s match. It will be really cool to see what they can all do and I love the idea that we’ll get to see them play out all of the possible ‘cash in’ story line options for the first time. It would be fantastic if they’d figured out a new, never seen before twist for this, but even if they do something we’ve seen before it will be with new people and a new spin.

However, I said the same thing when Raw and Smackdown had a Money In The Bank ladder match each or when WWE have three Hell In A Cell matches in one night. Less is more. The main problem is far too often they end up spreading themselves too thin, having to share out moments and spot ideas. After all you can’t have the same table spots two matches in a row, the crowd wont keep on popping for them. So potentially instead of having one brilliant match you get a few good ones, or worse average ones. Hopefully we get two excellent matches though.

I do wonder in what order they will lay out the match card though. Will they have the Money In The Bank matches before the Women’s and WWE Championship bouts allowing for cash in opportunities. Will they have one on the night at all? Would they have two?! That would be crazy and I bet few people would see it coming. I think its more likely that the winner of the women’s will cash in than the men’s though as I see Jinder holding the title for a while. Whoops, prediction spoilers…

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

20170602_mitb_womenladder-3c948664588094cfa324b23beefeafd1The first ever women’s Money In The Bank Ladder match. Will it be great or will it be a flop? I mean, hopefully it won’t be a flop…why would anyone hope for that? Weirdos.

I joke but in all seriousness this match, just like the Hell In A Cell match, the tables match and the Iron Man match has to deliver. Not just to shut up that section in the audience who just love to see things fail but to continue to show Vince McMahon that yes, the women in his company can be just as good as the men. I have complete faith that they have all the ability in the world to knock it out of the park, they just have to do it right on the night.

But who is going to win? Well, I think it’s between three ladies. Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Carmella.

Carmella?! I hear you cry. If there was ever a dark horse in this match it would be Carmella and I can just imagine James Ellsowrth following Carmella down to the ring each week carrying her briefcase for her. That image alone would be fantastic! I think I can rule out Natalya and Tamina without any second thought but Carmella (who I know a lot of people will say is the weakest of the group) could be a brilliant heel with that Money in the Bank contract up her sleeve.

Which leaves Charlotte, who is an obvious contender simply for being Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Now with Charlotte you have to think about who she would feud with, if Naomi is still champion I think it will be unlikely for Charlotte to win. That is of course unless WWE a thinking very long-term.

With Becky however, she has fallen from number one babyface on Smackdown AND Women’s Champion, to neither the champion or number one babyface. With Charlotte arguably taking over the role of face and Naomi obviously champion. Becky kind of needs the briefcase to stay relevant in the topper half of the division. Plus, you can go a few ways with her as Ms Money In The Bank, either as a face or perhaps with a heel turn. Which again, Charlotte probably wouldn’t do as she’s only just turned face.

My pick here is Carmella, thanks obviously to a massive assist from James Ellsworth.

Winner: Carmella

Review: WWE Backlash 2017


Your opinion of how good/bad this PPV was might heavily rely on your opinion of the above.


Backlash was always going to have a hard time out doing NXT Takeover Chicago, even though it had the potential too. Saturday night we got the outstanding Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne match and unfortunately nothing came close to it here on the Smackdown exclusive PPV. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad show. It just wasn’t particularly amazing, everyone more or less just seemed to be going through the motions.

Now I know a lot of people are going to have a negative opinion on this PPV for the main event and that’s fine. But is Jinder winning really that bad? I can’t decide.


I’m going to skip past Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan, Naomi, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. The Welcoming Committee and Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn. The first two I just do not care about and Corin vs. Zayn was an okay match but unremarkable. I will say this though, either Sami Zayn is the best actor in the WWE or he worked the majority of the match with a bad back. Props to him either way!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler


An underwhelming debut for Nakamura.

A little underwhelmed by Shinsuke’s main roster debut if I’m honest. Weeks off nothing and then this match with Dolph Ziggler. It had the potential to be really good, but honestly it felt like both guys were going through the motions.


