Ok Go have gone and done it again. Another absolutely fantastic music video. It’s what they’ve become known for over the years but they might have just outdone themselves with this one. It’s creative and beautiful and it only took 4.2 seconds to shoot. Well, that’s how much film they used, it obviously took months of planning to get everything looking so good.

Shot in tiny little chunks and edited together the video features paint explosions, bursting water balloons and exploding guitars. The synchronisation is incredible. The amount of detail they must have had to go into the planning of this is simply nuts.

Released two days ago on November 24th the video already has 3 million views on Youtube alone and far more on Facebook. It’s fair to say it’s gone viral around the world.

I feel bad though, because it’s another good song from the band but I only ever listen to them when they put out mind blowing videos. I should really give them a proper chance. If you somehow still haven’t seen the video for The One Moment you can watch it below as well as samples of their other work. Give them a watch!

If you if you loved that video as much as I did then you’ll no doubt appreciate the behind the scenes video for it to. In which they explain the planning processes and you see some of the dummy runs they did to get the one shot takes perfect.

Here is the video that started it all back in 2006. Here It Goes Again on the now world famous treadmill video.

Finally here’s one that I only just found out about. The video for Upside Down and Inside Out was shot in zero gravity. How cool is that!