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Review: Wonder Woman

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Simple, spoiler free reviews.

Before becoming Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, Diana meets an American pilot who tells her of the war to end all wars that is raging in the outside world. Convinced that she can stop the threat, Diana leaves her home for the first time and finally discovers her full powers and true destiny.

Oh wow, it actually happened! A good, no, a great DC movie! I, along with the rest of the world, had given up hope yet after the disappointments of Man of Steel (although admittedly I thought that was okay, though flawed), Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad comes Wonder Woman and it’s really quite good!

I loved pretty much everything about this film and sat there with a great big dumb grin on my face for the entire time. If DC can correct their course for the rest of their cinematic universe things might just be okay again.


Wonder Woman is showing DC the way to make decent superhero films, but can they do it again?

Wonder Woman is everything it should have been and more. It shows that you don’t need to go all in on gritty and real and depressing to make a great superhero film. How has it taken DC this long to make something that’s worth watching? It’s fun, endearing and the action scenes are great too. Stylistically its excellent, the humour is spot on and it actually shows genuine heart as well. Wonder Woman is 100%, completely and totally bad ass.

The relationship between Diana and Captain Steve Trevor is the linchpin of the entire movie. The chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine is excellent. In fact to be honest, both are just excellent throughout. Pine is charming and confident while Gadot is equally as confident, strong, independent, noble and caring and sexy as well. Yet at the same time slightly naive too. It’s a perfect combination.

Here’s a thought, Wonder Woman wasn’t directed by Zack Synder and it’s a good film. Coincidence? Well, no not really. As he didn’t direct Suicide Squad and that was all sorts of horrible. What it does seem to show is that everyone was on board with the vision of this film and worked towards it, unlike the absolute messes that have occurred previously.

Instead Wonder Woman is the first ever superhero film to be directed by a woman, which is all sorts of crazy. Patty Jenkins, who was briefly signed on to direct the sequel to Thor, did a fantastic job here. Again I loved the stylistic choices, I thought everything looked great and the tone was spot on. I wonder if Marvel are kicking themselves for letting her go now?

If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, put aside your disappointments of previous DC movies and go out and see it. You won’t regret it.

Verdict: Thumbs Up


Review: The Lego Batman Movie

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Simple, spoiler free movie reviews.

batman.PNGSlighted by Batman’s refusal to recognise him as his arch-enemy, The Joker comes up with a plan to make him take notice. In order to save the day though, The Dark Knight may have to drop the whole ‘loner vigilante’ thing, work with others and open himself up to family  again. 

The Lego Batman Movie is another over the top and charming Lego movie. It has lots of little humorous moments throughout and a number of laugh out loud spots as well. As you can imagine it spends the majority of its time mocking, while lovingly, the entire concept of Batman.

The narcissistic Lego version was fantastic in the original movie and it continues with full force here. I’m still not entirely sure it’s a gimmick that is actually strong enough to have an entire movie based around it if I’m honest. I’m very much reminded of how Jack Sparrow went from fun sidekick-esque character in Pirates of the Caribbean to the sole focus of every film. Just because you have a popular character doesn’t mean they are ideal for a solo feature. Sometimes a joke gets stretched a little too thin.

This is something that’s very noticeable to me in The Lego Batman Movie. The second half of the film is clearly weaker than the first. It’s like they had a certain amount of jokes that worked really well and then ran out of ideas and just kept going repeating along the way.

However, you’ve got to remember this is a kids movie and I’m sure kids will love everything about it. Robin is ridiculously cute and there is an overarching story of friendship and team work being told here. There are also enough jokes aimed at older audiences to keep everyone happy. It treads the line carefully but it is most definitely a kids movie.

With all the dark and brooding superhero films coming out, DC and Batman specifically, it’s actually really refreshing to see such a silly take on the subject again. And despite being Lego and a kids film and just generally daft, it still has more credibility than ‘Batman and Robin’.

Simply put, The Lego Batman Movie is an enjoyable kids film. Children will love it and while it has plenty to offer an adult audience as well, it does falter in the second half and cannot compete with the original Lego movie for quality.

Verdict: Thumbs Up

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns


Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Simple, spoiler free reviews.

Batman has not been seen for ten years and new breed of criminal ravages Gotham City, forcing 55-year-old Bruce Wayne back into the cape and cowl. But, does he still have what it takes to fight crime in a new era? 

With long time ally commissioner James Gordon retiring, the Gotham authorities want the returning Batman arrested.  Not to mention old foes wanting a reunion and the fact that the Feds want the Man of Tomorrow to put a stop to him once and for all.

With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some old Superman and Batman films and graphic novels. I’ve already reviewed Man of Steel HERE if you want to check that out. However, today is all about Batman, kinda.

You see The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller actually features Batman verses Superman as one of it’s main plot lines. The movie is rumoured to be not too heavily influenced by this piece of work, but hopefully it at least learnt some lesson from it because it’s really good. I recently read the graphic novel itself however I’ve also watched the two part animated adaptions as well. I loved them both, though I think I actually prefer the animated versions a little bit more.

The thing to take note of in this storyline is Bruce Waynes age, he’s 55 years old now. His body isn’t what it use to be, he’s carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Guilt, frustrations etc. Sound familiar to the Batman V Superman sub plot? Good. It should.

This graphic novel is why I’m looking forward to this movie, because I’ve seen this clash done right. I know how well it can be done and I’m optimistic that Ben Affleck’s Batman will capture at least some of the spirit of this one. I’m also concerned that the movie is trying to do too much at once, so that it won’t have time to flesh out the characters enough. That remains to be seen, but currently it looks a lot like Spider-Man 3. Too much crammed into one movie.

The animated version is broken up into two separate films. The first half focuses on Harvey Dent and the Mutant Leader, while the second is all about The Joker and Superman. This decision allows for the movies to be paced correctly, slowly feeding you the plot rather than shoving it all down your throat so it can get to the conclusion.

In a way you could consider the plot line of The Dark Knight returns to be somewhat of a retirement tour. Four big enemies to best before his body calls time on his war against crime. The big difference between this plot and the up coming movie however is that in this universe, Batman and Superman are already friends having fought side by side and against each other in the past. In Batman V Superman, it’s the first time they lock up. So that will be very interesting to see.

I’m hopeful for Batman V Superman, but if it turns out to be a stinker. Watch or read these instead. I highly recommend indulging in either version of this story available to you. Check them out!

Verdict: Thumbs Up