Is it just be or has Nakamura peaked already in the WWE? His best match by far is still his debut at NXT Takeover Dallas against Sami Zayn, but has anything else even come close? From my perspective it feels like he’s been heavily watered down.

A disappointing start to the show I will admit, I was hoping for so much more. Nakamura has the ability to set the world on fire, we’ve seen it before inside and outside of this company but something isn’t clicking right now.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Usos (c) vs. Breezango (The Fashion Police)


Master of disguise Tyler Breeze and Fandango were over with the crowd and deserved their spotlight.

Best match of the show, if you can call it a match. It was more of a 10 minute comedy show. I loved every second of it.


Tyler Breeze as we all know by now is a master of disguise, came to the ring disguised as the janitor and used his mop for multi comedy moments. Although surely referee, that was a disqualification? Later in the match he came back out from under the ring disguised as an old lady. The commentators were fully on board with the gag, JBL playing fully along ‘not knowing’ who these people were. At one point he even criticised the referee for allow a 4 on 2 handicap match to happen.

The crowd loved every minute of it, I loved every minute of it. It was great. The Fashion Police have been doing great work as of late now that they’ve had a little bit of a spot light. They’re over with the fans and I would love to see them win the titles!

United States Championship
Kevin Owens (c) vs. AJ Styles

151_back_05212017ej_2375-b4655206da7f8a8e084f55c5553205d5A good match between two very talented wrestlers. Kevin Owens won via count out after AJ Styles’ leg got stuck in the announce table leaving this feud wide opener for a rematch. I’m happy with that, I want both of these men to be in the WWE Title picture but if they keep putting on good matches then I’m fine.

I feel like they left a lot for a rematch if I’m honest though, which is good. As I mentioned earlier I feel like the majority of wrestlers didn’t get out of second gear. Hopefully next time we see these two go at it they go all out and truly steal the show as we know they can. For now though, solid and enjoyable match with much more potential to come in this feud. Thumbs up!

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Jinder Mahal


He only bloody well did it!

Well I’ll be damned, they actually did it. They actually bloody did it! Jinder Mahal is the new WWE Champion. Interesting side note, Mahal is the 50th different WWE Champion ever, quite the name forever etched in the history books.

I honestly can not decide if I love this or hate this.

This entire angle has come out of nowhere since Wrestlemania. When he was on Raw he couldn’t buy a victory and now suddenly he is WWE Champion. It makes Smackdown seem a bit rubbish doesn’t it?

I think that’s my main problem with this whole thing, how sudden it is. I get that the shock value will have people talking but whatever happened to a solid build, an Intercontinental title run and a hot angle to push you up the card.

At the end of the day I’m not totally against this but…it’s a bit weird isn’t it! Still, anything is better than yet another boring Randy Orton title run. Although I’m sure he’ll win it back sooner rather than later.

WWE now need to go all in on Jinder, this is not the time for half-baked plans. He’s your WWE Champion, treat him like one and maybe you’ll get a good return for your investment. It’s going to be an uphill battle though because the fan reaction to this from what I’ve seen hasn’t been good. The question is, is it good heel heat or change the channel heat?

Predictions: WWE Backlash 2017

Simply put there is no way that Backlash 2017 can follow NXT Takeover Chicago. That Tyler Bate versus Pete Dunne match will be a match of the year contender for sure. Maybe the show is doomed from the start though, after all the main event is Randy Orton against JINDER MAHAL for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP. Let that settle in for a moment, you might need to take a seat.

Bizarre times we live in for sure. However, there should be at least two good matches. Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles in all sorts of a dream match and I’m expecting big things from Nakamura’s main roster debut against Dolph Ziggler.

The rest of the show though, oh dear. It’s not exactly gripping stuff is it? Actually I tell a lie, this show has The Fashion Police on it. So automatically its going to be a five-star show.

Enough ramble, let’s do some predictions!

Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan

I mean, does anyone actually care? Either man could win or lose and it will make absolutely zero different in the long or short-term. Prove me wrong WWE!

Winner: Luke Harper

Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn

20170509_1920x1080_bl_zayncorbin-a90bc9dcd9038c1fc9a708a744bdf274I imagine that Big Banter Baron Corbin will pick up the victory over Sami Zayn. I’d prefer Zayn to win, but considering his gimmick is ‘wrestler who tries real hard but always loses’ there doesn’t seem to be all that much hope. Potentially a good match though in fairness!

Winner: Baron Corbin

Naomi, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. The Welcoming Committee


I’ve always been a big fan of the Women’s Champion being lost in the shuffle of a multi-women tag team match on PPVs. Not.

What would be the point of The Welcoming committee existing if they don’t pick up the victory here? Then again, what a terrible world it would be if a team consisting of the Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch can’t defeat Natalya, Carmella and Tamina Snuka.

Expect a screwy finish for certain here is all I can think of and either Becky or Naomi to take the fall.

Winners: The Welcoming Committee

Royal Rumble: Predictions

It’s almost time for the 2017 Royal Rumble! For a lot of people, myself included, this is the WWE PPV they most look forward too each year. Why? Because it’s exciting and it (as cheesey as it sounds) is the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. This is the show that shapes Wrestlemania. By the end of the Royal Rumble, you’re either looking forward to Wrestlemania or…well you’re not.

For the past few years, ’14, ’15 and ’16 though I’ve finished the show with a sense of dread about what was to come. Granted ‘Mania’s 30 and 31 were amazing despite bumpy starts. You can’t say the same for Wrestlemania 32 though, but it all started from the Royal Rumble.

What makes this year special is that it is one of the more unpredictable Royal Rumble events. Multiple people could realistically win and I love that. I’m a bit concerned  about the WWE and Universal Title matches and potentially rather bland and predictable winners, but I remain mildly hopefully.

Let’s get to the predictions!

Only 5 matches on the main show have been announced as I write this (Friday) and 3 on the pre-show. Not much love for Smackdown it has to be said, only 2 matches in total. 1 being the WWE Title match and the other a completely throw away 6 women tag team match.


There are two women’s matches on the pre-show, Sasha Banks versus Nia Jax and then the aforementioned Smackdown’s 6 women’s tag. I don’t have much interest in either of these, especially the 6 women tag. It’s the definition of lazy, don’t know what to do with you all booking. Also it immediately makes the Raw Women’s Title look more important. Oh well, I expect Nia to beat Sasha and I expect the faces (Becky, Nikki and Naomi to win.


The booking of The Club has been bizarre. It’s making me feel sorry for them, but I’m supposed to boo them…

The other match on the pre-show is the Raw Tag Team Title match. Cesaro and Sheamus versus The Club (Gallows and Anderson). The gimmick for this particular match is that a few weeks ago on Raw the referees did an excellent job in screwing The Club out of a clean victory over the champs. Sheamus accidentally hit the referee, The Club pinned Cesaro which was counted by a new referee. Easy, happens all the time. BUT NO! Original referee is a spotlight whore and reverses the decision to disqualify Cesaro and Sheamus.

Useless. You screwed the ‘bad guys’, that makes me feel sorry for the ‘bad guys’. Great job everyone.

So now we get a rematch, with two referees. Because why not. It definitely won’t feature in the finish at all, honest.

I’d like to think The Club will finally win the titles that they’ve deserved for months, but I doubt it. The faces (who I like by the way, I’m not just a heel loving asshole) will win and that will make the entire thing worthwhile and somehow ‘fair’. In WWE’s eyes at least.

Winners: Cesaro and Sheamus

Main Show

Cruiserweight Title: Rich Swann (c) vs. Neville

I’m going to be completely honest with you. I don’t care.

Winner: Neville

Raw Women’s Title: Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Bayley

20170102_royalrumble_charlottebayley-e61d90cd20c215a735e1a8ea1cf74352It’s a PPV, of course Charlotte wins!

