Another year of wrestling has passed as by and we find ourselves just days away from Wrestlemania! I honestly wish I was more excited. Wrestling has passed me by a lot since the abomination that was Wrestlemania 33 and I haven’t actually watched a PPV since SummerSlam. I didn’t even watch the Royal Rumble!

HOWEVER, this is Wrestlemania we’re talking about and it is tradition to watch it. Back when I was ‘in to’ wrestling more I use to do prediction posts as well as reviews and for last years my friends Dan and Ross joined me as we went head to head to head to see who was the better wrestling nerd. I won, obviously… This year, we’re back again to find out who buys the beers.

As a side note, they’re very much in the same wrestling fatigued boat as me. None of us are that excited but are hoping for a few golden nuggets of greatness like last year when The Hardy Boys returned or that Goldberg verses Brock Lesnar barnstormer of a match.

With our pulses barely on the pulse, do any of us actually have a clue what we’re talking about anymore? Or have we become ‘casual’ fans who think they know whats what but don’t have a clue?

Find out now!


Women’s Battle Royal

Rob’s Thoughts:

I’m not going to lie, I find it hard enough to care about the men’s battle royal so how am I going to care about this one? Much like its male counterpart this is just a way of getting everyone on the show, but it will mean absolutely nothing. No matter how much they try to polish this turd.

The most interesting thing about this match is that they changed the name from The Fabulous Moolah (who was a terrible person) Battle Royal after fans complained enough to make Snickers say something to WWE.

I suppose I’ll have to pick Sasha Banks, probably via eliminating Bayley to continue their feud. I would prefer someone else, like Becky Lynch to win however. Actually I’m not going to lie, if Santino Marella came back and won it then I’d find that hilarious. I’m aware that makes me a bad person.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Dan’s Thoughts:

I think the only thing this will do is continue this storyline with Bayley and Sasha Banks with one of them officially turning heel. Which Bayley needs to badly.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Ross’ Thoughts:

Who cares?

Winner: Ember Moon

Rob and Ross pick Sasha Banks while Ross goes for NXT star Ember Moon.

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Dan’s Thoughts:

I couldn’t care for this as this means nothing.

Winner: (the returning) Big Cass

Ross’ Thoughts:

A big who cares? That being said I’m hopeful an NXT star gets a chance to win. Velveteen Dream, Alexander Black or Adam Cole ‘Baybay’.

Winner: Adam Cole

Rob’s Thoughts:

I’ve already told you that I don’t care about this match. Wrestlemania was too long before we had battle royals and now we have two. Cut them both and be done with it! I don’t need a 14 hour-long show!

Rusev would have been my pick had he not been added into the US Title picture. That would have made the crowd very happy and could have been a good reset point for Rusev who is super over with everyone, but not doing much.

Is Dean Ambrose due back yet? Maybe someone from NXT? I just hope The Revival (my boys!) put on a good showing. I bet the winner is someone dull like Dolph Ziggler. It can’t be worse than Mojo fucking Rawley again thought….or can it? Oh fuck.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Three different picks here. Dan has Big Cass, Ross has Adam Cole and Rob goes for Dolph Ziggler.