I’m really looking forward to this one. In a direct response to ITV bringing back World of Sport Wrestling and the recent British indie wrestling boom in general, WWE have created their own UK Championship. With the tournament for that belt taking place over 2 nights this weekend!

uk-championshipAs much as I enjoyed ITV’s WOS it did feel more like a Saturday night gameshow rather than sporting event so I’m looking forward to seeing British wrestling presented on a bigger stage in the more ‘traditional’ style. By that I mean, what I’m used to.

I’m also looking forward to learning more about the British wrestling scene in general. I only know a few guys from the scene so it will be nice to have my horizons broadened. Unfortunately the two people I know best Marty Scrull and Will Osprey aren’t in the tournament as they work for NJPW and ROH. I do know four of the competitors from WCPW though; Joseph Connors, Trent Seven, Pete Dunn and Tyler Bate so will be watching those guys carefully.

Here’s hoping that WWE will be able to recapture the magic and success that they had with the CWC. Knockout tournaments, in theory, are always exciting. This one in particular though as there are plenty of choices they could choose for the winner. I love unpredictable wrestling. They just need to tell the right story over both nights and I’m sure they could get any number of the competitors to workout brilliantly. Simple story telling, with a understandable target for all men to achieve. Should be great!

12152016_uk_presser_0698dogIf I had to make an official predication, which I really shouldn’t as I know so little, I would have to go for one of the four WCPW guys I know. More specifically Pete Dunn or Trent Seven. I’m going with one of those mainly because they stood directly next to Triple H during the press conference a few weeks back.

Most of all though, I’m just excited about watching live wrestling at a reasonable hour.