The problem I have with the Charlotte PPV winning streak thing is that she keeps losing the Title on Raw (or at least did to Sasha Banks) so it never felt that impressive. For example, if Manchester United won every home game in the Premier League all season, but lost every away game, they would only end the season on 57 points. That isn’t winning them anything. It’s almost a mute point.

That said I think at this point we’re in for Charlotte holding onto the Raw Women’s Title for a little while as WWE build towards Wrestlemania. I’m assuming that match will be Charlotte versus Bayley and Bayley will win. But to get as much emotion out of the story and the match, she has to lose a few times and I’m fine with that.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Universal Title: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns

20170109_royalrumble_owensroman-bc77331e13a3a047e23e11d8042adcffBoy oh boy, WWE are obsessed with selling that shark cage play set aren’t they? First it was an NXT stipulation, now it’s a main roster stipulation. In the mean time it’s been on every episode of Raw for the past (what feels like a) decade.

So let me get this right, it’s a No Disqualification match, with Chris Jericho in a shark cage. I thought the reason for Jericho being in the cage was for a fair fight? Now there is a blatant opportunity for cheating shenanigans!

An opportunity for cheating shenanigans means one of two things. 1. Seth Rollins interferes to save his best buddy Roman Reigns (I still don’t understand why they are friends again, he betrayed you Roman you idiot!). 2. Chris Jericho interferes to help Kevin Owens retain.

I really want to believe that Kevin Owens can win and he won’t just be the worst transitional champion in recent memory. If you work with the regular pattern of ‘whoever stands tall on the go home show will probably lose’ theory, then that means he has a chance. But, it’s Roman Reigns isn’t it. So, sigh, Roman wins. FFS.

It’s not just my dislike for Roman Reigns that I want Owens to win though, I think it’s the better story. More on that, later.

Winner: Roman Reigns

WWE Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena

20170117_royalrumble_ajcena-a2b47e1293bb49dd5314e30d4599a961Will John Cena win his 16th title and equally Ric Flair’s record at the rumble? I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Much like with Roman Reigns, it almost feels inevitable.

I think equally the record is a massive moment and I don’t think the WWE have done enough to build into it for the Royal Rumble. If he did come back and win just like that, it would be a massive anti-climax. This 16th title chase needs to last a while. Cena needs to come close a few times and not quite make it. It needs to be a massive deal, it needs to be a Wrestlemania moment.

Plus if Cena just came back, talked Styles down in the way that he has. It would be just awful for Styles. It would make him look like a chump. It would also be classic ‘John Cena always gets his win back lol’. Which I’m fine with him doing as long as the story is told in the right way.

Which means, AJ Styles wins again. It doesn’t have to be clean, but I think it would be better for the story if he did.

Winner: AJ Styles

Royal Rumble Match

20170112_rr2017_card-f4ebec253e0e33b5278bddeb11e0bb46You know what? I’m going for it. Finn Balor will return and win the Royal Rumble!

I say this for 2 reasons. The first being that it would be an undeniably awesome moment but also it could set up a match with Kevin Owens for the Universal Title. Which would be an excellent story to tell. The first ever champion who had to relinquish the title due to injury comes back to fight for the belt he never lost! It works even better if the champion is Kevin Owens, a heel, who story line wise can’t win matches on his own and is unjustified in holding the championship.

Granted WWE could decide that it would be a ‘bigger match’ if it was Balor vs Reigns. But then you have the awkward face vs face (even though Reigns would definitely be heel in the eyes of the crowd).

Now, if Balor isn’t actually ready to compete again all I ask is that it isn’t Roman Reigns or The Undertaker. I’d accept Strowman but I know that would lead to Reigns vs Strowman at ‘Mania and I don’t want that.

