I really enjoyed the opening promo, it’s not often I say that about WWE these days so I thought I’d make a special mention. I didn’t watch the pre-show, so we’ll skip right past that and into the main show! Surprised yet delighted about Breezango picking up the surprise victory though.

Sasha Banks & Mystery Partner vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

057_battle_07242016cm_0498-ff48b3e7b1758ff74b458d435e6169bcWell, I’ll be damned it was Bayley! Great to see her on the main roster but I do have some huge concerns for the NXT Women’s division. They just lost…well, everyone! We’ll worry about that another time though, it was a great way to start the PPV and a great addition to the women’s division for the main roster. Although JBL did say it was a ‘one off’. So who knows.

It was a great match to open the show. It really popped the crowd having Bayley and Sasha team up and win. Looking forward to the continued feud between Charlotte and Sasha, hopefully their Summerslam match will be fantastic.

The New Day vs. The Wyatt Family

tumblr_oav5m0itk81s05wxzo1_400Another great promo leading into this match, which was immediately ruined by the New Day being their usual daft selves. I love the New Day, but there’s a time to drop the jokes and be serious. Make The Wyatt’s look like an actual threat you know? It’s was a wasted opportunity to show something different from Big E and crew. Even Xavier looked relaxed and jovial again, despite what the promo was suggesting.
tumblr_oauiissjwc1sj4xr4o1_400It especially doesn’t make sense, when the second the match begins Xavier goes back to being scarred of Bray which is the story for most of the match. It was a good match, I do feel like the odd vibe set it off slightly. Bray was on fire though, the clothesline a chokeslam he did to Kofi Kingston were brutal!

The Wyatt’s pick up the victory, Bray looked great like I say. Still don’t understand the decision to split them up if I’m honest. The last time they did this, it didn’t work out that well for any of them. Hopefully Luke Harper is going to rejoin Wyatt and Rowan on Smackdown soon though when he is recovered from injury.

United States Championship: Rusev (c) vs. Zack Ryder

118_battle_07242016cm_1107-349267117cd1f807446350a2fcbc20fdHaha, what in the hell was Zack Ryder wearing! It was fantastically bad. I loved it! It’s the first time I’ve heard his new theme as well, it’s pretty good. Definitely an improvement. I like Ryder, I feel like he’s been wasted for the vast majority of his career. However, I love Rusev so ‘bad guy’.

Why is Rusev a heel by the way? Is it because he’s European and good a beating people up? Beating people up is kind of the point, so you can’t hold that against him. As for the European thing, that’s a little racist of you isn’t it?

This was another decent match, this PPV’s doing well so far in the opening bouts. Lovely missile dropkick from the barricade. Literally can’t remember seeing that before. Zack Ryder almost broke the Accolade, but couldn’t quite make it and had to tap. This match is exactly what I wanted to see. Ryder looked good and Rusev stayed strong. Mojo Rawley makes the save breaking up the post match beat down. Not really a fan of Mojo, but I’ll give him a chance I guess.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

131_battle_07242016rf_0729-128e4e0c6a0eef8385a6c7953b92f6b0Another decent promo wrapping up the feud between Owens and Zayn. Thumbs up to the guys behind the video packages this week.

I love these two competitors. Owens especially is such a dick, but he’s so good at it you cant help but love him. They’re both awesome and work really well together but that doesn’t mean I want to see it every week though WWE! When fans chant ‘fight forever’ it’s a compliment not a literal request.

Referee to Zayn “Do you want to give up?”

Owens “Yes he does!”

Zayn “No!”

Owens “Yes you do!”

It’s the little things. Zayn and Owens, as expected, put on another great match. The suplex onto the apron was a particular highlight. It’s at this point I need to point out that so far, the commentary team haven’t been awful tonight either. JBL had a great little bit explaining why Owens attacking Zayn’s arm was so important as it took away so many basic moves, like punches and clotheslines. I shouldn’t have to mention this, but it’s a rarity.

