Drunk Dynasty, realised back in October, is the 11th studio album from Texas pop-rock band Bowling For Soup. Like their previous album Lunch. Drunk. Love. the album was part funded by fans using PledgeMusic. Initially intended to be an EP it was later extended into a full-length studio album.

Bowling For Soup have been one of the standard-bearers for how to be a fun, yet successful pop-rock band since 1994.

Lead singer Jaret Reddick said that Bowling For Soup’s new plan for realising music would be “less music, more often” and that he hates waiting two years between releases due to his love of recording. He also said that he was “super stoked for everyone to hear this shit”. Personally I’m absolutely fine with that, I wish more of my favourite bands had that attitude.

Bowling For Soup are one of those bands that just make me happy. This album is no different. Sure it’s basically just like every other modern Bowling For Soup album. It sounds exactly the same and the songs are written the same way. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They don’t push the boundaries, because they don’t have to. The songs are still about getting into trouble and falling in love with girls and that’s fine. They’re silly, they’re fun and they’re catchy.  It’s exactly like how their song Critically Distained from the last album says “We’re not here to change the world, we’re here to laugh out others”. Why change the mould when you do it so well?

In a way it’s an average record. While the songs are good they aren’t hitting the heights of their early success, there’s certainly nothing of the quality of ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’ or 1985′ here, but who cares. When I took this album out of my car I was still humming half the album days later. If that’s not a sign of a good record I don’t know what is!

Catalyst and Don’t be A Dick are my personal favourites. Don’t Be A Dick actually sums up my thoughts on the world perfectly right now with the lyrics of “Don’t be a dick, don’t be an asshole, just be nice” and “show some respect, just be a person, love one another”. We could all do with more people having this attitude these days.

In summary, Drunk Dynasty is another solid Bowling For Soup album that you will very much enjoy if you like any of their previous work. Absolutely worth a listen.

Verdict: Thumbs Up