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Otegga London: Watch Review



Look familiar?

Ottega London are a company passionate about offering the latest fashion trends at the lowest possible prices. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to experience owning elegant watches. Oddly, a company with a near identically website called Orossa London say the exact same thing and offer the exact same watches. I’m starting to suspect something might be suspicious about this situation.

Straight away we decided that this deal was far too good to be true. Either it was a mistake by the company, as the website does look rather professional, or we were going to have our bank accounts raided. The third option of course being that the watches would prove to just be absolutely rubbish in quality. However, it was only £7.50 for delivery (per item) so we thought we’d take the risk. We’re ever getting an amazing deal or barely wasting a penny. Worth it right?


The Elite

Yeah sure I guess. When you’re paying £7.50 per watch, can you really complain about the quality too much? Not really. Let’s do it anyway!


In honesty the watches aren’t complete garbage. They are by no means good, but I was expecting so much worse. The main problem all of the watches have is that the watch straps feel awful. Cheap, tacky and generally uncomfortable.

Some of the watch designs do have the minimalist, simple look that I like. However The Elite has weirdly raised glass that actually makes telling the time rather difficult as the light constantly reflects off awkwardly.


The European

The Affluent is my favourite of the three I’ve seen. It actually looks in some ways similar to my actual watch that I got from MVMT Watches. So I do like the style and I would be quite happy to wear this watch face out in public. However again, the watch strap is a huge let down.


My favourite of the bunch, for all the wrong reasons is The European. Other than the revolting strap design it actually looks pretty good in the photo. Plus it’s got extra dials and stopwatches, unlike the others. But wait, before you get to excited and go and purchase one. Those dials are actually just stickers! Hilarious.


The Affluent

Since purchasing and receiving our watches, we discovered the previously mentioned Orossa London company. The Orossa website is near identical in look, company aims and the watches available. Although they do have the good graces to change the names at least. They to are offering the same ‘amazing’ discounts and it becomes apparent that the original retail prices are completely fictional as they never come off sale.


Again though, when you’re paying £7.50 you really have to expect to get what you pay for.



New Years Resolution

For some reason we only ever think about major changes to our lives at the start of a calendar year. Then after approximately 3 days we give up on them until the next year.

Last year I had some hit and miss success with my resolutions; I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain anymore. Meanwhile I didn’t read any extra books and I’m still the worst at procrastinating.

I did however, have a lot ‘more fun’. I quit my job as Assistant Manager at the pub I worked in and started tempting as an administrator instead. Brilliantly I actually spent most of the year earning more per hour than I used to, for a much lower ranked job, because Greene King paid me horribly. As a result of working 9-5 (what a way to make a living) I actually got my social life back! I could do things in the evenings and visit friends over the weekends. It’s been bloody brilliant.


I’ve got some new years resolutions of my own and in an effort to make myself commit to them for more than 72 hours I thought I’d share them here to try to inspire myself not to be a massive quitter. Will it work? Hopefully but probably not. What do I want to change then?

So for 2017 I’ve decided to streamline my efforts into the one resolution that I failed horribly with last year. Losing Weight. I’d really like to be in shape again, it’s been far too long. Hopefully, now that I’m happier I’ll be able to focus and actually achieve something.

Lose Weight

I need to lose around 42 pounds, so three stone. How am I going to do that you ask? Swimming, walking and cycling mostly. That combined with not eating as much rubbish should do wonders. The classic that pretty much everyone says about themselves. It’s very much a two for one idea. Junk food, takeaways, biscuits and cakes need to be replaced with healthy options though not completely. Strict diets often fail quicker and harder than simple lifestyle changes. Everything can be enjoyed in moderation after all.

Exercise wise my intentions are to swim two to three miles each week, which translates to me going swimming two or three times. I also want to start cycling again, although motivation will be low until the weather starts getting warmer. Finally, I intended to walk more. Over summer I was able to get myself into a routine of walking 20 to 25 miles a week and I hope to get somewhere close to that once more. Again, this does depend on the seasons as I live in the middle of nowhere and don’t fancy walking around a pitch black village.

It wont be an overnight miracle but if I can stick to it I should do okay. That is a big ‘if’ though…


Rubble Pubble T-Shirts – The Perfect Christmas Present

It’s almost Christmas time again!

