15032588_10153898258431121_1167705642_nBooty O’s are the previous fictional cereal dreamed up by WWE wrestling group The New Day, made up of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Who are soon to be the longest reigning WWE tag team of all time when they break Demolitions record in a few weeks. What was once considered a throw away joke in promos quickly received a huge marketing push as cereal boxes containing t-shirts sporting the same designs. Considering the groups popularity and the fact they were the biggest selling merchandise at this years Wrestlemania. It was only a matter of time until the WWE went all in and actually started producing the real thing.

I’ve wanted to taste Booty O’s since I watched The New Day come out of a giant cereal box at Wrestlemania. This was of course before they were even real! Well they are real now, but unfortunately only sold in America. Boo! Luckily I have a good friend who lives there and she sent me a box! Huzah!

Okay, to the review itself. Firstly, the box design is amazing. It’s fun, it’s silly and it’s eye-catching. It’s got to be said that for a cereal mainly aimed at children this does it job very well.

The cereal itself is made up of rounded toasted oat pieces with marshmallow shapes. The marshmallow shapes are supposed to include all sorts of things like stars, smiles, unicorn horns, rainbow hearts, magic, tag titles, and booty crowns. In honesty, they’re just brightly coloured marshmallow pieces and I dare you to find a piece that actually resembles anything in particular.

15033922_10153898290651121_531171796_oNow I’ve never had American cereal before and I’ve equally never had anything too sugary sold in the UK. Frosted Shreddies? Nah, I’ll have regular Shreddies please. They do look very similar to Lucky Charms however and I have been told that they sort out resemble them in taste as well.

What I  can tell you though is that they basically taste like Cheerios. Only with a lot, lot more sugar and obviously the marshmallows. The marshmallows are actually pretty tasty in small numbers but grow sickly quite quickly if you accidentally have too many on your spoon.

As a one of treat however, they’re really nice. I would honestly recommend them to any wrestling fan to try. The problem is though is that, as previously mentioned, they’re only for sale in America and they’re really quite expensive! $10 plus per box and the box isn’t that big.

You’re not going to be making this your number one cereal of choice anytime soon. Still, worth having at least once. They’re fun, they taste surprisingly good and you get an awesome box to keep as well.

Verdict: Thumbs Up