Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie – Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie is the sixth studio album from Danish heavy metal band Volbeat. They play a fusion of rock and roll, heavy metal and rockabilly and are inspired by classic rock and roll artists such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, as well as modern hard rock and heavy metal groups. Their current line-up consists of vocalist and guitarist Michael Poulsen, guitarist Rob Caggiano (formerly of Anthrax), drummer Jon Larsen and bassist Kaspar Boye Larsen.

I was actually only introduced to Volbeat when they supported Alter Bridge at the 02 Arena back in November of last year. I immediately loved them and bought this album the next day. You can read that gig review HERE, if you wanted. No pressure.

If I had to describe Volbeat, or more specifically this album, to someone who’d never heard of them before. I would say that they are in ways, a Danish and more metal version of Nickleback. Only better, a lot better. I know a lot of people have negative connotations about Nickleback but whether you like them or not, their songs always sound great (production wise) and always have a hook. So do Volbeat.

Seal The Deal is overflowing with upbeat and catchy songs. They’re also very radio friendly it has to be said, which I suppose depending on your viewpoint could be a negative thing? The key thing about this record is that every song is great to sing and hum along too. Just generally really good to rock out to in your car and believe me I did that the other day when I drove 2 hours to Oxford.

Lead singer Michael Poulson has an awesome voice as well. It’s incredibly powerful and very unique, the accent does help with that of course. It’s his vocals that take Volbeat up a couple of rungs. I mean sure, I still don’t know what he’s singing half the time but I know he’s got a great voice and the songs are very catchy.

The album includes two cover songs. “Battleship Chains,” and “Rebound,”. Rebound fits in with the rest of the album, but BC is definitely the weakest track on the record.

Seal The Deal includes two covers sounds ‘Rebound’ and ‘Battleship Chains. Rebound fits the style of the rest of the album nicely but Battleship Chains is by far the weakest track on the record. I only mention it because I really enjoy the rest of the tracks but this song sticks out like a sore thumb. On the flip side, I’d say my favourite tracks would be ‘The Gates of Babylon’ and the title track ‘Seal The Deal’ but again, I really enjoy the majority of the album.

Overall Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie is an incredibly fun and catchy ride. Everyone song has a great hook and Michael Poulsen’s vocals are epic throughout (even if I don’t know what he’s singing).


Verdict: Thumbs Up