Well that was something!

Goldberg destroys Lesnar in under two minutes!

pratt.gifOh my God. I’m speechless, I’m stunned. I literally, even after sleeping on it, do not know how to react or what to think. No one saw this coming. You might have thought Goldberg would beat Lesnar on the night, but no way did anyone think we were going to get an old school WCW Goldberg squash match as the main event of Survivor Series!

2 spears. 1 Jackhammer and the match is over.

Right, let’s try and look at the positives and negatives. Firstly, the amount of buzz this match just created for WWE is off the scale, everyone is talking about it. In under two minutes Goldberg has recaptured his essence that made him a megastar perfectly. It was truly a sight to see, it was undoubtedly amazing!

But what happened to Lesnar? The build, the hype, the beating of The Undertakers streak. That was all going to lead to him putting over the next big thing right? Instead it led to being beaten by Goldberg? Someone even older, someone even more part-time?! That doesn’t make any sense! Or maybe Lesnar’s job was to get Reigns over but like everyone else he failed so they just didn’t know what to do with him. It makes sense, his booking the past year has been really lazy.

I thought to myself last night, that maybe they’d been booked into a corner. Maybe Goldberg was actually ready to go. He looks in great shape, but you never know about ring conditioning etc. Maybe that was all he could do and they booked it the best possible way to hide the weakness? Well, apparently he’s back at the Royal Rumble so I guess that’s not going to be the case. Was this always the plan? Who is he fighting next? Surely there has to be more to this? If not, then I’ll say it right now it’s shit. There has to be more though.

242_sur_11202016rf_3939-cadb82df2f6b4f5d5d2a8c305c1625aeTo the people feeling cheated by the length of the match. Saying that the hype packages and entrances were longer. Yes they were, that’s the point! But you got to see something incredibly special. You saw something massive, something monumental. Something that has just changed the wrestling world forever. For better or for worse.

There is of course the old argument that will arise saying that WWE still can’t build new stars to create these moments. They are still replying on 50-year-old legends from the attitude era coming back and creating magic. And in honesty, that’s true…

But what a moment! I haven’t seen anything this shocking in wrestling since Brock Lesnar himself snapped The Undertakers undefeated streak.

I love it. I flat-out hate it. Yet most importantly, I want to watch Monday Night Raw for the first time in ages. No, I have to watch it. I need to know what is going on. I need to know what the consequences will be for this. I want to see Lesnar kill everyone and everything. I want to see Goldberg confirm he’s back (at least for a little while).

I want to see what’s next and most importantly, who’s next!?