Ideally if Balor can’t win, I’d like it to be Chris Jericho. Again to set up a feud with Kevin Owens. That story has been building for so long and I’d love to see the blow off at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Finn Balor

My Top 5 WWE/NXT Matches of 2016

We’re 9 whole days into 2017 and I’m back for one more time to count down my favourite ‘somethings’ from 2016. This time its my top 5 favourite matches from within WWE and NXT. The quality of wrestling was much improved in 2016 with WWE marketing wrestling ability as a reason to actually watch a show. Rather than just mega personalities, which is weird because you kind of want both really.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler – No Mercy

20160926_nomercy_mizzig-0c68821c170e826f60cba340c6a94dc8The Mix verses Dolph Ziggler was probably the best feud that the WWE have done all year, especially post brand split. It had all the emotions and the unpredictability you could ever want and on top of that, it was a really good wrestling match as well. This is the sort of feud we live to see in the WWE. You don’t see it enough these days, but when you do. It’s great.

The Miz was on absolute fire before No Mercy with his worked shoot promo against Daniel Bryan. Meanwhile Ziggler was proving that fans do still care about him and cutting earnest, impassioned and meaningful promos. The whole thing was great, it just all came together perfectly.

John Cena vs. AJ Styles – Summerslam

AJ Styles has had quite a few fantastic matches in 2016. Obviously he had that classic against Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 10 (but that’s eligible) but within WWE he’s had quite a few too. He’s had two great matches with Roman Reigns and two great matches with John Cena as well. It’s the second match with Cena that makes the list.

Yes it was a great match. Styles is amazing and Cena has proven time and again that he can in fact put on a show. Yet it’s not just the standard of wrestling that is the reason this match makes the list. It’s the fact that Styles beat John Cena for a second time. Not only that, he beat him completely clean.

Cena is such a big name in the WWE that when he does put someone over it is a huge moment. Most fans were expecting the usual, Cena loses once and then wins 8 rematches to prove a point. That didn’t happen! Styles won and it made him a made man. It was fantastic to see.

Since then Styles has only gone up in the world of WWE and is currently the WWE World Champion, will he eventually lose to Cena. Yes, does it matter? No. It was a great match. A great moment. And it meant so much for Styles’ career.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn – Takeover: Dallas

I’m not entirely sure there has ever been a better debut match than the one Shinsuke Nakamura had at Takeover: Dallas against Sami Zayn.

Nakamura came into NXT with all the hype in the world surrounding him. When his entrance music hit the building (myself included) exploded. Did he and Sami Zayn deliver the weekend stealing match we had been promised? You’re God damn right they did!

Nakamura was pure charisma from start to finish and NXT fan favourite Sami Zayn always delivers. The 20 minute onslaught delighted fans around the world, despite the fact that it looked like both Zayn and Nakamura could step it up at least a few more levels than they actually did.

The match had plenty of back and forth and both wrestlers were over 110% with a rabid NXT crowd. The stiff, hard-hitting knees, kicks and punches were absolutely brutal from both men. It was a truly awesome moment. One I’m delighted I was involved in.

Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg – Survivor Series


It may have been short, but what it lacked in length it made up for it in’OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?’ moments.

Granted it only lasted one minute and twenty-six seconds, but holy hell what a moment. No one saw that coming. No one. If you say you did I’m going to call you a liar.

Two spears and one Jackhammer. It’s over.

Well…f*ck me!

“But how can it be your number two match of the year when it was so short?” Well, voice in my head. It’s really simple. Literally nothing this year has made me feel, the excitement, shock, anger, bewilderment and frustration that the decimation of Brock Lesnar did.

I was stunned. At first I was livid, but I quickly realised that when wrestling makes you feel the way this made me, like a kid who just met Santa putting presents under the tree, then it has to be a good thing. This match came pretty close to matching the feeling I had when I saw Seth Rollins cash in his Money in the Bank contract at Wrestlemania. It was huge.

The length, seen by some as the reason it shouldn’t be on the list is actually the reason it is. Had this been a 15 minute slog in which Goldberg won. I doubt it would have been any good. Now I’m desperate to see a rematch! Never thought I’d want a rematch of Goldberg verses Lesnar after Wrestlemania 20…

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Revival vs. #DIY – Takeover: Brooklyn 2



Without a doubt, my favourite match of the year.

