Wow! Night 2 of the UK Championship Tournament was simply amazing. I criticised the first night being solid yet unremarkable, but everyone really kicked it up a couple of gears for round 2. As you’d expect in a two-day tournament obviously.

Tyler Bate is the inaugural WWE UK Champion!

Being a wrestling fan can be very frustrating at times. Nonsense storylines and dumb booking decisions. This past weekend has been a perfect example of wrestling done right. I honestly hadn’t been this invested in wrestling in months. This is coming from someone who only knew 5 of the 16 competitors at the start of this whole thing! Excellent work by everyone involved.


All of the matches from night two were fantastic, despite only 2 of them going over 10 minutes. The match of the night has to be the main event, but a close second would be Trent Seven versus Wolfgang. Not only was it a good match, but it also had a surprising ending which really rocked the entire tournament. With Seven out suddenly it was anyone’s to grab.

I did correctly predicted that Pete Dunne would make it to the final but it was Tyler Bate who won was declared the first ever UK Champion. It was the perfect decision has he quickly became the most over man in the entire thing. A true fan favourite. Dunne was built up as the main heel very well over the 2 nights. Attacking Gradwell twice and Bate’s after his semi final victory over Wolfgang. It’s simple story telling but it set up a perfect hell/face final.


Great work by all 16 competitors, especially those who made it through to the second day. Excellent performances.

It was nice to see Neville appear before the main event. He cut a very logical promo about being excluded from the CWC, 205Live and now this tournament too. Careful though WWE, in a world with your rubbish babyfaces you don’t want a heel to actually be justified in his thinking! I must admit I really wanted to see Wade Barrett as well, even if just for a promo. I knew it wasn’t going to happen but still find myself disappointed.


The commentary of Michael Cole and Nigel McGuiness was again very good. Although Cole being surprised that Balor was here this weekend was odd considering he’d introduced him the previous night. I wonder what the WWE’s plan for McGuiness is now that this is over?

Actually, I wonder what the plan for the UK Championship in general is now. Will it get its own show on the WWE network? Will it just be an annual or bi-annual tournament? What happens next?