I’ve been keeping my eye on WCPW since its creation last year. Tonight was the first time I’ve been to see a show though, in fact tonight was the first time I’ve seen an entire show. Instead of just highlights. It’s crazy how big things have gotten in such a short amount of time. Yes What Culture clearly has a lot of financial might behind this promotion bringing in big names from around the world but I’m still impressed by the crowd sizes they attract.

Overall True Destiny was a good show, it started off well with Will Osprey versus Ricochet, had a fantastic Tag Team Title ladder match, a solid World Title match and it finished with Kurt Angle. Which will always be great. Unfortunately it did have a post opening match lull however. Zack Sabre Jr. versus Travis Banks was quite frankly boring. Primate versus Rampage just happened, it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good.

Meanwhile Pentagon Jr wasn’t able to make the show and was replaced by Hijo de Dos Caras to face Drago. It was a slow match, a little bit clumsy as well and the crowd never really got behind it after hearing Pentagon wouldn’t be there. Tessa Blanchard also wasn’t on the show. However, instead she was replaced by the returning Nixen Newell who came back and beat Bea Priestley, the self-declared Women’s Champion, in  quick and dominate fashion to reclaim her title. So that was pretty neat.

Will Osprey vs Ricochet

I’m always torn between whether or not I like the style of Ricochet and Will Osprey, it is a little bit too much like a gymnastics routine for me. Having said that, it is a lot of fun and it is very impressive and considering that I don’t see it that often. It’s actually a very nice change of pace.

The story of this match is that the top rope snapped in the opening few minutes during one of their lengthy acrobatic exchanges. Complete disaster right? Well no actually, the two continued to put on a fantastic match. Which had to be completely changed on the fly and the crowd loved every minute of it. We had comedy spots as the duo had to rethink ways of performing their offensive arsenals and they continued to put on a great performance on throughout. They didn’t skip a beat. Honestly, it was a pleasure to watch.

4-Way Tag Team Title Ladder Match

This was one of the best tag team ladder matches I’ve seen in a long time. Johnny Moss and Liam Slater (c) took on Gabriel Kidd & El Ligero, Prospect (Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie) and The Swords of Essex (Scott Wainwright and Will Osprey). Two Will Osprey matches in one night? Amazing. The Aerial Assassin pulls double duty to replace Paul Robinson.

After a post opening match lull in crowd enthusiasm and match quality. It picked all the way back up with an excellent tag team ladder match. This match was full of great comedic spots, mostly from comedy heels Prospect (Alex Gracie is amazing), but it also had some brutal ladder spots too. Scott Wainwright got smashed into both ladders he set up. Everyone had a jump over the top rope spot, with Moss consistently getting denied his chance to wipe everyone out. There was a double stacked Doomsday Device and a cutter from the top of a ladder as well.

All brilliant stuff. The only down note on the match was Drake coming out to help Prospect win the titles, only to turn on them as they climbed the ladder. Why come out at all you silly goose? In the end The Swords of Essex won the match and I expect to see them work under the freebird ruling with Paul Robinson. I highly recommend you watch this match.

Drew Galloway vs Joe Hendry

A solid World Title match between Galloway and Hendry. World Title you ask? That’s right, Galloway has been defending it in America as well, much like Cody Rhodes has been defending the Internet Championship. Thus giving the main What Culture World Title status.

A good match but unremarkable to be honest. The ending did seem rather sudden and it never really got going. General Manager Martin Kirby was the special quest referee and played absolutely no part in the match, sort of odd to have him out there really but whatever. Galloway retained his title, proving once more that Hendry can’t win the big one.

I feel bad not really rating this match, but it was on a card with 2 great matches (Ricochet/Osprey and the Tag Team Title Match) and everything else was at least one or two steps down. I do really like Galloway though, WWE messed up big time with him.

Kurt Angle vs Alberto El Patron

The main event of the evening was Kurt Angle versus Alberto El Patron (Del Rio). In a match that was a first and potentially last ever meeting. Kurt Angle was obviously over huge with the crowd and El Patron, who started as an equally popular face, wisely switched through the match to play a more heel like role. A frustrated babyface with heel tendencies for one night only kind of thing. It set up a nice dynamic between the two that the crowd would have forced anyway. People want to cheer for Angle? Let them but switch Alberto so it works properly. That way we avoid a Rock versus John Cena face versus face, when one is blatantly the bad guy for the crowd.

Kurt Angle won, but was attacked post match by Joe Hendry! Heel turn for the local hero. Local villain now? Will this new mean streak lead to him finally winning the big one?

It was great to see Kurt Angle for what could be his last UK show ever, or at least in a while. It was actually my first time seeing him wrestle live. I so wish that I had seen him in his prime, that would have been amazing. Will he have one last match in WWE? I think he will yes, probably at Summerslam I’m guessing. Against Rusev, because why not.