Oh God. Not another WWE PPV. There’s just too many. Talk about quantity over quality.

The thing is, none of the PPVs since the brand split have been ‘bad’ (although Class of Champions was rather dull) it’s just that there’s so many of them, so close together, that it’s hard to care. They just don’t feel special anymore. In fact you could argue that they didn’t already before the brand split, too many ‘B’ PPVs filling the gaps with meh content. Well now it’s even worse.

It’s been two weeks since TLC. Two weeks before that it was Survivor Series. I really hope the rumours are true in that WWE are going to reduce the number of shows next year, otherwise I’m going to have to start missing them too. I already don’t watch the TV shows due to over saturation, instead catching up on Youtube. If I’m over saturated by PPVS, somethings really wrong!

Anyway, rant over. let’s do some predictions!

Big Cass vs. Rusev

20161209_roadblock_match_cassrusev-9e586fb7aafb773764d99074903057f4Can someone explain to me why Rusev is the bad guy here? Enzo flirts with Lana (although flirts is a loose term for has his dick out in front of her), goes to a hotel room to have sex with Lana and yet Rusev is the bad guy. How?! This is almost as bad as when Reigns was the good guy, despite interrupting their wedding celebrations and generally being a massive dick (haha both storylines involve dicks), Rusev is just protecting his wife and fighting for her honour. It doesn’t make sense.

What makes even less sense is Big Cass trying to fight Rusev for rightfully beating some manners into Enzo.

I’m fine with Cass putting on a good showing against Rusev, keep him looking good for when Vince breaks him and Enzo up for a failed singles push. I just want to see Rusev with the victory at the end of the match, preferably via submission. I don’t think there’s any shame in Cass tapping out to The Accolade. Besides, after Roman refused to submitted to it with a chain in his mouth, it needs to be built back up a smidge.

Winner: Rusev

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

20161209_roadblock_match_rollinsjericho-7978728083dabe6447994a67685b0c7aHow many times have we seen this match in the last month? And how many of those has Seth Rollins won? Do we really need to see it again?

I love Chris Jericho and I’m still a huge Rollins fan, despite WWE’s bungled face run since his return from injury, but this just reeks of everything I always complain about. The same old matches, over and over again. It’s not going to get more people to buy the WWE Network that’s for sure.

I just can not see Jericho winning this match, which makes the whole thing even more pointless. I do however, expect it to be a very entertaining match but that only gets you so far.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Cruiserweight Title: Rich Swann (c) vs. T.J. Perkins vs. The Brian Kendrick

I’m really sorry, but I just don’t care about the cruiserweight division. In hindsight this was always going to happen. Actually I said it years ago that if WWE brought it back it would be a disaster, but never mind. They should have just kept it as a yearly Cruiserweight Classic on the Network, that would have been great.

Instead we’re lumbered with characterless, small guys who aren’t allowed to wrestle the style they want too. Meanwhile the rest of the roster (and wrestling world) wrestles like cruiserweights. Amazing.

Winner: Rich Swann

Tag Team Titles: The New Day vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

Edit: Completely forgot to do my predictions for this match, so I’m adding it in late. D’oh!

20161212_roadblock_match_newdaysheamuscesaro-3b28a59de319baaa70800953da36f488Now that the New Day have finally beaten Demolitions tag team record we can all move on and focus on new things. New opportunities, new stories and new champions. Hold your horses though, what would be the point in New Day beating the record only to lose at the very next opportunity? None, it would make the entire thing a waste of time.

Instead, I want them to tighten their strangle hold on the division but actually have it play into the story-lines this time. New Day have kept the championships around their waists with some rather underhanded tactics, but nothings really been made of it.

I say, go all in with it. New Day have been getting stale recently (mainly because they couldn’t really do anything new while waiting for this record to be broken) so a slow burn heel turn as they cling onto the belts would be brilliant. Have them become more and more desperate as teams get closer to beating them. Then, at a big PPV (probably Wrestlemania as the Royal Rumble is too close) have them finally lose.

Make this record mean something and it will be so much more important when they eventually do get beaten.

Winners: New Day

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

Don’t even get me started on Mick Foley during this Sami Zayn/Strowman feud. It’s a bloody disaster zone making everyone look incredibly stupid. I just don’t understand what Foley’s character is trying to do.

All I know is it’s too early for Strowman to lose and Sami Zayn hasn’t had much direction since he beat Kevin Owens months ago. This storyline isn’t damaging Zayn, but it isn’t doing him any favours, it’s just presented in a really dumb way.

The most curious thing is that the match has a 10 minute time limit, which will obviously come into play. Perhaps a draw is on the horizon? I actually really like time limits in matches, I think they should be used far more often, if not always. It can be used as an alternative story telling method for title matches on TV in which both competitors can look good, but the title doesn’t have to change hands. Instead of interference or Roman Reigns beating the Champion clean each week etc.

Winner: Draw

Women’s Title: Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte Flair

20161005_hiac_match_sasha-db732d9daef5ab45184204c9bc65546fLook everyone, women can do gimmick matches as well! Is basically what I feel WWE are shouting at us all while patting themselves on the back as hard as possible.

Okay first of all, this feud has had too many title changes. It’s absolutely nuts. I get that they’re proving themselves to be equal etc but God damn. Dial it down a notch. Sasha is the current champion having won the title on an episode of Raw for the 3rd straight month (I’m not joking) meanwhile Charlotte always wins on PPV.

Is this the PPV match Charlotte finally loses or is this trend going to continue forever and be milked to death by the time Wrestlemania comes around? Well, either way this match has no ‘rematch clause’ so it’s the end of the feud. Do I really believe that? No not really.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say That Sasha Banks will finally break Charlotte’s PPV winning streak. However, saying that I really wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another title change. Though I would be rather annoyed.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of these two women having an Iron Woman match. It does fit with the story of them trading so many victories. It’s just that with so many gimmick matches coming in quick succession (Hell In A Cell, Becky verse Alexa in a tables match at TLC and now this) it does feel slightly forced and rushed. Considering that we’ve never really seen these matches before (yes I know Sasha verses Bayley in NXT) I just think it would be better to space them out.

For example, NXT doesn’t do gimmick matches that often and when they do it tends to end a feud. It would be weird for them to suddenly just throwing them out every show from now on.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Universal Title: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns

20161205_roadblock_match_romanowens-a4bed34775c8b7c7ce772b6e1830a10eDid you know that Roman Reigns is the US Champion? I’ll forgive you for not knowing because a) he never has it with him on Raw b) he never defends it c) WWE have also clearly forgotten he is champion.

So instead of continuing the great work done by John Cena and Rusev is bring some prestige back to the title, we’re just going to ignore it and have Reigns focus on the Universal Title instead. Because obviously he’s more important than the US Title…

What’s the point in him even having the God damn thing. DAMMIT WWE.

Reigns has had the best of Owens for the last few weeks on Raw, because who likes having a strong champion anyway. Luckily that does mean that Owens will probably retain via shenanigans, because who wants a clean victory anyway.

Maybe the Jericho/Owens fallout is a massive bluff to fool everyone? Or maybe, WWE will actually put the title back on Roman as they continue to be obsessed with him being the number one in the company. Despite the fact the audience absolutely hate him

Winner: Kevin Owens