Look familiar?

Ottega London are a company passionate about offering the latest fashion trends at the lowest possible prices. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to experience owning elegant watches. Oddly, a company with a near identically website called Orossa London say the exact same thing and offer the exact same watches. I’m starting to suspect something might be suspicious about this situation.

Straight away we decided that this deal was far too good to be true. Either it was a mistake by the company, as the website does look rather professional, or we were going to have our bank accounts raided. The third option of course being that the watches would prove to just be absolutely rubbish in quality. However, it was only £7.50 for delivery (per item) so we thought we’d take the risk. We’re ever getting an amazing deal or barely wasting a penny. Worth it right?

The Elite

Yeah sure I guess. When you’re paying £7.50 per watch, can you really complain about the quality too much? Not really. Let’s do it anyway!


In honesty the watches aren’t complete garbage. They are by no means good, but I was expecting so much worse. The main problem all of the watches have is that the watch straps feel awful. Cheap, tacky and generally uncomfortable.

Some of the watch designs do have the minimalist, simple look that I like. However The Elite has weirdly raised glass that actually makes telling the time rather difficult as the light constantly reflects off awkwardly.

The European

The Affluent is my favourite of the three I’ve seen. It actually looks in some ways similar to my actual watch that I got from MVMT Watches. So I do like the style and I would be quite happy to wear this watch face out in public. However again, the watch strap is a huge let down.


My favourite of the bunch, for all the wrong reasons is The European. Other than the revolting strap design it actually looks pretty good in the photo. Plus it’s got extra dials and stopwatches, unlike the others. But wait, before you get to excited and go and purchase one. Those dials are actually just stickers! Hilarious.

The Affluent

Since purchasing and receiving our watches, we discovered the previously mentioned Orossa London company. The Orossa website is near identical in look, company aims and the watches available. Although they do have the good graces to change the names at least. They to are offering the same ‘amazing’ discounts and it becomes apparent that the original retail prices are completely fictional as they never come off sale.


Again though, when you’re paying £7.50 you really have to expect to get what you pay for.