Now obviously we all know that NXT is the crown jewel of the ‘Award Winning’ WWE Network. What about the WWE PPVs you ask? Well that’s an easy one to answer, the weekly NXT shows and NXT Takeovers are better than the main WWE PPVs. Simple as that.

And again, we all know that WWE love to advertise all of their amazing shows at every opportunity. Including Michael Cole happily shilling ‘Ride Along’ at the end of Daniel Bryan’s incredibly emotional retirement speech! But are any of them actually worth watching? Let’s take a look at my top three WWE Network shows.

Table for 3

Table for 3 is a fantastic opportunity to listen to, you’ve guessed it, three superstars telling stories and sharing memories. The cast varies from show to show. Sometimes it’s legends, sometimes it’s Divas or sometimes it’s tag team like The New Day. It’s pretty funny and rather interesting. Worth watching a few episodes for sure. The quality of each episode does depend on who is on the show however.

WWE Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground gives WWE audience a special look behind the scenes at the WWE Performance Center. What does it take to be a NXT or WWE Superstar?

The show features NXT talent and main roster Superstars and Divas. Matt Bloom as head trainer and NXT GM William Regal give advice and help tutor the next generation of talent for the WWE. It’s a fascinating watch as wrestling characters are created, success is rewarded and failures are punished. People are let go, their dreams shattering.

Ride Along

It’s a simple enough premise, put some cameras in a car and record conversations between Superstars as they travel from event to event. It’s all about getting to know the real people behind their characters and hearing their stories. Each episode features two cars, so it cuts back and fourth between the conversations. It’s heavily edited and controlled, so WWE are only showing you what they want. It’s not really the insider scoop you might be hoping for, but it’s still quite fun.