It’s Wrestlemania week! You know what that means? Another NXT Takeover! It’s weird to think that for the second year in a row I’m looking forward to the ‘developmental’ show far more than the show on the ‘grandest stage of them all’.

It’s actually becoming the norm for WWE in general to be honest, the main show suffers from poor booking and is often out shined. It’s highly likely that it’s going to happen again this weekend, after all the match line ups look pretty damn good!

Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

20160309_1920x1080_nxttakeover_dallas_match_ariescorbin_sponsor-bd3b2311a4314ac94ac6284693168ef1How cool is it to have Austin Aries in NXT? Long gone are the days in which WWE would refuse to touch former TNA talents. First James Storm briefly appearedm now Aries. Hopefully Bobby Roode will follow perhaps with Eric Young too. It’s a good time to be a fan of NXT.

That said, bringing in already established talents does kind of negate the point of developmental. However, when it makes for such a great show. I’m not really going to complain.

I can’t look past Aries winning this one, a big win at his first Takeover will do him a world of good and Corbin doesn’t really need the victory here.

Winner: Austin Aries

NXT Tag Team Titles – The Revival (c) vs American Alpha

20160316_1920x1080_nxttakeover_dallas_match_revivalamericanalpha_sponsor-a0b36b2f8d22db138167d0bcb1f88365This is going to be  a fantastic match. I love both teams, although I do hate the name American Alpha. Instead I’ll still refer to them as Jordan and Cable. Dash and Dawson as The Revival have been an awesome throwback to old school tag teams and have already had a great feud with Enzo Amore and Big Cass, this should be more of the same. A white hot babyface tag team against some dirty heels.

Like I say, the crowd love Jordan and Gable and they love to hate the revival. I’m looking forward to some great crowd chants and great interaction in general. Plus the wrestling will be top notch from all four men. It should be fantastic.

Winners: American Alpha

Apollo Crews vs Elias Samson

I’m not sold on Elias Samson at all. His drifter gimmick is a little dull and to be honest, a little forced. It reminds me of how everyone needed a ‘job’ back in the 80’s. We don’t need labels to be put on everyone for us, just let them show personality and we’ll handle the rest. It just needs to be more natural.

I’d be incredibly surprised if Elias Samson got the victory here.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura

20160311_1920x1080_nxttakeover_dallas_match_zaynnakamura_sponsor-01c876f8d26fbd5fe78b9297c9d117b1It’s going to be a busy weekend for Sami Zayn. First off he has a match against Nakamura and then two days later he’s in the Intercontinental Ladder match at Wrestlemania. Zayn has recently made his move up to the main roster and so it’s more than likely that this will be his final match for NXT.

With Nakamura part of the new wave of NXT talents him picking up the win over ‘Mr NXT’ will immediately give him a huge boost on the show. The fans will already know who he is, but from a kayfabe perspective coming in and winning in your first match will do anyone a world of good.

Winner: Nakamura

NXT Womens Title – Bayley (c) vs Asuka

Surely it’s almost time for Bayley to move up to the main roster? With the other three ‘four horse-women’ competing in a triple threat at Wrestlemania, it seems rather obvious that they would add her to that mix at some point in the next few months.

She’s also been champion for a long time and Asuka might be the perfect person for her to drop the title too. After all, Asuka is a face as well so it wouldn’t damage Bayley to lose to her and it also wouldn’t get her tied down into a long feud.

Winner: Asuka

NXT Title – Finn Balor (c) vs Samoa Joe

20160309_1920x1080_nxttakeover_dallas_match_finnsamoa_sponsor-d73e51b5b50daf416b88c8218f29f61eIt’s a rematch from Takeover London. Which by the way was incredible and I’m not just saying that because I was there. So, on it’s own this is going to be another great match, no doubt about it.

However, I think we’re all waiting for one of two things to happen. One, the debut of Balor Club and Two, the heel turn of Finn Balor. I don’t think either of these will come in this show to be honest. It would work a lot better against a face rather than a recently turned heel Samoa Joe.

Removing those from the equation then who do I think is going to win? Finn Balor, IF he’s staying on NXT. If he’s moving up to the main roster soon then Joe will get the victory and led the way for the next few months as a heel Champion. Either way, I’m fine with it.

Winner: Finn Balor