WWE Roadblock was a rather good show, for a ‘glorified house show’ I would argue that it was a lot better than WWE Fastlane. An actual PPV. Mayb e it’s just that this time around I didn’t really expect any title title changes or real storyline developments. What I expect was a fun show to watch with some good wrestling. That’s what we got.

When I made my predictions, there were only 4 matches on the card. Needless to say, several more were added to the card. A few of these did have the ‘house show’ feel, rather pointless and at times the crowd did go to sleep for predictable outcomes. That said, they did come to life for other matches, with equally predictable outcomes. It’s all in the telling I suppose.

I really wish they’d put Mauro Ranallo the commentary team it would have been nice to hear him call this. Cole and JBL just make every seem so lack luster, which doesn’t help at all during some points of the show.

Before we get to the main review, let’s have a really quick talk. Just me and you Toronto (although this applies to crowds in general). Stop chanting for CM Punk. Just stop it. I was a huge Punk fan, but he’s gone. Accept it, stop chanting for him during other peoples matches. Especially during people like Dean Ambrose’s matches. It only hurts them, your favourites! Vince will see it as them failing to get over and push Reigns even harder!

WWE Tag Titles: New Day (c) V League of Nations

Roadblock kicked off with a New Day promo. It was a great way to start the show, the crowd dug it. I dug it. New Day are slowly turning face, which they unofficially have been for months in honesty. However, the commentators have started showing signs of being warmer to them. Which is a real indication of change. After all, Roman Reigns is booed every week, but the commentary team say he’s a good guy. So he is.

I said in my predictions that I really like the idea of Barrett and Sheamus being a tag team even after the League of Nations are over. They seem to fit well together. Michael Cole however needs to stop bringing up that Barrett won last years King in the Ring, it’s a laughable, meaningless achievement. It’s an accolade that actually does more damage.

It was a good match, Toronto were hot for the New Day and it was the right decision in the end to keep the Titles on them. This was the only Title I thought could change hands on the show, but it wasn’t surprising that it didn’t.

Let’s be honest, Kofi should have tapped to Sheamus’ Cloverleaf submission, he was in it for ages! Also towards the end there was an ugly fall for Kofi, but he seemed okay. Looked painful though! Finally we had a hilarious spot with Barrett counting his own pin while Xaiver distracted the referee. Good lord referees are stupid sometimes.

Chris Jericho V Jack Swagger

Heel Jericho is back! Yeah! There’s no messing about with his entrance, serious looks and no smiles. He rips into Canada telling Toronto to shut up, they had they’re chance to cheer for him but the chose AJ Styles. In his promo he talks about how he’s ashamed to be Canadian and that Toronto is Canada’s ass. Top work from Jericho trying to get a reaction from a crowd who will always love him. He even got an ‘Asshole’ chant thrown at him.

Unfortunately his opponent is All American Jack Swagger. So Jericho immediately becomes face again during the match, not that smartest booking!

It was an okay match, I’m surprised at how much offence Swagger got off to be honest. He even took a page out of Big E’s book and catches Jericho mid code breaker, but eventually had to tap to the Walls of Jericho.

NXT Tag Titles: Dash & Dawson (c) V Enzo & Big Cass

Like I said in my predictions post, I didnt think a Toronto would be as hot a crowd for Big Cas and Enzo as your regular NXT crowd. I was sort of right. They popped for a few bits, but were quieter than I’d want them to be. Wait until Dallas to see a turly hot crowd for these guys.

Big fan of Dash and Dawson, love their style and their work. Dirty heels to the core.

Shatter machine to Big Cass on the outside. Huge Shatter Machine on Enxo to win the match! Dash and Dawson aren’t the most noble gentlemen in the ring, but they didn’t really break any rules. Hard hitting style, impressive.

I’m glad the Toronto crowd proved me wrong about how there reaction would be for Enzo and Cass. I predicted a more muted reaction one that wouldn’t be anywhere near as impressive as the ones they get from regular NXT crowds. I was sort of right, after the initially catchphrase pops they were quieter than I wanted them to be. However they got into the match later on and really wanted them to pick up the victory.

I’m a big fan of Dash and Dawson. I love their style of wrestling and the way hey work. Dirty heels to the core. A fantastic throw back to and excellent period of tag team wrestling. Both teams work really well together.

Its a great match, probably match of the night for me. Great heel work by Dash and Dawson on Enzo to build up the hot tag for Cass. A Shatter Machine onto the outside for Big Cass takes him out of the picture before an even bigger Shatter Machine for Enzo to get the victory.

While Dash and Dawson are dirty heels, they never actually cheated. So they picked up a clean victory, making both teams look good. However, don’t get me wrong. They aren’t exactly the most noble of gentlemen in how the go about business, which is how they create heat.

Divas Championship: Charlotte V Natalya

Earlier in the night Natayla goaded Charlotte into making their match tonight for the Title. Nice try Natayla but we all know you aren’t going anywhere near that Wrestlemania Triple Threat.

As always the commentary team spend way too much time talking over moves, rather than calling them. Thus making any tension from a submission hold literally points. Cole only really calls pin fall attempts. It’s very annoying.

Watching Natalya is always weird for me, I always think she’s a lot better than her performances show. But, really how long can that idea hold together? If you never see the performances you are truly expecting, aren’t your expectations just a little too high? One thing that would be easy to fix however if to tell her to smile less. I know she’s a face, but seriously. Knock it off.

