Another week, another decent Smackdown. I could get use to this! With WWE Roadblock tomorrow night, it was very interesting to see WWE positioning their cards for that event. How important will Roadblock actually be in the grand scheme of things? We’ll find out, it is just a glorified house show at the end of the day. However, the card looks pretty damn good!

Let’s take a look at the main talking points from Smackdown.

Intercontinental Championship multi-man ladder match?

So I’m a little bit disappointed with this angle. I really wanted a personal rivalry between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. It would be a continuation and somewhat conclusion to the rivalry that started back in NXT. (Yes I know they’ve feuded before that, but I’m talking from a WWE booking perspective here) However, instead of getting that, which would have been amazing. It looks like we’re getting another multi-man ladder match type event instead.

Miz TV made it clear to me that the one on one feud will not be happening. Instead Zayn, The Miz and Neville and claimed that they wanted or deserved a shot at Wrestlemania. You can bet your bottom dollar that Dolph Ziggler will get involved here as well.

Don’t get me wrong here I’m sure what ever they book will be a good match. There’s too much talent there for it not to be. It’s just not what I wanted. With this we’ll get one good match instead of getting a great feud and a great match. On the plus side, at least this is already being handled better than last years ladder match. Not a single person has stolen the Title yet! Amazing.

League of Nations V The Lucha Dragons

078_sd_03082016ej_0637-0526c5078a71ca73d455be444d3bb815This was a good fun match between The Lucha Dragons and the League of Nations. I’m really liking Barrett and Sheamus as a team. I’d quite like it to continue even after the main group ends. I’m glad Barret is back in the ring and he even picked up the victory with a Bull Hammer! That said, Wade is probably leaving soon. Which is a right downer.

Barrett and Sheamus pick up the victory, giving them momentum heading into their Tag Team Title match at Roadblock. Part of me thinks that the Tag Titles might be the surprise result of the night. It’s the only one WWE can afford to change this close to Wrestlemania really.

The Lucha Dragons just keep existing to fill time on Raw and Smackdown I guess? Obviously Kalisto is the main man now. US Champion, singles match at Wrestlemania. Makes them teaming up rather pointless to be honest, but they’re both pretty talented and fun to watch so I’ll allow it.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho finally turned heel this past week by attacking AJ Styles after they failed to win the Tag Team Titles from The New Day. I’ll give WWE their due here, I thought they’d made a mistake not turning Jericho heel at Fastlane. However, what they’ve done is add another layer to the story. Perfect!

Jericho cut a great and vastly superior promo to anything he’s done since the start of this most recent run. The return to a more serious Chris Jericho, the best in the world persona, was much needed. Gone and the dad jokes and the awkward gormless smile. Finally the real Jericho is back! He explains that his actions are a result of the fans choices, they chose Styles over him. That’s why he turned on him, it’s all the fans fault! Loved it.

The Wyatt Family

258_raw_01182016mm_1305-2793864718So here we are, a few weeks before Wrestlemania, days away from WWE Roadblock and Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family have as much momentum as Zack Ryder. What the hell is going on here? Can’t WWE see that despite the past year of, quite frankly, shitty booking that the fans still like this guy? How have the let him fall so low! That might be a debate for another day though, let us focus on the here and now.

How in the world am I suppose to believe that Bray Wyatt can defeat Brock Lesnar? More so, after Brock Lesnar does inevitably destroy the entire Wyatt Family, where do they go from there? What’s next for Bray? Can WWE build him up in time for Wrestlemania? the answer is obviosuly no. So what’s the plan for the man who for the previous two years went head to head with John Cena and The Undertaker?!

Andre The Giant Battle Royal maybe? But if that is suppose to be the start of a big push, we all know how well that worked for Cesaro. Bray Wyatt is destined to go down in history as yet another wasted talent WWE dropped the ball with.