For those of you who might have accidentally stumbled across this blog before, you might know that I’ve been in somewhat of a wrestling funk as of late. Well, since Wrestlemania really. I’d stopped watching TV completely, I wasn’t even watching the highlights on YouTube. I did still watch the PPVs though, but they didn’t really grip me. I thought SummerSlam was pretty awful and everything else was no better than a ‘meh’, shrug of the shoulders and forget about it.

I almost didn’t watch Backlash. What with with it being an exclusive show for Smackdown, the ‘B’ show. How good could it be? Well for whatever reason I did watch it and it was pretty good! Since then I’ve started to pay slightly more attention to wrestling again. So here I am, with a my predictions for Raw’s first brand exclusive PPV, Clash of Champions.

Pre-Show: Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox

There are a few matches on the card that I would consider dead certainties for their result. This is one of them! I think it’s fair to say that Alicia Fox has a 0% chance of winning this.

In reality, it’s just another stepping stone in the building up of Nia Jax. This is her first ‘proper feud’ (if we can really call it that) on the main roster and it would be absolute madness for her to take a loss this early. Especially considering how many weeks of jobber squash matches she’s had.

Winner: Nia Jax (Duh…)

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

20180913_coc_cesarosheamus-79601d9f61e6d7111c2030b00e0b0a08It’s the 7th match in the best of 7 series and who’d have thought it, it’s all tied up! What are the chances! I’m kidding, it’s actually pretty cool to see a best of 7 series again in WWE.

Saying that, obviously the smart ass that I am would have booked it slightly differently. I would have had Sheamus win the first 2 matches, lose the third but win the 4th so it sits as 3 to 1. Then have Cesaro fight back to 3 all. It doesn’t really matter that much, it’s all about getting to the same point. I just feel my way, mixes it up just a little bit more. Thus keeping it more exciting on the journey to the all important 7th match.

In my version, it seems more like a level playing field going into the final match. The way it’s sitting in WWE I can only see Sheamus winning at this point. It’s not a lock like Nia Jax winning is, it’s just that I can’t see Sheamus losing four matches in a row!

Sure, it’s a great comeback story for Cesaro, but where does it leave Sheamus? Plus, I’ve been hearing a lot of theories about Ceasro moving over to Smackdown after this feud and why would he move shows if he just won a title shot? Unless of course they’ve kept the specific title vague so he can jump shows when he wins?!


Winner: Sheamus

Cruiserweight Title: T.J. Perkins (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

20180919_coc_perkinsbrian-dedc244ee870f1c61a079cac146b2a9aRemember when I said there were a few dead certainties for result on this show? This is another. There is no way T.J Perkins is losing his first defence of the title, hell the first defence of the title ever!

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Perkins is fantastic as it Kendrick. So don’t focus on the result and focus instead on the match and the story it tells. That is the important thing here. With the cruiserweight division only just returning, it’s important to get it off too a great start. To show everyone who isn’t sure what it is or what these men can do, exactly what WWE has been missing for so many years!

There’s a lot of pressure of these two men to perform already, but if the cruiserweight classic taught us anything. They both can.

Winner: T.J. Perkins

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

WWE seem averse to Sami Zayn winning things. He really hasn’t had much to do since beating Kevin Owens at Battleground and that was months ago. Normally, I’d complain about WWE wasting his talent. The problem here is that Chris Jericho has been fantastic recently.

It’s hard to think back to just how bad he was when he first came back in January, but good lord he’s turned it around. Really embraces he totally uncool coolness. I love it.

Zayn losing isn’t a bad thing, as long as it’s not a clean lose. If the feud can continue and if he can come out on top. Then a program with Jericho will do him wonders.

Winner: Chris Jericho

US Title: Rusev (c) vs. Roman Reigns

20180913_coc_rusevroman-22f74e746db087b79367d4f288a989ceIf I haven’t made myself clear in the past, I’ll say it again. I love Rusev, I think he’s great. I also, do not like Roman Reigns and I think it would be a travesty for Rusev not to leave Clash of Champions as champion.

However, Reigns is Reigns. So, he’ll probably win but how!? By disqualification of course! That way, Reigns can look strong and Rusev can keep the working with the US title and making it look great again. It’s the same prediction I had for SummerSlam, but since that match didn’t take place. I’m going to reuse it here.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Womens Title: Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

20180913_coc_charlottebayleysasha-1e77d23d12390fa3c1c598dee6708731I feel like we’re in a similar situation to the Wrestlemania triple threat. In most matches with 2 faces and 1 heel, the heels sneaks the victory. So immediately my money is on Charlotte.

It’s also far too soon for Bayley to win the gold, her story will forever be about chasing the title. Missing out time and time again, before finally realising her dreams. Basically, NXT all over again. It’s a storyline that if done right, will forever print money. So that rules her out.

The only potentially shake up is in Sasha Banks winning again, but after her recent injury and the resulting juggling of the belt between her and Charlotte. WWE might be a little wary of putting it back on her so soon. Personally I think WWE blew the big moment of her winning her first tile when they did it on Raw, especially with the ability of hindsight. It really should have been SummerSlam. However, maybe their long term plan is for Sasha to be champion for a while. So they might just put the it back on her at the first opportunity.

Winner: Charlotte

Tag Team Titles: The New Day (c) vs. The Club

There’s nothing like striking when the irons hot…and this is certainly nothing like that. If anything the iron cooled months ago so much to the point that an ice age has happened and everyone’s dead… What? Too much?

Let’s be honest though, New Day have held the titles for too long now. Actually, that’s not necessarily true. The length of the reign has nothing to do with it, it’s the reign itself. They’re stale. I hate to say it but they are.

What have New Day actually been doing this past year? They’ve barely defended their titles and sometimes, they haven’t even been in a feud. They were insanely popular back at Wrestlemania but what’s been going on since? Nothing. The program with The Wyatt’s briefly added intrigue with Xavier Woods being terrified of Bray, but since that ended they just went straight back to the jokes. Then for some reason, The Club were given a comedy doctor gimmick instead of the bad guy, bad asses everyone wanted and the whole thing went down the drain quicker than…something that goes down drains quickly…shut up.

Finally, we’ve got the version of The Club we wanted but it’s too late. When The Club debuted, they should have beaten The Usos and then gone on to capture the Tag Titles from the New Day. Instead, WWE have waited till both tilled both teams have cooled down in the eyes of the audience. Meaning the hand over (with better happen!) is one more of relief than anything else.

Here’s the thing, you want to know why people are always talking about getting The Shield back together? It’s because they broke up at their peak. WWE actually pulled the trigger at the perfect moment, I wish they’d done the same for this feud.

Winners: The Club

Universal Championship: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins

20180902_coc_owensrollins-c8d155c4385be604d1ddfaeffa865966This should be a fantastic match. Potential match of the night for sure, just do pin your hopes on a clean finish!

Triple H returned a few weeks ago to help Owens win the Championship after it was vacated by Finn Balor, turning on Seth Rollins in the process.With Owens the new chosen one for The Authority, Rollins can finally begin to turn face, like he should always have been since his return! The real question is where does Stephanie McMahon stand in in all this? I’m joking, I literally couldn’t care less. She’s on TV far too much. I understand why though, WWE couldn’t actually leave Mick Foley as a stand alone general manager. He’s been awful! I just hope they don’t make this all about ‘McMahon family drama’ again. Focus on the wrestlers!

But I digress, Triple H is going to interfere once again to make sure he’s new number one stays as champion. Continuing to stoke the fire for Seth Rollins verses Triple H at next years Wrestlemania.

Winner: Kevin Owens