Charlotte works on her leg in preparation for the Figure 8. Natalya sells the leg for a while, but like most WWE talent these days, forgets it moments later whenit’s her turn for offence. Come on guys, it’s simple stuff.

Overall though, it’s a pretty good match. Charlotte gets frustrated close to the end, unable to put Natalya away. Crowd chant ‘this is awesome’ which is slightly too generous perhaps. The Toronto crowd exploded as Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter. Unfortunately she gets distracted by Ric Flair, like everyone else in the Divas division apparently. The bloody fools! A quick roll up from Charlotte with her feet on the ropesgets the victory.

Why do WWE have all of their babyfaces be such idiots? There was no need for Natayla to break the Sharpshooter! Keep it locked in and the title is yours!

Brock Lesnar V Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

One of the reasons I enjoyed Roadblock so much is that a lot of people got promo time before their matches. Bray Wyatt is another example of this. He cuts a promo listing Lesnar’s accomplishments. Which, oddly miror all of Bray’s big feuds as well. Ones he lost! I wonder if anyone noticed this when it was being written…

Apparently Bray has made a deal with The Devil, Triple H?, so Luke Harper has been added to the match making it a 2 on 1 handicap instead. Which basically meant, Harper is getting beaten and Bray isn’t getting involved at all.

One reason why the Network Specials are worth your time is simply because Brock Lesnar wrestles on them, he’s a very special talent. Lesnar actually looked happy to be there for once as well. He spoke in time with Paul Heyman’s introduction for him. Pretty funny, he must like Canada.

Watching Lesnar man handle someone the size of Luke Harper is insane. The ease in which he picks him up and throws him about is scary. Harper gets in some early offence, a few Superkicks and a big discus clothesline. Brock is the only man I’ll allow to no sell, he’s earned it through genuinely amazing booking these past few years.

In the end it’s your typical short Brock Lesnar match, but the crowd loved it. Bray leaves very quickly afterwards. Almost running away you could say, more to come from this feud perhaps? Will The Wyatts get involved at Wrestlemania?

Sami Zayn V Stardust

In a pleasant surprise we get Sami Zayn on the show. Although, this probably the match that the crowd cared the least about. Which, considering Zayn is Canadian you’d have thought they’d be more up for it.

Maybe it’s just that Stardust was his opponent and he hasn’t done anything in years, so there was no reason to get excited? After all, there was no way Zayn was losing this one. I like Stardust, but he’s just another wasted talent. Like I said, he’s done nothing for ages so why should the crowd really care about him? Other than chanting ‘Cody’ at him, which he still reacts amazingly too by the way.

At one point during the match Stardust locks in a reverse Boston Crab, which might just be the stupidest move I’ve ever seen. The crowd agreed with me, chanting ‘this is awkward’ while Zayn half sold the manoeuvre. Stardust dominates most of the match and the crowd start chanting for JBL? Really Toronto? Sami Zayn is in the ring and you chant for JBL? I know it’s a super predictable, meaningless match but support your guys Canada!

WWE Title: Triple H (c) V Dean Ambrose

What happened to the tradition of Champions coming out last? Even Triple H does it now! What’s going on here! Thankfully the crowd come back for this one, support is split 50/50 at the start. Can’t blame the crowd really. Triple H is a legend and barely wrestles these day. Him appearing is speical so cheer him all you want. It doesn’t bode well for Roman Reigns’ reactions at Wrestlemania though.

The match is slow paced, for Triple H’s benefit no doubt. However it’s never boring. It tells a nice story and the early exchanges have some mirroring with each man getting the upper hand. Which is cool. Ambrose working on Triple H’s quad is brilliant, he actually has a game plan for once.

Much like Kofi Kingston earlier in the night, Dean Ambrose is in the Crossface way too long without showing any signs of taping out. Remember when moves use to mean something? Yeah, me neither. Speaking of submissions, how great would have been if Dean had turned his Figure Four into a Figure Eight! I’d have popped big time for that.

Triple H took a few big bumps to the outside that he didn’t have to take this close to Wrestlemania. You’ve got to respect that. I’d forgotten how good his Spinebuster is as well. What a move! Also, Dean. Please stop doing your wacky clotheslines off the ropes 85 times a match.

Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds and the referee counts to 3! Holy shit Dean is Champion! The crowd goes absolutely nuts. Wait, the ref says no. Dean’s leg was under the rope, the match continues. You can look at that a number of ways. Firstly, dumb babyface costs himself the Title. Or, Ambrose kept Triple H down for a 3 count. He ‘beat’ the World Champion! The way this was booked reminds me of the time Jericho ‘won’ the title, crowd went mental only to have their dreams crushed! Great booking.

‘This is Awesome’ chants, definitely justified this time. Triple H ends up winning with a Pedigree after Dean missing an elbow drop through the announcers table. Great match with the expected result. But boy oh boy, did WWE have me going there for a second.

Things to take away from the main event are. 1. Dean Ambrose really is a crowd favourite. 2. Triple H is still a really good work and the crowd respect him no matter how much of a heel he is. 3. This mini feud has been booked better than the actual main event for Wrestlemania. 4. Roman Reigns is so getting booed at Wrestlemania, it’s inevitable.