Thumbs up or Thumbs Down? Short, Simple and Spoiler Free movie reviews.

I was one of those Toy Story 4 sceptics. “We don’t need it” I said before continuing “Why would Pixar make a fourth movie and risk ruining the legacy of the Toy Story franchise and the perfect ending in the third film?” Well, as it turns out it’s because they’ve made yet another excellent film!

While 4 might not have the perfect heart wrenching emotional ending of its predecessor, it is bloody good and still played me like a fiddle at times. Especially in the opening flashback. The film is funny too, really funny!

As always there’s a lovely message that both children and adults can appreciate. The journey that Woody, voiced excellently by Tom Hanks yet again, is something that so many people can relate to in some way, shape or form.

I do have some questions though. Such as, what will happen to Forky when Bonnie gets bored of her best friend/eating utensils? Will he lose his sentience or does all cutlery have that already and we never knew! WHAT IF WORLD? WHAT IF!!

I suppose the message we need to take from all of this is ‘In Pixar We Trust’. Well, as long as it isn’t that awful Cars franchise… Toy Story 4 is an excellent addition to an already brilliant series, if you’re in doubt over it like I was. Trust me, it’s worth a watch and continues the toys tales post Andy really well. Bring on the fifth film I guess?

Verdict: Thumbs Up