I find that the Royal Rumble match has been telegraphed far too much over the last… 5 years? Triple H, Roman Reigns, Batista, John Cena were all but guaranteed to win and guess what? Yeah, they did. Now at the time of writing this there does seem to be a slightly wider pool of potential winners this year, which is nice. Now I recently wrote an article about 5 people who ‘could’ win the Royal Rumble, but shouldn’t. Now it’s time for 5 people who I would love to see win the Royal Rumble, but probably won’t.

If I was the lead booker. I would try to make it as unpredictable as possible. So much so that I would take say 6-8 names, excluding the likes of John Cena, Roman Reigns and The Undertaker etc. 6-8 names of upper mid-carders who we could push to the next level. Select one randomly from a hat and just go with it.

The reason I say to do this is to have it almost completely unpredictable. Make the decision on the day so that the dirt sheets don’t have time to report it. Have it as a complete surprise. You can still have a basic plan of a story to move into for whoever is selected, so it’s not like WWE would be completely blind until Wrestlemania. Also let’s be honest. Its been far to long since WWE tried to properly create new stars. Make winning the Royal Rumble the catalyst again and make it random so people don’t have time to moan before hand.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are 5 people I would love to see win the Royal Rumble, but won’t. Honourable mentions to Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho. Who I would be delighted to see win (especially Jericho) but they are already big enough stars without the Rumble victory. So that kind of goes against everything I’ve just said. Also, if either AJ Styles or Kevin Owens lost their titles earlier in the night only to come out and win later on. I would be completely fine with that too.

#5 Cesaro

cesaro_final-25db9fea30874012764fd8c21eca6324In at number 5 it’s everyone’s favourite Swiss-Superman, it’s Cesaro!

I remember a few years back at Wrestlemania 30 when we all thought Cesaro was ready for the push of a life time. He certainly proved it to me during the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Good lord that’s a mouthful.

Since then however, he’s had a rough couple of years. Injuries and stop-start pushes. He’s still very popular with crowds though. The only problem is that he isn’t the best promo, but he’s amazing in the ring and I would love to see him elevated.

With Cesaro now in a tag team with Sheamus this seems very unlikely. Yet I’d be very happy to see him get the victory and maybe feud with Sheamus during the break up of that tag team.

#4 Rusev

rusev_pro-7d6c6cae6ad87787571849ee898d712aRusev has been continuously one of the most entertaining aspects of WWE television over the past few years. I truly think he is good enough to take the step up into the top of the card. There’s only so many times he can be the dominate foreign heel holding the US Title, even though he’s amazing in that role.

Since losing the US Title to Roman Reigns however, he’s entered a very confusing feud with Enzo and Big Cass. It’s been a bit rubbish to be honest. So let’s stop wasting the talent of the Bulgarian and let’s put a World Title on him!

He deserves it. He’s good enough and believable enough to be champion. Plus, he’s starting to turn face anyway through sheer force of how entertaining he is. SO you might as well do it all at once and go for it. I’d cheer a Rusev victory for sure!

#3 Finn Balor

finn_balor_pro-15aadde550436a9f4d6931c6809be14cI went back and forth on whether or not to include Finn Balor on my list at all. Simply put, if he is in the Royal Rumble match I think he would have to be considered the favourite. The story is there ready to be told. He was the first ever Universal Champion but he never lost and now has unfinished business. It writes itself!

The big question of course however is will he actually be back in time for the Road to Wrestlemania? I haven’t heard much either way on his chances of returning, yet he remains in the top 5 choices for the bookies favourites.

The reason I’ve decided to include Finn on the list is that, if he is ready to compete, WWE have to get back behind him. Full steam ahead! Otherwise, it will just feel wrong. They were ready to make him the new face on Raw (at least for a little while as they punished Reigns) so don’t let his untimely injury put you off Vince! Get back on the Balor bandwagon!

#2 Samoa Joe

samoa_joe_pro-2b022326302fd797bbb3390ef67b7806What a way to make an entrance onto the main roster this would be. I know, I know it’s basically implausible to even consider it but that’s why it makes the list! How awesome would it be to have Samoa Joe turn up out of nowhere and just dominate the Royal Rumble.

Consider this, a good Royal Rumble event always has a few surprise entrants, normally legends returning for a good crowd pop. This though, would be a fantastic way to announce a new main eventer. It would be a great way for WWE to push a ‘new’ talent to the moon as well.

WWE might be considering it of course. After the response AJ Styles got last year entering at number three, they might be thinking that these old TNA boys might have something more to offer than previously thought.

#1 Sami Zayn

sami_zayn_pro-2142cad85933db37deb777d67ccdc0b2Imagine this. Sami Zayn enters early, he has to put on an Ironman-esque performance to stay in. Fighting and overcoming every single odd thrown at him. Towards the end Braun Strowman enters and eliminates people left right and centre. It comes down to the final two, Zayn and Strowman. The man who has thrown Sami around like a rag doll for months. Sami wins! It’s the perfect underdog story told in one match. Fans would be delighted, which these days sending fans home happy from the Royal Rumble is the most important thing.

Then if you’ll allow me to fantasy book for just a little longer. Turn Kevin Owens back into his old heel persona, rather than the jokey coward he is currently, and let them go one on one for the Universal Title at Wrestlemania. Perfect.