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Have Arsenal thrown away the league?

At the beginning of January everything was looking great for Arsenal. We were top of the Premier League, still in the Champions League and there was potential for another FA Cup run. It was starting to look like it would finally be our year to win the league again. While our cup competition standings haven’t changed since then our league hopes have taken some damage.

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Can Arsenal win the league?

The last time Arsenal won the league was back in 2004 when they went undefeated. The only team to ever do so. It was a fantastic achievement and I remember thinking back then that it would be the start of a long period of domination. They haven’t won it since.

Can Arsenal really win the Premier League again?

87402001_gettyimages-502712590As a now jaded Arsenal fan, after a decade of disappointment, I’m finding it difficult to believe. I don’t want to get my hopes up again after seeing them falter so many times. But we’re over half way into the season and sitting top of the league. Is this finally our time again? Maybe.

In my mind Arsenal have developed a reputation of only being able to win the ‘big’ games when the pressure is off. When its perceived that we can no longer compete for the title that year., we hit a vein of good form and suddenly the ‘what if’s’ and ‘just maybes’ start to crop up. A typical comment I hear is “if we can just win this next game here, we’ve got a really chance this year”. We then lose that match and it’s back to square one. Frustratingly it’s often during the ‘easy’ games that we falter the most during this period of pressure. As if the players and staff start buying their own hype.

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