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batman.PNGSlighted by Batman’s refusal to recognise him as his arch-enemy, The Joker comes up with a plan to make him take notice. In order to save the day though, The Dark Knight may have to drop the whole ‘loner vigilante’ thing, work with others and open himself up to family  again. 

The Lego Batman Movie is another over the top and charming Lego movie. It has lots of little humorous moments throughout and a number of laugh out loud spots as well. As you can imagine it spends the majority of its time mocking, while lovingly, the entire concept of Batman.

The narcissistic Lego version was fantastic in the original movie and it continues with full force here. I’m still not entirely sure it’s a gimmick that is actually strong enough to have an entire movie based around it if I’m honest. I’m very much reminded of how Jack Sparrow went from fun sidekick-esque character in Pirates of the Caribbean to the sole focus of every film. Just because you have a popular character doesn’t mean they are ideal for a solo feature. Sometimes a joke gets stretched a little too thin.

This is something that’s very noticeable to me in The Lego Batman Movie. The second half of the film is clearly weaker than the first. It’s like they had a certain amount of jokes that worked really well and then ran out of ideas and just kept going repeating along the way.

However, you’ve got to remember this is a kids movie and I’m sure kids will love everything about it. Robin is ridiculously cute and there is an overarching story of friendship and team work being told here. There are also enough jokes aimed at older audiences to keep everyone happy. It treads the line carefully but it is most definitely a kids movie.

With all the dark and brooding superhero films coming out, DC and Batman specifically, it’s actually really refreshing to see such a silly take on the subject again. And despite being Lego and a kids film and just generally daft, it still has more credibility than ‘Batman and Robin’.

Simply put, The Lego Batman Movie is an enjoyable kids film. Children will love it and while it has plenty to offer an adult audience as well, it does falter in the second half and cannot compete with the original Lego movie for quality.

Verdict: Thumbs Up