False finishes aplenty as you’d expect from these two, they had me going a few times. Undoubtedly the match of the night so far. The crowd really appreciated this, that’s for sure. Two huge helluva kicks earn Sami Zayn a deserved victory. Despite WWE’s advertising, this won’t be the final battle between these two. Hopefully they go onto feud with other people for a little while though.

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

After the high of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, the next match was always going to struggle. I’m not saying it was a bad match, it just didn’t set the world on fire. Unfortunately the most memorable part for me was Natalya’s quite awful trash talk.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs. Darren Young

I’m a big fan of The Miz, he’s really found his perfect gimmick . Darren Young, probably hasn’t but at least he’s getting a push. A chance to show what he can do when given an opportunity.

The pace of the PPV has definitely slowed down these last two matches, crowd are a lot quieter. Again you can chalk it up to them being tired from Zayn/Owens. Also they know they’ve got two big matches to save energy for coming up next. It’s a lull for sure though.

It’s not a bad match, but like Becky Lynch and Natayla, it’s nothing special. Bob Backland however looks crazy as ever, which leads to a bizarre end. Miz tries to leave, but gets cut off by Backland. This leads to Maryse slapping him and claiming to be pushed over. Miz pushes over Bob and is immediately put in the Crossface Chicken Wing on the outside. The ref then instantly calls for the bell. Weird.

John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Club

John Cena looks like he’s having an absolute blast teaming with Enzo and Cass. Can’t blame him, I’m having a great time just listening to them ramble! Crowd are suddenly hot as hell for everything once more too. Super nice of AJ Styles to let them finish the promo before coming out by the way.

Solid match, lots of back and fourth action. Odd moment were Cena rolls through a crossbody by Enzo and then just passes him to Luke Gallows. Not quite sure what they were going for, but it didn’t work. Minor nit picking here I’ll admit.

Won’t lie, I completely lost track of who was the legal man at one point. Keep control ref! Do your job! Eventually Cena and Styles return to the ring and after a massive top rope Attitude Adjustment Cena, Enzo and Cass pick up the win. Series tied.

Randy Orton on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Wheel

Oh joy, Randy Orton is back. I’m so excited I don’t know how to re-ZZZZZZ. Sorry fell asleep for moment there.

Oh good, Randy Orton is a face. Sure, WWE can’t let Seth Rollins come back as a face despite actually having huge fan support but boring Randy Orton, he gets too. Seems legit. In fairness, the crowd are more into him that I am. Thankfully, Chris Jericho is on hand to provide at least some entertainment during this segment for me.

Things to take from this segment:

1. WWE are still all in on Lesnar wrestling at Summerslam, despite his UFC drug troubles.

2. Randy Orton, a man with 2 wellness violations, has the cheek to make a joke about Lesnar’s own. Pot, kettle, black etc.

3. Chris Jericho is still one of the most entertaining promos in the industry.

WWE Title: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

311_battle_07242016jg_5441-f895b22603e2b2685ec7b914c4ed4722Another awesome promo! WWE really making me look stupid with my earlier comments right? Excellent recap of the history of The Shield. Promo packages like this really make the matches mean that much more.

Roman Reigns is as popular as ever I see, my thoughts before the match were that if he had to win (and personally I’d keep the title on Ambrose) he could only do so with a heel turn. Also, before we go any further. Mick Foley is Raw GM. Urgh. If there was ever an attitude era legend I’m sick to death of seeing it would be Mick Foley. In my opinion he brings nothing to the product and is just a huge detriment.

Another good match. Very enjoyable to watch. Especially the sections between Seth and Dean. The crowd are behind them both and it’s just awesome to watch. When Roman gets involved the mood of the crowd changes. It changes from being ‘lets enjoy the match’ to ‘must boo Roman Reigns’. I can’t blame them, I’d be the same but it does throw it off slightly.

For a moment I thought Roman was going to win after he no sold Seth’s powerbomb into the corner and countered with a Superman Punch and Spear. Thankfully in the end Dean Ambrose wins after hitting Reigns with the Dirty Deeds. The right call. Nice ending to a very solid ‘B’ PPV, could you imagine how sour I’d be if Reigns had won? Good lord.