With Raw being the very definition of hit and miss at the moment, I skipped watching this weeks episode live. Opting instead to watch the Youtube highlights. No WWE, I’m not one of your 10,000,000 million subscribers you like to brag about while your TV ratings plummet, you post way to much junk to justify that.

As always, let’s take a look at The Good and The Bad from Monday Night Raw this week live from Chicago! No Roman Reigns this week as expected, WWE really are trying to hide him from harsh crowds after all. However, putting Dean Ambrose is his place only shows how widely different the two men are in terms of popularity. Ambrose actually gets cheered for example.

The Good

Cool little interaction between Bray and Triple H. In what looked like it was going to be a repeat of last week (dean down and triple h beating him up afterwards) Trips took a little too long and was caught with some Dirty Deeds. Triple H sold it as if he’d been knocked out cold. Simple selling, but effective. Selling is a lost art. We either get nothing (normally from Dean, or over the top stuff from the likes of Dolph)

Triple H and Dean Ambrose

I’ve got to admit, I’m enjoying this mini feud between Dean Ambrose and Triple H. Even though I know Ambrose doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning the Title at Roadblock. It’s already been booked a hell of a lot better than Roman Reigns V Triple H and that’s the bleeding main event for Wrestlemania! Imagne if WWE did swerve us all and put the title on Dean, that would be mental!

There was a cool little moment in the main event between Bray Wyatt and Triple H, a mini stare down if you will. It’s all for nothing though, Bray isn’t anywhere near that level any more. More on him later unfortunately.

hhhh6poxhIt’s set up to look like the previous two weeks. Triple H comes down after his rival has already been attacked and brutalises them just a little more. This week however, he takes a little bit too much time and gets caught with the Dirty Deeds DDT from Dean Ambrose. Triple H sold it as if he was full on knocked out. Simple selling, but effective. Finishing moves should do that after all!

Selling injuries and moves seems to be becoming a lost art. We either get nothing at all, normally from Dean Ambrose, or oversells from the likes of Dolph Ziggler. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Rock’s reaction to a Stunner more than anybody, it’s just important to make moves look effective and real. After all, that is the aim of the game!

Chris Jericho and The New Day

The Chicago crowd were hot for the Tag Team Title match. They were really into it. So was I actually. From the highlights I saw it looked pretty damn good, will have to search out the full match to watch at some point.

Another fantastic catch from Big E to hit the Big Ending. A few weeks ago he caught Jay(?) Uso mid splash to perform the move. This week he caught Chris Jericho mid Code Breaker! Amazing stuff!

After the match though, Chris Jericho finally turns heel. About a month after we all thought it was going to happen. Does this mean it will be AJ Styles verse Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania after all? I’ll happily take another match, I think they can still pull an amazing one out of the bag.

In total Jericho hit three Code Breakers and then shoved a brand new Y2AJ T-shirt in Styles’ mouth. He later explains why he attacked AJ to Renee Young, it’s basically all down to Styles’ popularity. Finally we get a serious Chris Jericho heel turn. Can not wait!

Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

It’s finally on! The feud with all been wanting to continue since NXT is finally back and just in time for Wrestlemania! It might not have been the way that I’d have booked it but I’m glad we’re getting it never the less. This is going to be awesome!

Kevin Owens defeats Neville with a, as describe by Byron Saxton ‘cheap victory’. Unfortunately the TV audience missed Kevin Owens grabbing the tights completely, thanks Kevin Dunn, you had one job. So it actually just made Saxton look really petty, despite actually calling it correctly.

After the match Owens wants to add insult to injury and attacks him, but who is there to make the save? Sami Zayn! Why we haven’t seen him since the Royal Rumble I don’t know, but who cares!

The Bad

Shane O’Mac Vs The Undertaker: Continued.

Is there a feud that’s fallen from the heights of excitement to the pits of dispare so quickly? Maybe it’s just me. I was so happy to see Shane McMahon returning but after last weeks Raw managed to answer absolutely zero of the thousands questions I had I’m losing faith quicker than…quicker than a thing that loses faith quickly. Good one Rob.

From what I can tell this entire match and storyline is exactly what we thought it was. A desperately late, thrown together affair with little justification or long term thinking. It will result in one cool spot at Wrestlemania, no doubt that will involve the death of Shane himself.

Shane appeared on Raw this week and the crowd were happy to see him but I still have no idea what’s really going on. Shane and Vince don’t like each other? Cool, I can work with that. BUT WHY IS THE UNDERTAKER SO WILLING TO FIGHT FOR VINCE?! I need to know and I need to know quickly.

Tyler Breeze

Can someone explain to me the point of Tyler Breeze? It’s a horrible question to ask, but since he’s been called up to the main roster he’s done absolutely nothing. He’s just another guy, another number. Hell, he gets less TV time than the Social Outcasts! Who for all intents and purposes are the new J.O.B Squad.

It’s horrible to see such a talent become so stagnant so quickly but thw worst thing, unlike with some other NXT stars who got promoted only to do very little (Neville for example) Breeze never even had his full moment in the sun there either! What a waste. Why call him up if you don’t want to use him?

Bray Wyatt

216_raw_03072016ej_1538-922d8dd1e0843a7e0f6e1be1a38bfc9dI can see why WWE decided to drop the much rumoured Wrestlemania feud between Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar. WWE just are not capable of making Bray look like a force to be reckoned with. This week he had to get help from the Wyatt Family just to beat up Dean Ambrose. How is he going to cope with Brock Lesnar at Roadblock? Well, simply he isn’t. But where do The Wyatt’s go from there? Nowhere and that’s my problem!