Thumbs up or Thumbs Down? Short, Simple and Spoiler Free movie reviews.

An enjoyable but not perfect live action adaption of the beloved Disney classic. Will Smith is an acceptable and safe but not sensational replacement for the genie, although they’ve sensibly taken him in a different direction rather than trying to replicate the wise cracking impersonation mad original of Robin Williams. However yes, blue Will Smith does look a little weird and is much better in both character and look when in human form.

Guy Ritchie was an interesting choice as director. He usually has a distinct and striking visual style that sometimes is more memorable than the film itself, King Arthur for example. I was concerned during the opening song when there was so much sped up and slowed down footage that I considered that perhaps the framerate on the projector was actually broken. However after that opening teething problem things settle down and the film finds it groove is bright colours and heavy Bollywood vibes.

The chemistry between the three leads was good although Jafar wasn’t particularly menacing and Iago is reduced to just a parrot. Overall this is a completely acceptable version of Aladdin that shouldn’t upset many or blow the minds of anyone either.

Verdict: Thumbs Up