Thumbs up or thumbs down? Simple, spoiler free reviews.

Going In Style is a heist comedy film directed by Zach Braff. Starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin as a trio of struggling retirees who plan to rob a bank after their pensions are cancelled.

In honesty this film was a lot better than I thought it would be. I expected it to be simply age related jokes, old people referencing sex and mobility scooter chases and… well, it was. However, I thought that those jokes were a lot funnier than I thought they would be and I spent most of my time with a smile on my face. Sure there are a few misses along the way and the film never hits its full stride or potential but it is enjoyable enough throughout. Freeman, Caine and Arkin do seem somewhat underutilised in their respective roles but I would argue that it is their presence that makes this film what it is at all. Freeman and Caine warm your heart no matter what they do these days and Arkin is perfect at playing a grumpy old sod.

No it is not the best film ever made; yes it has its faults but the world needs casual feel good films like this to keep on ticking over. It has its moments and is keeps you entertained for 90 minutes. If you watch this film in the right mood, you will enjoy it. Simple as that.

Youtuber Thomas ‘Tom Ska’ Ridgewell described the film as a perfect plane movie and I would have to agree with him. It is an enjoyable inoffensive ride, with a few laughs and makes for pleasant viewing. Personally though, I think it is slightly more than that. If you’re looking to spend a casual night in with an easy watch, I would recommend this movie too.

Overall Going In Style is worth a watch if you do not fancy anything too taxing.

Verdict: Thumbs Up