It’s time for another WWE Network Special! The past few Network Specials have been rather interesting, specially Beast In The East, although the Madison Square Garden was fun as well.

The question is, can a non PPV event so close to Wrestlemania actually have an impact? Or is this glorified Live Event just a throw away stunt to justify the Network? Either way, I suppose I’m fine with it as long as it’s a fun time to watch. So it’s unlikely that any plans will be changed this late, but who cares?!

There’s only four matches announced so far, I’m assuming more will be added on the night. For the four we know however, here are my predictions.

WWE Title: Triple H (c) V Dean Ambrose

maxresdefault1Imagine a world for a second, in which WWE were brave enough to change the main event of Wrestlemania this close to the day. How awesome would that swerve be? It wont happen of course. Ambrose has to face Brock Lesnar, so it would change to much.

So, I think we all know that Ambrose won’t be walking out as champion. He might walk out as winner however? A DQ victory perhaps. I’m not really looking for a Title change. What I am looking for is a good match, which I think we’ll get.

Triple H, love him or hate him, is fantastic in the ring and the crowd are stupidly hot for Dean Ambrose. Much more so than Roman Reigns in fact, WWE’s intended #1 babyface for the company.

The key here is too make Dean Ambrose look good, so that he can remain a threat to Brock Lesnar. The last thing WWE can afford to do is ‘bury’ Dean so close to Wrestlemania. The backlash would be huge and most of the frustration would mostly likely be taken out on…Roman Reigns. You know it’s true.

Winner: Triple H

Brock Lesnar V Bray Wyatt

brock_bray-0-0Let’s be honest, there is no chance in hell that Bray Wyatt is going to beat Brock Lesnar at Roadblock. This is mostly the tying of loose ends from the aborted Wrestlemania storyline and as it is a Network Special, I wouldn’t expect Lesnar to have to do all that much. If it’s like previous bouts, he’ll turn up throw Bray around with some German Suplexs, quick F5 and then go home.

The problem this match has it that it’s meant to look like an even fight, or at least that’s the impression I’m getting. However The Wyatt Family have dropped so low recently that i can’t see anything other than a massacre.

I’m pretty sad about it in honesty, I really like Bray Wyatt and a wrestler and character but he’s being wasted. Hopefully after this match WWE can refocus him and allow him to bloom once again.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

NXT Tag Titles: Dash & Dawson (c) V Enzo & Big Cass

20160304_roadblock_tagteam_1920x1080-c62e37fed8f0d26d86d2196defd28c6eEnzo Amore and Big Cass, despite their undeniably massive popularity have aways stumbled at the final hurdle. They’ve never managed to win the big one. Somehow, they still haven’t won the NXT Tag Team Championships.

I don’t think they’ll do it at Roadblock either and if I’m honest I don’t want them too. I want them to finally capture the Titles at NXT Dallas. In front of their main fan base. the reaction to them winning will/would be absolutely huge. Something that I don’t think the Roadblock crowd would be able to match. It’s just the wrong atmosphere, this is a WWE show and such a Title change should be treated with more importance.

I think we’re in for another great match between the teams. A screwy finish is highly likely, one to add more heat onto Dash and Dawson. It’ll be worth the wait.

Winners: Dash & Dawson

WWE Tag Titles: New Day (c) V League of Nations

new-day-league-of-nations-roadblock-645x370Unlike with the NXT Tag Team Titles which shouldn’t change hands on the show. The WWE Tag Titles might actually do so. I think it’s unlikely, but if I had to choose one title to switch tonight it would be these.

It would be a surprise no doubt, but it would certainly add more importance to this Network Special and add a huge twist in the build up to Wrestlemania. It’s highly likely these teams will be facing off again there, so I wouldn’t put it past Barrett and Sheamus to grab the victory.

Winners: League of Nations