The ramblings of a very much none political giant. Both in political knowledge and height.

I just can not shake this feeling. Donald Trump is actually going to win the presidential election isn’t he?

You may scoff at the thought but think about the UK’s recent vote to leave Europe, our ‘Brexit’. People scoffed at that idea as well. The remain campaign never took it seriously. Taking the whole thing far too lightly and thinking that ‘common sense’ would come through. Well look what happened! Now we’re in a situation in which newspapers are calling judges traitors and its all going downhill at an alarming rate.

The thing is, people want change but they don’t seem to really care what that change is. They seem to have never have heard of the saying ‘better the devil you know’. Again think about Brexit. The system wasn’t broken although some perceived it to be. So in anger they voted for the complete unknown. Even when all rational arguments said not too. Simply because they were unhappy with the establishment. That’s nuts! Yes there’s the overhanging sense of racism that clung to the campaign as well, which also sticks to Trump it has to be said. Yet you can’t argue with that one. People are what they are.

Hilary Clinton represents everything people hate about American politicians, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t do a good job.

Now if the promises made by the leave campaign had been legitimate, then that would have been another story. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen Donald Trump with a bus saying he could give £350 million to the NHS at this point. The styles of campaign are almost identical. Big promises, no plans.

Hilary Clinton however represents everything people hate. While Trump represents, well anything he wants to on any given day but that’s another argument. Trump represents the alternative. And sometimes people just want the alternative, no matter how crazy it is. The thing is, from my perspective it’s not really even about Trump or Hilary. It seems to me that people are just going for something new, without even thinking about how awful that something could be.

The thing is I don’t care if you hate the Clinton’s. Hate all you want, but at least admit that out of the two of them. She is the right choice.

I’m expecting to wake up Wednesday morning to a disaster for world politics. The Brexit vote has stolen my confidence in common sense. I just hope that there are enough Americans with some left…