Over the last 2 years I have become a huge fan of tag team wrestling again and it’s mainly down to a couple of teams. Dash and Dawson of The Revival, American Alpha, New Day, #DIY and Enzo and Big Cass. For of those teams are recent NXT alumni and the reason I enjoy them so much is because NXT, like with the Women’s division a year or so back, just seem to get it. The Revival specifically though, just seem to understand how to put on great matches. Why do I single them out? Well, because they’ve had great matches with all of them (excluding New Day).

It might come as a surprise that I’m picking this match, rather than their rematch at Takeover: Toronto. A match that was actually listed by WWE themselves as the best of the year! Granted, it was an absolute stonker as well, with that amazing feel good moment when Gargano and Ciampa won the gold. Yet in my opinion, Brooklyn 2 was better. In reality the Toronto match is actually my second favourite of the year and maybe I should have ranked it, but I wanted to mix up the list a little and feature some other matches so I had to compromise.

So why do I prefer this match? It’s simple really. I just believe that there is so much more going on during it. Yes the wrestling is amazing. The chemistry between these two teams is sensational. The false finishes, the perfect timing. It all adds up into an excellent bout. The same can be said for Toronto too.

What makes this match so great is the countless directions that could result from the result. So many potential storyline options all leaving you on the edge of your seat. Are Ciampa and Gargano going to win the big one in WWE or will they fall short and Ciampa turn heel so they can feud. After all they’d had a great match in the Cruiserweight Classic and a feud spawning from that look almost inevitable. At the same time, if The Revival lose what will happen to them? Will they be called up to the main roster to bulk out Smackdown’s tag team division? Afterall, we were just weeks after the WWE Brand Split and anything was possible.

When you’ve got great wrestling and you don’t know what the finish will be, that makes for a brilliant moment. I think the Toronto rematch while excellent, had a more predictable finish so thus has to drop down ever so slightly. Plus, and I’m just being honest, I’m a huge mark for The Revival and I just love to see them win.

The 5 Best Things about WWE In 2016

It’s nearing the end of the year and like everyone else I’ve been looking back and thinking about the best and worse parts of it. Today I’m going to be looking at the 5 best things (in my opinion) that WWE has done in 2016. Then in a few days, I’ll look back at the 5 absolute worst things they done.

So here we go The 5 Best Things About WWE In 2016.

5. The Revival


We’re starting out under the WWE umbrella but heading over to NXT for number 5 on the list. There are many good things on NXT, in fact if NXT could have made the list as a whole entity really.

Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Tye Dillinger, Bobby Roode have all been brilliant and have continued to make takeover’s must watch shows. Yet, out of everyone on the show two men have stood out more than anyone else for me. Scott Dawn and Dash Wilder, The Revival.

I love everything about these two. Their style is brilliant, I love that they’re a throwback to old school tag team wrestling. They actually use tag team psychology which makes their matches so compelling. Not only that I think that the duo are brilliant subtle heels. They are dastardly and dirty, all the while not really breaking too many rules. They bend them instead.


Also, the Shatter Machine is a fantastic finisher. No doubt.

Dash and Dawson were also the first ever 2 time tag team champions and its the great work that they’ve done with the belts, i.e. being right bastards, that has made for such great moments when they lose them. Both American Alpha and DIY benefited hugely from having some true bad guys to work with. Making their title-winning efforts that much better.

Finally, any team who can steal the show at back to back NXT Takeover’s deserve to make the list. That’s no mean feat! Yes DIY played a big part too, but when you think that The Revival also came close to stealing the show at Takeover: Dallas and Takeover: The End, you know how good they are. Hell, they were even great at Takeover: London in 2015 too!

4. The Miz


It’s got to be said that since the brand split, The Miz has been fantastic. It all started with a worked shoot promo on ‘Talking Smack’ and his continued butting of heads with Daniel Bryan has been one of the highlights of the Smackdown brand.

