Review – Money In The Bank (2017)

Tag Team Championships
The New Day defeated The Usos (c) via count out


The Usos took the cheap count out loss in order to retain their tag team titles after a good match with The New Day.

Heel Usos are so much more interesting than babyface Usos and yet I still want to see them lose all the time. Does that mean they are being great heels or maybe I’m still just over them being around in general? For the benefit of the doubt, lets say they are doing good work as heels.


This was a solid match for the first half. It did feel like the teams were going through the motions a little bit but then they really kicked it up a couple of notches in the second half and finale. The majority of the story is based around Kofi absorbing a lot of damage from Jimmy and Jay as the keep him isolated before eventually Big E gets the hot tag and cleans house.

At one point in the match Kofi took what initially looked to be a very nasty bump over the top rope and flopping to the ground. It looked really nasty but the replay showed it to be a lot safer than first feared, still painful though!

Later on in the match there was a botched Big Ending spot in which Jimmy slipped to the floor instead of being caught. They half saved the sport as Big E picked him back up using his super strength. That spot results in a three count from the referee as Jay didn’t get there to break it up in time. Do your job referee! New champions surely! It’s a fix! It’s a fix!

Another mildly silly moment came from Jimmy breaking up a submission on Kofi when he was about to tap out only for Kofi to do the exact same thing moments later on Jay. Keep it locked in for 10 more seconds guys and you’ve won the match!

So after a great match up, in which the crowd were heavily into The Usos end up deciding to take the count out lose in order to retain their championships. The crowd are disappointed but I thought it was another great piece of heel booking. It continues the feud and makes people dislike The Usos more as they robbed the fans of seeing a true conclusion to the match. Excellent work.


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