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Godzilla: King of the Monsters is sequel to 2014s Godzilla and the third film in the Godzilla/King Kong monster universe. For me personally, this second Godzilla film is in many ways an improvement on the first. However in others it’s also worse, let me explain.
Firstly the film doesn’t Bryan Cranston you this time (market the film as if he’s one of the leads and then have him die after 10 minutes) and secondly there’s no Aaron Taylor-Johnson who I don’t really rate. Instead we have a new lead in Kyle Chandler who plays Mark Russell, a guy who is good at things, and Stanger Things actress Miullie Bobby Brown plays his daughter. I’ve never seen Stranger Things but she’s pretty good! A number of the supporting cast returning from the original such as Ken Watanabe playing Dr Ishiro Serizawa a man who only ever wants to ‘let them fight’. He’s basically the audience from the first film.

However, despite the up de of having a etter cast (in my opinion anyway) you get he downside of having a much dafter plot. Previously it was just the military desperately trying to stop huge monsters killing everyone. Now though you’ve got people trying to release the Titans in order to reset the natural balance and save the planet. Because obviously that makes sense! Ya numpties!
One of the criticisms the first film has was that you don’t see enough Godzilla. The film cuts away from him every time he appears until the climactic fight. I actually think that’s great and they only downside was that we focused on Aaron Taylor-Thompson’s character too much instead. I’d have taken anyone else over him, even the adventures of a guy selling hot dogs during the disasters. However, you can’t do that same tactic again, Godzilla is out of the bag so you might as well show him to us and they do. The problem is despite the increase in screen time none of the fights Godzilla has match up to that final confrontation.

It has the same problem as the Pacific Rim sequel. All of the excitement of big monsters smashing each other to pieces has lessened. We’ve seen it before because Godzilla is basically fighting the same sort of Titan again. Yes it’s bigger and stronger and has three heads or whatever but it’s effectively the same. Howeverin the upcoming sequel in which King Kong and Lizard Boy go head to head that isomething different, new and potentially more exciting. Although I’m not sure how they are going to make Kong a threat to be honest. Yes he’ll probably be bigger and maybe smarter but can he shoot a radiation beam from his mouth? Nope. It’s like batman versus superman really. Superman should obviously win!
You know what don’t even worry about it, I’ve figured out the problem. We need a Pacific Rim/Godzilla/King Kong crossover! Yes!
At the end of the day if you want your Godzilla sequel to have more giant lizard smashing other big monsters then you’re all set. Like I said in the opening, I enjoyed this film more than the original overall because of the human elements. Even if it does get a bit ‘samey-samey’ and the plot is bonkers.

Verdict: Thumbs Up

Also, stop luring the Titans into cities you idiots. You’re getting everyone ruddy killed!