Review – Money In The Bank (2017)

WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal (c) defeated Randy Orton

154_mitb_06182017jg_1280-b05e76067d51ac34685e00237324e268Apart from the fact that Randy Orton was in his hometown supported by an assortment of legends. You could have more or less copied last months match at Backlash and pasted it into here. Orton dominates, gets distracted beating up the Singh Brothers and then loses.

I’m fine with that really. I wanted Jinder to retain and I wanted Orton to lose. So overall I’m quite happy with this match. There was a small part of me concerned that if anyone was going to beat the curse of losing in your hometown it would be Orton, but thankfully the curse remains.

As you’d expect with a Randy Orton match the pacing of this match can only be described as ‘methodical’ or ‘slow’ or ‘boring’. Classic Orton. Classic dull Orton.

A couple of things annoyed me during this match, mostly the fact that the referee would only start his 10 count after the two competitors had been outside the ring for at least 6 weeks first. This was especially evident during Randy’s attack on the Singh Brothers, do your job referee! Get some control!

The other problem I had is Byron Saxton suggesting that Jinder needed to be careful not to get disqualified…why? Why is that Byron? He has the Champions advantage and as we saw earlier in the night with The Usos, you keep the title if you get disqualified or counted out.


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