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WWE Battleground 2016 Review

I really enjoyed the opening promo, it’s not often I say that about WWE these days so I thought I’d make a special mention. I didn’t watch the pre-show, so we’ll skip right past that and into the main show! Surprised yet delighted about Breezango picking up the surprise victory though.

Sasha Banks & Mystery Partner vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

057_battle_07242016cm_0498-ff48b3e7b1758ff74b458d435e6169bcWell, I’ll be damned it was Bayley! Great to see her on the main roster but I do have some huge concerns for the NXT Women’s division. They just lost…well, everyone! We’ll worry about that another time though, it was a great way to start the PPV and a great addition to the women’s division for the main roster. Although JBL did say it was a ‘one off’. So who knows.

It was a great match to open the show. It really popped the crowd having Bayley and Sasha team up and win. Looking forward to the continued feud between Charlotte and Sasha, hopefully their Summerslam match will be fantastic.

The New Day vs. The Wyatt Family

tumblr_oav5m0itk81s05wxzo1_400Another great promo leading into this match, which was immediately ruined by the New Day being their usual daft selves. I love the New Day, but there’s a time to drop the jokes and be serious. Make The Wyatt’s look like an actual threat you know? It’s was a wasted opportunity to show something different from Big E and crew. Even Xavier looked relaxed and jovial again, despite what the promo was suggesting.
tumblr_oauiissjwc1sj4xr4o1_400It especially doesn’t make sense, when the second the match begins Xavier goes back to being scarred of Bray which is the story for most of the match. It was a good match, I do feel like the odd vibe set it off slightly. Bray was on fire though, the clothesline a chokeslam he did to Kofi Kingston were brutal!

The Wyatt’s pick up the victory, Bray looked great like I say. Still don’t understand the decision to split them up if I’m honest. The last time they did this, it didn’t work out that well for any of them. Hopefully Luke Harper is going to rejoin Wyatt and Rowan on Smackdown soon though when he is recovered from injury. Continue reading


WWE Battleground 2016 Predictions

I still cant wrap my head around the fact that the long awaited Shield triple threat is happening at Battleground. I suppose with the recent brand split and I’m assuming second world title, this is the only chance that WWE are going to have for a long time to do it. Still, it’s a little odd.

I’m still not really watching wrestling again yet. I haven’t watched a Raw or Smackdown since Raw was live in London after ‘Mania and nothing has really peaked my interest in doing so again. That said, I have still watched the PPVs and will continue to do so. Even if I do skip the boring bits.

Anyway, I might do a review of the show tomorrow evening if it’s good enough or bad enough. I suppose that’s really been my issue with WWE recently, it’s just there. Bland, in offensive and not exciting. There are highlights I’m sure, but nothing to get me to watch three hours of Raw and two of Smackdown each week.

Enough rambling however! It’s time for my predictions!

Pre-Show: The Usos vs. Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango)

Have these guys been feuding? I literally haven’t got a clue. I’d just assumed that Breezango and the Golden Truth were still having their ‘hilarious’ feud and skits. Maybe it is still going on and I’m just an idiot, who cares.

WWE don’t seem to care that much about either Breeze or Fandando, despite both being very talented (especially Breeze) so I can’t see them picking up a victory here. The only thing that has me doubting it is that The Usos haven’t been receiving the best responses recently. Maybe a heel turn is brewing for them as they’ve been bland babyfaces for sometime and that’s really been shown up since they teamed with Roman Reigns. Who passed on his fan favouritism very nicely.

Winners: The Usos

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Man, everyone just hates Becky Lynch don’t they? One after another they all turn on her. Maybe she’s a massive bitch secretly back stage and she’s not actually as lovely as we all think. Dun Dun Durrrr, mystery solved.

This is an interesting one, both women could do with a victory but who needs it more. Or rather, who needs it ever so slightly less.

With Natalya’s recent heel turn (that came of nowhere by the way) I’d say she needs it slightly more for it to be effective. That said, I can’t remember the last time Becky won a big match. So it might be her time.

Winner: Natalya Continue reading