Since then he’s had a fantastic feud with Dolph Ziggler, with a number of great matches between them, including a match of the year contender at No Mercy.

I’ve been a fan of The Miz for years and its been a source of constant frustration that the WWE seemed to have just forgotten about him. Hell, they forgot about him while he was main eventing Wrestlemania for God sake! He’s shown so many times that he can get people over. Daniel Bryan, Alex Riley, Damian Sandow and he even made Dolph Ziggler interesting again after years of floundering.

He’s a brilliant promo and recently he has been showing that he can truly go in the ring. So while him beating Zack Ryder for the Intercontinental Title the Raw after Wrestlemania was met with groans. Now, all eyes are on him and people are starting to wonder how long it will be before he’s involved in a World Title feud.

He’s helped make the IC Title relevant again and he’s made Smackdown worth watching.

3. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks


2016 has arguably the best year for female wrestlers ever. The two women leading the charge? Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

Now, I’m not putting them in my list just because they’re women and have had a Hell In A Cell match. Though that is cool. Quite frankly I don’t care what kind of match people have as long as the wrestling quality is good and most importantly the story-line and feud is in place.

Now while I’m the first to admit that this feud has probably had too many title changes. I’ll also tell you that for most of the year this feud has been one of the regular highlights. Hell, since the brand split you could say that the Raw Women’s Title has been the most important on the show.

tumblr_ofx10c2bx91sbzhteo1_500The reason I enjoy this feud so much is that the Title clearly means something to both women. They are invested in its importance and so I am too. The reality is, it doesn’t matter to me that women are suddenly allowed to do gimmick matches or are main eventing PPV’s because since when was the logic in place that the best matches and feuds always went on last? John Cena 06 to 2013 anyone? The two aren’t one in the same. In fact one feels very much like a marketing technique while the other feels like, top quality wrestling. No, what matters is that they’re putting on great matches in a great feud. It’s that simple.

2. AJ Styles


AJ Styles came so close to being my number one choice for this list, he’s been brilliant. As debut years go, he might have just had the best ever.

Debuting at the Royal Rumble to a huge ovation, he’s put on great matches all year. Proving time and time again that people are justified in saying he is the best in the world.

Putting on fantastic matches with Roman Reigns and John Cena and many more. He’s also made James Ellsworth bearable and just generally makes everyone look like a million bucks. On top of all that, he also won the WWE Title. Something that many people thought would never, ever happen.

I could argue that his matches alone are worth his place on the list, but it’s his work since his heel turn that’s ranked him so highly. It’s just been so entertaining. I think it was a massive shame that he got split up from The Club but you can’t have it all. He feels like a true Champion and much like The Miz has been a standout star post brand split.

1. Chris Jericho (and Kevin Owens)


If you’d have asked me at the start of the year, when Chris Jericho is in full on babyface ‘cool’ dad mode, if he would later be my number one thing in WWE all year. I would have called you a stupid idiot. This is despite the fact that Jericho is one of my favourite of all time. He had lost his sparkle and seemed to just be phoning it in.

He later turned full heel against AJ Styles and picked up a surprising victory over him at Wrestlemania. It’s really since then that he’s really picked it up.

The combination of Jericho and Owens felt very much like a last-minute thrown together plan to give them both something to do. Yet it proved so entertaining that they are still together/feuding today. Chris himself has admitted that his contract ended months ago and the only reason he is still around is because he’s having so much fun.

tumblr_ofkyavnedz1u1ljrzo1_500For months the pairing, though specifically Jericho have been absolutely outstanding on the microphone. Easily being the most entertaining part of Monday Night Raw. Just to prove that he is back in top form he got ‘a list’ and the term ‘stupid idiot’ over. Really over.

Quite simply. It’s been brilliant.

And that’s my list. Do you agree with me or have I missed off somebody/something so obvious that I’ll kick myself for forgetting? Let me know!