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Raw After ‘Mania Review [04/04/16]- Thoughts On Wrestling Podcast #5

Rob and Dan are back for their final Podcast from the Wrestlemania weekend. It’s the Raw after ‘Mania! With debuts and surprise returns, there’s plenty to talk about but was the ‘biggest Raw of the year’ all it was hyped up to be?


Wrestlemania 32 Podcast Review

Rob and Dan are back for another Thoughts On Wrestling Podcast. This episode it’s all about Wrestlemania 32. Having watch the event live in Dallas you can now join these two bumbling British idiots and they give their ‘expert’ opinions.

NXT Takeover: Dallas Review

Good lord what a fantastic show! NXT have done it again, there’s no way Wrestlemania can follow that is there? Put it this way, if the main roster do top this show. We’re in for a real treat tomorrow!

Let’s get the minor negatives out of the way first. The audio quality where I was sitting was awful. Elias Samson tried to cut a promo before his dark match (possibly for TV) but I couldn’t hear a word he was saying. Yes, he got louder boos than anyone all night but even when they died down it was impossible to hear him. Thankfully, it was all wrestling on the main show.

Secondly, I’m not sure how I feel about NXT being bundled with the Wrestlemania travlel packages. It was great for me and sure as hell made my life easier. But I can’t help but feel that some of the ‘bigger’ NXT fans missed out while more casuals came in, or worse didn’t show at all! I aw two completely empty rows on the ground level. For shame! I also had a kid, roughly nine years old with his dad sitting just in front of me. He slept through the entire thing! For shame!

Let’s move on to the positives though, after all there’s a lot of them!

NXT Tag Titles: The Revival (c) vs American Alpha

20160316_1920x1080_nxttakeover_dallas_match_revivalamericanalpha_sponsor-a0b36b2f8d22db138167d0bcb1f88365I legitimately can not think of a better match to open a PPV than this one right now. I’m a big fan of The Revival, Dash and Dawson have been doing great work as dastardly heels. American Alpha, despite the stupid name, are hugely over with the crowd as well. So this made for a red hot opening bout.

It was a great match. Dash and Dawson constantly saving each other and people one another out of harms way. Denying the hot tags to either Jordan or Gable and generally generating heat by being dirty cheating bastards.

It would have been a faultless match in my opinion, but we do have to mention the big botch roughly half way in. Dash and Dawson set up Gable to do a duel powerbomb/crossbody thing. but they get the timing wrong and the move falls flat. This leads to a huge botchamania chant as well as everyones favourite ‘you fucked up’. Can’t win them all lads.

Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

It’s weird to consider a match involving Austin Aries as the ‘toilet break’ match, but when you look at the rest of the card. It pretty much has to be. This match was always going to struggle to follow the tag team titles. Gable and Jordan are just so insanely over that anything in comparison looks poor.

Still, it was a good match. Corbin had control as the bigger man but Austin Aries used his smarts to keep on level pegging. Simple booking but it works and helps keep both people over. I loved Aries’ reversal or escape of the End of Days, it looked awesome. While the quick roll up adds more fuel to the fire for a continuation of this feud but doesn’t harm Corbin for having to do the job. Continue reading

Thoughts On Wrestling Podcast #3: NXT TAKEOVER DALLAS

Dan and I are back once again with another WWE PPV review. This time it’s for NXT Takeover Dallas, some would say the true main event of Wrestlemania Weekend.

We were both there in person, so who better to waffle on about sports entertainment than us?

Episode #4 will be Wrestlemania 32, so check back soon for that as well!

NXT Takeover: Dallas Predictions

It’s Wrestlemania week! You know what that means? Another NXT Takeover! It’s weird to think that for the second year in a row I’m looking forward to the ‘developmental’ show far more than the show on the ‘grandest stage of them all’.

It’s actually becoming the norm for WWE in general to be honest, the main show suffers from poor booking and is often out shined. It’s highly likely that it’s going to happen again this weekend, after all the match line ups look pretty damn good!

Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

20160309_1920x1080_nxttakeover_dallas_match_ariescorbin_sponsor-bd3b2311a4314ac94ac6284693168ef1How cool is it to have Austin Aries in NXT? Long gone are the days in which WWE would refuse to touch former TNA talents. First James Storm briefly appearedm now Aries. Hopefully Bobby Roode will follow perhaps with Eric Young too. It’s a good time to be a fan of NXT.

That said, bringing in already established talents does kind of negate the point of developmental. However, when it makes for such a great show. I’m not really going to complain.

I can’t look past Aries winning this one, a big win at his first Takeover will do him a world of good and Corbin doesn’t really need the victory here.

Winner: Austin Aries

NXT Tag Team Titles – The Revival (c) vs American Alpha

20160316_1920x1080_nxttakeover_dallas_match_revivalamericanalpha_sponsor-a0b36b2f8d22db138167d0bcb1f88365This is going to be  a fantastic match. I love both teams, although I do hate the name American Alpha. Instead I’ll still refer to them as Jordan and Cable. Dash and Dawson as The Revival have been an awesome throwback to old school tag teams and have already had a great feud with Enzo Amore and Big Cass, this should be more of the same. A white hot babyface tag team against some dirty heels.

Like I say, the crowd love Jordan and Gable and they love to hate the revival. I’m looking forward to some great crowd chants and great interaction in general. Plus the wrestling will be top notch from all four men. It should be fantastic.

Winners: American Alpha

Apollo Crews vs Elias Samson

I’m not sold on Elias Samson at all. His drifter gimmick is a little dull and to be honest, a little forced. It reminds me of how everyone needed a ‘job’ back in the 80’s. We don’t need labels to be put on everyone for us, just let them show personality and we’ll handle the rest. It just needs to be more natural.

I’d be incredibly surprised if Elias Samson got the victory here.

Winner: Apollo Crews Continue reading