Buying presents is hard though, so I’m here to help. I’ve mentioned in the past that a friend and I used to design t-shirts and sell them on Red Bubble. Well we still do sell them on Red Bubble and I think, they’re pretty sweet!

So it’s time to put on your adventure pants or maybe throw the best kind of party (with robots) for someone this Christmas time.

You can see all of our designs at RIGHT FLIPPING HERE MATE!

adventure pant


Anyway, check them out. Maybe buy one if you like them.

It’s up to you. I don’t mind at all. If you aren’t sure what to do though, maybe you should put on your adventure pants and buy 15 of them?

OK Go – The One Moment

Ok Go have gone and done it again. Another absolutely fantastic music video. It’s what they’ve become known for over the years but they might have just outdone themselves with this one. It’s creative and beautiful and it only took 4.2 seconds to shoot. Well, that’s how much film they used, it obviously took months of planning to get everything looking so good.

Shot in tiny little chunks and edited together the video features paint explosions, bursting water balloons and exploding guitars. The synchronisation is incredible. The amount of detail they must have had to go into the planning of this is simply nuts.

Released two days ago on November 24th the video already has 3 million views on Youtube alone and far more on Facebook. It’s fair to say it’s gone viral around the world.

I feel bad though, because it’s another good song from the band but I only ever listen to them when they put out mind blowing videos. I should really give them a proper chance. If you somehow still haven’t seen the video for The One Moment you can watch it below as well as samples of their other work. Give them a watch!

If you if you loved that video as much as I did then you’ll no doubt appreciate the behind the scenes video for it to. In which they explain the planning processes and you see some of the dummy runs they did to get the one shot takes perfect.

Here is the video that started it all back in 2006. Here It Goes Again on the now world famous treadmill video.

Finally here’s one that I only just found out about. The video for Upside Down and Inside Out was shot in zero gravity. How cool is that!

Booty O’s Cereal Review

15032588_10153898258431121_1167705642_nBooty O’s are the previous fictional cereal dreamed up by WWE wrestling group The New Day, made up of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Who are soon to be the longest reigning WWE tag team of all time when they break Demolitions record in a few weeks. What was once considered a throw away joke in promos quickly received a huge marketing push as cereal boxes containing t-shirts sporting the same designs. Considering the groups popularity and the fact they were the biggest selling merchandise at this years Wrestlemania. It was only a matter of time until the WWE went all in and actually started producing the real thing.

I’ve wanted to taste Booty O’s since I watched The New Day come out of a giant cereal box at Wrestlemania. This was of course before they were even real! Well they are real now, but unfortunately only sold in America. Boo! Luckily I have a good friend who lives there and she sent me a box! Huzah!

Okay, to the review itself. Firstly, the box design is amazing. It’s fun, it’s silly and it’s eye-catching. It’s got to be said that for a cereal mainly aimed at children this does it job very well.

The cereal itself is made up of rounded toasted oat pieces with marshmallow shapes. The marshmallow shapes are supposed to include all sorts of things like stars, smiles, unicorn horns, rainbow hearts, magic, tag titles, and booty crowns. In honesty, they’re just brightly coloured marshmallow pieces and I dare you to find a piece that actually resembles anything in particular.

15033922_10153898290651121_531171796_oNow I’ve never had American cereal before and I’ve equally never had anything too sugary sold in the UK. Frosted Shreddies? Nah, I’ll have regular Shreddies please. They do look very similar to Lucky Charms however and I have been told that they sort out resemble them in taste as well.

What I  can tell you though is that they basically taste like Cheerios. Only with a lot, lot more sugar and obviously the marshmallows. The marshmallows are actually pretty tasty in small numbers but grow sickly quite quickly if you accidentally have too many on your spoon.

As a one of treat however, they’re really nice. I would honestly recommend them to any wrestling fan to try. The problem is though is that, as previously mentioned, they’re only for sale in America and they’re really quite expensive! $10 plus per box and the box isn’t that big.

You’re not going to be making this your number one cereal of choice anytime soon. Still, worth having at least once. They’re fun, they taste surprisingly good and you get an awesome box to keep as well.

Verdict: Thumbs Up


I had a dream…about Donald Trump?!

Dreams are often weird, sometimes downright stupid. Apparently they actually mean something too! Well, if anyone can figure out what the meaning behind this one is. I’d be very grateful if you explained it to me because I just had a dream about Donald Trump. The Donald Trump, President-Elect Donald Trump… Maybe my dreams have given up trying to be subtle, thrown in the towel and decided to be just as stupid as the real world?

