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A surprise attack forces the Enterprise to crash land on a mysterious planet. Left stranded, Kirk and the rest of the crew must now find a way off their hostile planet before another attack can happen on the nearby starbase, Yorktown.

Star Trek: Beyond might be the biggest cinematic disappointment for me so far this year. I really wanted to enjoy this film but the reality is, I was bored. For the majority of this movie, despite it’s near constant action. I was bored.

Dr-McCoy-Star-Trek-Beyond-poster.jpgLet’s start of with those action scenes, at no point throughout the duration of this movie did I feel like a single main character was in any danger. At all. So the stakes, which theoretically should be large, are never felt. As a result, I didn’t get invested. So I didn’t care.

The writing is lazy. The character development is so minimal you could argue it doesn’t exist, in fact I would. Have you seen the other films? Good, because that’s all you’re getting in regards to it.

It’s particularly bad for the villain, Krall, who just exists, as a baddie for baddies sake. He get’s so little time spent on him that by the finale what little they give him is rushed, fumbled and wasted. In the end he’s just another generic alien who wants to kill everyone. Not only that, but his final moments open up a massive plot hole from early on. After the Enterprise crash lands the crew use an old starship to escape. Which apparently was a huge surprise to Krall, despite the fact he should have known it was there the entire time!

The scale is all wrong throughout the film as well. Krall commands a fleet of tens of thousands, but when the crew are attempting a rescue mission at his base. It looks like there’s three tents and a couple of rocks. Where did everybody go?

For me the only real saving grace for this film is the interactions between Spock and Bones. Which are admittedly quite funny. Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban bounce of each other very well in their respective roles. For me, Karl Urban is the unsung hero of this film as he is in many of his others.

Overall, Star Trek: Beyond was a film I really wanted to enjoy, but I left the movie theatre incredibly disappointed.

Verdict: Thumbs Down