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As you sit on the throne, cursed to live out the role of each of your successors for eternity, you must survive the seemingly never-ending requests of your people while maintaining balance in the kingdom. But choose wisely, because your decisions will affect four aspects of your lands: the church, the people, the army and the treasury. Each decision you make could have long lasting consequences…

Reigns is a single player adventure role playing game based on decision making. Swiping between two choices to decide the fate of your nation. Released in August 2016 for PC, Android and iOS devices. It is currently available on the play store for £2.79.

The premise of Reigns is incredibly simple. Choose between two options and balance public opinions. It’s makes for an incredibly addictive, fast paced game. Reigns could last a few turns, a couple of years or so, or you could stretch them out to last over centuries. It’s the sort of game that will have you saying ‘just one more reign before bed’ before realising it’s 2am in the morning.

unnamed (1).pngIt’s also quite an amusing game too. Some of the characters you meet are very entertaining and cause mischief for you constantly. Although, a few of the death scenarios, while presented in humours ways are actually a little unpleasant if you stop to think about it too long.

Your decisions are tracked with meters at the top of the screen. As the King you need to ensure that no meter fills up or empties entirely. If either happens, your reign will end. The catch, as previously mentioned, is that you play as your successor and everything that happens in part of one large linear timeline. Every decision, could haunt or save you later. For example, if you decide to partake in a crusade that will affect your treasury for years to come.

At the beginning of each rain you are given some specific objectives to complete. Meaning that while you may come across some scenarios multiple times, you can play them differently to achieve (or probably fail to achieve) certain results.

It’s got plenty of replay value, although while you can restart from the beginning if you wanted too, you don’t really ever replay the game as it always continues. Death, in this particular case, is not the end.

I highly recommend Reigns, it’s that simple.

Verdict: Thumbs Up