nxt_takeover__orlando_2017_logo_png_by_ambriegnsasylum16-db348guI find myself looking forward to NXT Takeovers simply because they are NXT Takeovers. There has not been a bad one yet and there are always at least one or two great matches. This is despite the fact that NXT is simply not as good as it was this time last year, or the year before that. It feels like it has peaked and has now become more, developmental again I suppose.

As I said, NXT Takeovers are always good shows, but I don’t think there is any risk of Takeover Orlando out shining Wrestlemania 33 like Takeover Dallas did last year. Granted the first two matches didn’t set the world on fire but I enjoyed all three title matches. The show featured great talent, the tag team match stole the show YET AGAIN and while every champion retained, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


To me Percy Watson still seems like an unnecessary addition to the commentary booth. I preferred NXT having the old school style of the two-man booth. Corey Graves has moved on permanently to pastures Raw. So Nigel McGuinness took his place, I like Nigel. He knows what he is talking about but he’s a little soft-spoken at times.

Holy shit! Drew McIntrye/Galloway was in the crowd! He’s coming back to the WWE! That’s awesome, hopefully they treat him like the real deal this time. Brilliant success story for Drew outside of WWE. He left after being treated like dirt, rebuilt his reputation and career and now returns with more credibility than ever.

SAnitY vs. Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno and Ruby Riot

No Way Jose was attacked by SAnitY earlier in the day at one of the Wrestlemania Access shows. I really like that, it makes watching the live events there even better when there is the possibility of actual story line advancement. Much like when Samoa Joe beat Finn Balor for the NXT Title at a house show, it just keeps the feeling of ‘anything can happen in NXT’.

His replacement? Kassius Ohno, better known on the indie circuits as Chris Hero. He gets a good reaction. I’m still not a fan of the name Kassius Ohno, it just sounds so stupid. Speaking of stupid, the black eye makeup all of SAnitY were wearing. It didn’t make them look scary or intimidating. Just daft.

008_nxt_04012017mm_0629-e3e96fcbd937966340f7f3cc17e6de9fThis was a solid and high paced opening match that the crowd get more and more into as it went along the way. I’m not sure how I feel about Ruby Riot yet and Roderick Strong has yet to set my world on fire in NXT. Early days for both though really.

Tye Dillinger is as over as ever, the day he starts actually winning things will be huge. For now though, obviously Dillinger takes the fall after an Ulster Plantation from Killian Dain. Which the crowd are disappointed for. We all want to see the Perfect 10 succeed! However it’s good to see SAnitY remaining strong though, the pay off will hopefully be worth it.