It is the first WWE PPV since Wrestlemania 33 and RAW really need to knock it out of the park to keep the casuals around. In theory the match card has the opportunity to do just that. There is only one match that I think is doomed from the start (cough, House of Horrors) but everything else has the potential to be either good or great.

However, I cannot be the only the only one slightly uninspired by the Superstar Shakeup. Nothing seems to have been, well, shaken up very much. I suppose you have got Jinder Mahal as number one contender for the WWE Title on Smackdown, so I suppose that’s actually pretty huge. Yet unfortunately it is awful so, I cannot get behind it. Jinder Mahal?! Really?!

The other problem we have is that we now have a very predictable cross promotion match. Chris Jericho is leaving soon, so obviously Kevin Owens will retain the United States Championship. Meanwhile, the House of Horrors match…I can only assume WWE are trying to outdo the awful ‘asylum match’ from last year. Bray Wyatt does not get his rematch for the WWE Title (for some reason, Jinder Mahal is more important these days) so it is just a regular singles match. This does mean either man can win as there was no chance the title was moving to Raw previously, so I suppose that is nice.

As for the rest of the show, it does look like a ‘standard RAW PPV’ to be honest, but the potential is there like I say. The additions of The Hardys and Alexa Bliss to their respective divisions is appreciated, if not game changing.

Pre-Show: Enzo & Cass vs. Gallows and Anderson

A pre-show tag team match? Who would have thought it? It is completely unheard of!

I will admit it right now; I am not currently a fan of Enzo and Cass. Their characters have become assholes this year despite continuing to be babyfaces. Crowds however, still love their catchphrases.

Gallows and Anderson always seem like they are one loss away from being binned completely. The duos momentum has been so stop start that it is has all but completely damaged their reputation. I constantly feel that they ‘need’ to win to maintain their, admittedly, limited credibility. I still maintain that Gallows and Anderson could be something really special, but WWE seem hesitant to roll with them.

Enzo and Cass however, could lose every single match and it would not matter. Wins and loses do not make a difference for them, it is practically their gimmick. Charismatic loud mouths who never win.

Having said all of that. Despite how strongly I feel about Gallows and Anderson. I still believe that Enzo and Cass will pick up the victory. Hopefully not though!

Winner: Enzo and Cass

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chris Jericho
United States Championship

20170417_1920x1080_payback_kojericho-d4cdaf0184e21ecb57e232348b2df9eaIt is such a shame that this amazing feud has fizzled out. It had such potential! I still really enjoy the interactions between the two, even though they are now on different shows, but it has slowed down.

Their match at Wrestlemainia was okay, solid but mostly unremarkable in honesty. I hope that they go all out with this one and steal the show. After all, Jericho is about to go on tour with Fozzy so this is his last real chance to do so.

Obviously Kevin Owens is retaining the US Title, but that is fine really. As long as the wrestling, storytelling and drama are all there. And I think it could be both are tremendous at what they do and have worked brilliantly together for most of the last year.

Winner: Kevin Owens