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Twin Atlantic have been one of my favourite bands in recent years. Their last two albums were both top notch without a doubt. They’re back again with a fourth album. The question is, do I love it as much as the others?

Initially I was unsure about this album from the teasers released. Much like with a lot of new music from my favourite bands recently the first single from the record really had me worried. Gold Elephant Cherry Alligator wasn’t in a style I wanted. Worse, it seemed almost experimental and quite lazy. It didn’t appeal to me at all.

The second single however, No Sleep, kept a similar sound with the use of distorted bass guitar, lots of fuzz and vocal effects. No Sleep though had an absolutely killer hook and is an incredibly catchy song. Two songs in and I’m 50/50, this could go either way…

Upon first listen to the whole album I’ll admit to still being unsure of what to think with No Sleep remaining the standout highlight. After a few more listens I started to really enjoy the record.

To break it down, GLA is an up tempo, fun and often very catchy album. The new sound for better or worse is kept throughout, which really holds it all together. That said, people will either love it or be put off by it. Like I initially was. The most frustrating thing for me about the sound is the often used vocal effects. Now I’m a big fan of Sam McTrusty’s Scottish accent so to have it hidden and masked under layers of effects really annoyed me at times.

 If I had to pick a favourite song from the album it probably would be No Sleep, but a close runner up would be Whispers. Which is a song that reminds me so much of Biffy Clyro, it’s simply awesome. You Are The Devil is another highlight too.

 GLA is definitely not Twin Atlantic’s best album, but it’s a solid record with a new twist on their sound. Give it a few listens if you’re unsure about it. It’s a grower for sure.

Verdict: Thumbs Up

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