The Dream:

giphySo we start out inside what I’m assuming is one of Donald’s many, many penthouse suites. Although, if I’m honest its kind of on the small size. Take that Trump! Your property isn’t as nice in my dreams as in reality! For whatever reason I’m having a meeting, no not a meeting, a little chit chat…and my mums there?!

We’re all having a rather pleasant chat it has to be said, my mum is on her best behaviour (She’s not the biggest fan of Trump, well neither am I…). We’re avoiding politics completely in fact. He then introduces us to his personal assistant, who later he refers to as his daughter and then also his wife during the course of the conversation. Which, I suppose doesn’t really surprise me considering the comments he has said about his own daughter!

fancy-textured-ceramic-wall_bathroom-remodel-ideas-on-a-budget_modern-white-small-wastafel_white-double-wash-bowl_white-flush-toilet_modern-colorful-purple-wall-decor-ideas-728x546Later on his daughter/wife/personal assistant would take me on a tour, in which she took great pleasure in showing off the lavish washrooms. They were indeed very lovely, in the middle of the room was the sink. Which could only be describe as a ornately carved font, that you would normally find in a church, with a regular bog standard kitchen tap stuck in the middle. She complained about the plumbing however as the water would still flow for a couple of seconds after being switched off. Disaster! Luckily, the mirror image washroom next door didn’t have such faults. Thank God.

113550697_farage_trump-large_transeo_i_u9apj8ruoebjoaht0k9u7hhrjvuo-zlengrumaIt’s at this point that the tour takes us to his library, in which I don’t actually recall seeing a single book. Instead it was pretty much a larger version of that gold elevator that Trump and Farage love having photos in front of…

Some of my cousins and Uncle show up for very little reason and do absolutely nothing. They just get in the way while I’m trying to look at ‘the library’.

It’s at this point I start asking my new best friend Donald about a recent purchase of his. Which apparently was an original draft of the bible that was found a few years ago in a dessert. I asked him what the specific name of the bible was, but he didn’t know. What the hell is my brain even doing at this point?!

Unfortunately, it’s time to leave. We have to catch our flight back home. Luckily it turns out that Trump’s penthouse is actually the airport as well. Because why not.

After popping into some of brand W.H Smith equivalent we all try and read the airport departure screen, but it doesn’t make any sense and we can’t figure out what time our flight is or where to go.

…and then I woke up.


Trump is going to win isn’t he?

The ramblings of a very much none political giant. Both in political knowledge and height.

I just can not shake this feeling. Donald Trump is actually going to win the presidential election isn’t he?

You may scoff at the thought but think about the UK’s recent vote to leave Europe, our ‘Brexit’. People scoffed at that idea as well. The remain campaign never took it seriously. Taking the whole thing far too lightly and thinking that ‘common sense’ would come through. Well look what happened! Now we’re in a situation in which newspapers are calling judges traitors and its all going downhill at an alarming rate.

The thing is, people want change but they don’t seem to really care what that change is. They seem to have never have heard of the saying ‘better the devil you know’. Again think about Brexit. The system wasn’t broken although some perceived it to be. So in anger they voted for the complete unknown. Even when all rational arguments said not too. Simply because they were unhappy with the establishment. That’s nuts! Yes there’s the overhanging sense of racism that clung to the campaign as well, which also sticks to Trump it has to be said. Yet you can’t argue with that one. People are what they are.


Hilary Clinton represents everything people hate about American politicians, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t do a good job.

Now if the promises made by the leave campaign had been legitimate, then that would have been another story. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen Donald Trump with a bus saying he could give £350 million to the NHS at this point. The styles of campaign are almost identical. Big promises, no plans.

Hilary Clinton however represents everything people hate. While Trump represents, well anything he wants to on any given day but that’s another argument. Trump represents the alternative. And sometimes people just want the alternative, no matter how crazy it is. The thing is, from my perspective it’s not really even about Trump or Hilary. It seems to me that people are just going for something new, without even thinking about how awful that something could be.

The thing is I don’t care if you hate the Clinton’s. Hate all you want, but at least admit that out of the two of them. She is the right choice.

I’m expecting to wake up Wednesday morning to a disaster for world politics. The Brexit vote has stolen my confidence in common sense. I just hope that there are enough Americans with some left…