Thumbs up or Thumbs Down? Short, Simple and Spoiler Free movie reviews.

Men in Black: International is a fun and entertaining, if not particularly remarkable, soft reboot of the MIB franchise. The fourth movie and first without Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones stars Chris Hemworth and Tessa Thompson as Agent H and M respectively. The pair previously worked together in Thor Ragnorok and have continued their excellent chemistry in this franchise.
After a slow opening 20 minutes or so the film picks up and is an enjoyable ride. Chris Hemswoth oozes charisma as usual and his comic timing is very underrated. I think, as he shows as Thor, that he can play the confident and borderline arrogant protagonist very well. I also liked that his character has kind of peaked, having saved the world before, and has gotten sloppy. As a result he needs new recruit M to help him not just fight the alien threats but also pull himself back together.

The main problem the film has is that it suffers from not having a main villain to focus on, instead the plot revolves around the possibility of a mole inside MIB with the alien race of ‘The Hive’ and everyone not being able to trust each other. While I like the concept it does feel like something is missing as Agents H and M spend most of their time being chased by blank characterless goons. So that is a little disappointing but not film breaking.

I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews for this movie and honestly cannot understand the hate for it. It’s not like Men in Black films have ever been truly brilliant anyway! They’ve always been a little bit silly and fun.

Men in Black: International will be enjoyable if you’ve liked the previous three films and the new leads do a great job in replacing Will Smith. Additionally, previously the MIB franchise has mostly always been seen to be operated in New York. So it’s nice to be taken around the rest of the world and shown new things and the film takes great pleasure in nipping around into different countries while chasing clues. It’s a little bit James Bond or Mission Impossible it that respect.

Worth a watch, but not amazing.

Verdict: Thumbs Up