Is Breaking Benjamin’s new album, Ember, a Thumbs Up or Thumbs down?

What a year for rock music! In 2018 we’re getting new albums from Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry and Breaking Benjamin just to name a few. What a great few months this is going to be.

Breaking Benjamin lead the way with Ember, their sixth studio album and follow-up to 2015’s Dark Before Dawn. The record is unsurprisingly produced by Benjamin Burnley and features the classic post-grunge, nu metal and hard rock sounds that fans are used to. Dark, brooding and melodic with huge guitars licks, epic choruses, thunderous kick drums and angsty lyrics.

Ember is slightly heavier than previous works but it follows a very similar vein. It’s very easy to just say “if you liked their previous albums, chances are you’ll like this one too” but its true. So many bands change their sound over time for better or worse but Breaking Benjamin have remained the same, despite huge line up changes, thanks to Burnley’s lead role. It’s another Breaking Benjamin album, as dominant and reliable as ever.

I must say I’m surprised it has taken this long for another record to come out. I thought that after the hiatus they would be eager to fire out new music and that there would be some kind of super vault full of future work ready to be released. Ready to make up for lost time. However writing didn’t start until after Dark Before Dawn with the majority of the recording happening in 2017.

Ember is a strong follow-up and another solid Breaking Benjamin album. You could criticise them for repeatedly going back to the same well every time, but quite frankly, why would they? Not many bands could release six albums all so similar and yet all so strong. It is an album that will require multiple listens, it’s not quite a slow burner, but it will grow on you more and more over time. I’ve been listening to it for a couple of days now and I really enjoy it. I highly recommend it.

Verdict: Thumbs Up