Twin Atlantic – Free [Album Review]

Free is the second studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Twin Atlantic. Released in April/May 2011 by Red Bull Records the album peaked at number 37 in the Official UK Album Chart.

I’ve been a fan of Twin Atlantic for a few years now, initially they caught my attention with ‘Heart and Soul‘ the lead single from their third studio album Great Divide. After discovering them I went back and listened to their previous works and I’ve been a big fan ever since. I’ve recently, for one reason or another, started listening to them again. A lot. As in, currently four days into a massive binge session. Can’t get enough! Love them.

To say I love this album might be an understatement to be honest. I love everything about it. Lyrically I think it’s brilliant, you can interpret them in so many different ways making each song oddly personal. Sam McTrusty’s vocals are great too, maybe it’s just the socttish accent that makes them work so well? Normally I’m not a fan of the accent, maybe because I’m a southern softy but I love his voice. Free also has so many amazing hooks, it’s catchy as hell. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun to listen too. Seriously, this is my absolute jam right now!

Twin Atlantic are a group of very talented musicians, who make very good music. I highly recommend them.

Verdict: Thumbs Up


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