Here we go yet again, another WWE PPV. Aren’t we all just so excited? By my count this is the 19th this month? Exaggerations aside, is anyone else suffering from massive burnout? I want to enjoy the product WWE, but I can’t enjoy it when you produce more hours than there are in the day to watch.

This time around we get Extreme Rules. Oh goody, a gimmick PPV. My absolute favourite.

Extreme Rules just about beats out TLC and Hell In A Cell as my least favourite PPV event of the year. It is in no way ‘extreme’ for one and just makes the product look more PG than it actually is. Also, what happened to the idea of having a stipulation because the fued was so intense that it justified having one?

Finally, there’s a bloody kendo stick on a pole match. A KENDO STICK on a pole match. Good lord. I mean, anything on a pole matches are always terrible but a kendo stick? This is the worst thing since that sledgehammer ladder match between Triple H and Kevin Nash. Need I say more?

Still, for all my complaining I still think here could be some good matches here. The Fatal 5-Way, the Tag Team Steel Cage match and the Cruiserweight Championship for example.  In fact, this has the potentially to be an enterting show. So, I’ll stop complaining for three seconds and let’s do some predictions!

Rich Swann & Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar & Alicia Fox

Okay I lied, straight back into moaning. Why should I care about this match? Why should I care about anything to do with the Cruiserweights other than the Championship?

Sasha Banks being involved seems like a massive step down for her but on the plus side it is hilarious when Noam Dar says “Fox”. Yet I don’t really care for Swann and Alicia Fox just exists really doesn’t she. So swings and roundabouts I guess?

Face win to kick off the show I’d imagine. I can’t see this program having much more to give than that. Unless of course, this is the start of a year-long dance feud?! God I hope not.

Winners: Rich Swann & Sasha Banks

Cruiserweight Championship
Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries

20170519_1920x1080_nevillearies-0cfb807225d4e0c71ca136280f4c9b4eNow then, here is a match involving the Cruiserweights that I can get into. Neville and Aries are by far the best (only) great thing about the entire division right now. Two good matches in row, can they make it a third?

This time around it’s a submission match which actually makes sense as both men use submissions as their finishers! Logic would suggest that Aries will finally win the title having lost at Wrestlemania and winning via DQ at Payback. However, there’s something about this that makes me think Neville might retain again. After all, there’s the potential of TJ Perkins versus Neville considering their arrangement of a future title match. Not that it necessarily has to happen. However, Neville has been fantastic as the heel champion so you could just use that as the reason to keep the belt on him.

Yet it would feel like cutting off Aries’ legs if he lost for a third time. To be honest, either way I think I would be happy so long as we get another good match. I’ve been saying for a long time that if WWE want people to give a damn about 205Live then its through these two. I think they’ll prove me right again tonight.

Winner: Neville

Raw Tag Team Championships
The Hardys vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

I’ve actually been enjoy Matt and Jeff back in the WWE far more than I thought I would, though I’m still not sure how I’ll feel if they ever do the ‘broken’ gimmick. I didn’t enjoy it in TNA, I doubt I’ll enjoy it in WWE.

Despite the heel turn, I’m not sure I can see Cesaro and Sheamus winning here. Though, then again I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. After all, The Hardys have been effectively unbeatable since returning and eventually somethings got to give.

What I can easily predict is a swanton bomb from the top of the cage! Which could be the way either team win or lose the match if we’re honest. If Jeff hits the move, then The Hardys will retain but if he misses and splats on the mat then Cesrao and Sheamus will regain the titles.

This should be a good match though and maybe its just that I’m much more of a casual fan at the moment that I’m struggling to make predictions, but I can see either team winning and I like that. Maybe I’ve found my ideal way to watch wrestling. Not to do so.

Winners: The Hardys

Raw Women’s Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley

Oh dear lord. A kendo stick on a pole match. Just no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No. Stop it.

This entire match is going to involve the two very talented women, trying to climb a turn buckle for about 10 minutes. That is literally it. Honestly, I’m already penciling this in as a worst match of the year candidate. Not that anything will beat the House of Horrors match.

I hate what WWE are doing with Bayley, I get it. She’s naive and dumb and a nerd and a wrestling fan and an idiot and stupid etc etc. It’s just not good, I don’t enjoy watching it. Back in NXT she had such amazing natural fan support, but now everything seems so forced. Those who thought she would struggle on the main roster because of the booking are being proven right.

I love Alexa Bliss but I think she’ll drop the title back to Bayley here, she kind of has too. Unless they want to hammer home the point that Bayley is rubbish again, but after the way they’ve booked Bayley recently if she doesn’t win it could be rather damaging. Personally I’d prefer to see Bliss as Champion. A feud between her and Sasha banks (if she is ever allowed to leave the Cruiserweights again) sounds pretty good to me!

Winner: Bayley

Intercontinental Championship
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz

Miz is great but undervalued. Ambrose is boring and, well probably valued about right. He’s not a main eventer that’s for sure.

Interesting stipulation with this one. If Ambrose gets disqualified he will lose the title. That’s really extreme isn’t it! I actually really like it being the juxtaposition of the rest of the show. This matches gimmick will probably stand out far more than anything else. Plus it means Ambrose can lose without really losing.

The question is, who will walk away champion? It could go either way and I like that as well. You might be able to guess that I would much prefer The Miz to walk away with the title though. He was great as champion on Smackdown and should have held it for so much longer. Ambrose’s reign has been flat and pointless while The Mix garnered a lot of heat and made people care about Dolph Ziggler again. That is impressive!

Winner: The Miz (hopefully)

#1 Contenders Fatal 5-Way Extreme Rules Match
Reigns vs. Rollins vs. Balor vs. Wyatt vs. Joe

20170519_1920x1080_er_5man-261b89cc42b2dcd8e31a5dc5c3ce9215You can tell you’re in the middle of a Brock Lesnar championship reign when the main events of ‘B’ PPVs are number one contenders matches. I do wish Lesnar would show up more often, but I do enjoy the fact that he isn’t on TV every week being over exposed like the rest of the roster!

This should be an excellent match. I mean, just look at the talent involved! Rollins, Balor and Joe to start with. Then you have Wyatt who when used properly (which he isn’t being right now as per usual) can be excellent and Roman Reigns, for as much as I dislike him can put on great matches with the right people.

Who is going to win? I’m not really sure but I think we can rule out Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe, even though Joe versus Lesnar would be amazing. I also don’t think Roman Reigns will win, though you can never be sure as he is Roman Reigns. If the rumours are true about him going against Lesnar at Wrestlemania next year though, there is no need to do that match early.

Which leaves Finn Balor or Seth Rollins. I get the impression that WWE want to protect the mystique of Finn more than they want to protect Rollins right now though. So I can see Rollins winning and losing much more than Balor winning and then losing. Which is a massive god damn shame, because I love Seth Rollins. Despite his weak face run, he is still amazing.

Winner: Seth Rollins