It’s almost time for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II. Not that catchiest name of all time you’ve got to admit. I’m still somewhat in my wrestling funk post Wrestlemania and I’m finding it hard to get hyped over anything WWE in general. Unfortunately this does included NXT, which I haven’t watch properly in months.

That said, I am going to watch the show and with it being NXT and all, I’m expecting a pretty decent show. Will it match last years? Probably not. HOWEVER, I love me some predictions so I thought I’d just throw my thoughts out now so that I can potentially look real smug later on.

Ember Moon Vs Billie Kay

Well, this is already awkward. I don’t actually know who either of these women are. I’m sure I’ve seen at least one of them wrestle but I’m so out of the loop I don’t know what’s going on. Hey! I already told you I was rusty on this! Cut me some slack after all, you decided to keep reading, if anything this is your fault.

Winner: Billie Kay

Andrade Almas Vs Bobby Roode

This one might be tougher to call than I first thought. Bobby Roode has finally made his TV debut for NXT after months of teasing. I actually watch him wrestle Nakamura when NXT toured the UK a few months ago in Bournemouth, great match.

bobby-roode-nxtNew heel debuts, picks up a dirty win. Easy booking right? Not so fast, Almas is relatively new as well having debuted at the last Takeover event. He’s a babyface and last time I checked NXT were pretty keen on him. So he picks up the win and the momentum keeps on rolling right?

Personally, I want Roode to win. I think it’s the better decision long term for the booking and I really like him too. So yeah, I’m bias. Speaking of bias though, I think the Brooklyn crowd might make Roode the face in this match despite him desperately trying to be a heel. His theme is too good for one thing and secondly, well…you know how smart wrestling fans are don’t you?

Winner: Bobby Roode

Tag Team Championship

I’d be incredibly surprised if  Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa beat Dash and Dawson (The Revival) and won the Tag Team Championships. Not that they aren’t good enough to hold the titles, it’s just that I think The Revival are without a doubt the best team in NXT right now (especially since the brand split) and it would be a shame to see them lose them so soon after regaining them.

Winners: The Revival 

No Way Jose Vs Austin Aries

no-way-joseNo Way Jose is a fun character, I’ll give him that. However, in no way does that make me want to see him actually beat Austin Aries tonight. In my opinion that would be a booking disaster.

First and foremost it would be a complete waste of the incredibly talented Austin Aries to have him not presented as one of the main talents in NXT and secondly…well, actually that’s good enough reason on it’s own isn’t it.

Winner: Austin Aries

Womens Championship: Asuka (c) Vs Bayley

When, oh when, is Bayley going to be called up to the main roster?! My prediction is, very soon. So soon in fact that this will be her final NXT Takeover. One last hurrah with Askua before moving up to either Raw or Smackdown to get lost in the shuffle.

The problem is, who will Asuka then feud with now that everyone has left? NXT sort of resembles a ghost town right now. It’s in a very awkward stage of it’s life. Asuka is pretty much Champion by default. Which is an awfully harsh thing to say, no matter how true it is.

Winner: Asuka

NXT Championship: Samoa Joe (c) Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

jntobii-0My initial though for this is that Joe would retain, but having written up the rest of my predictions I’ve noticed I’ve mostly booked heels to win. Which, while it could happen, it’s unlikely to be that cut and dry.

Nakamura has been on a fantastic roll since he arrived but could that all be stopped by the Samoan Wrecking Machine? I think it might. Joe cheats to win to save his title for another day, only to lose it at the next Takeover show.

Nope, I can’t talk myself out of it. I think it’s happening. I must be wrong elsewhere in the show! We’ll find out I suppose!

Winner: Samoa Joe