I’m back, once again to look at the main talking points from Smackdown! I’ve really been enjoying Smackdown this year, WWE have been trying at least a little bit to improve the show. Which is nice. It’s by no means perfect and is still very much the ‘B’ show, but if WWE can keep it up. They might actually have a chance of having a legit brand split again like the rumours are saying. Personally, not really a big fan of going back to a brand split though.

Kevin Owens verses Dean Ambrose

So Dean Ambrose does know how to sell injuries after all. Here was me thinking that he’d accidentally had that part of his brain removed in WWE developmental or during his time on the Indies. It turns out he does occasionally understand that he needs to show the effect of a massive beating from a few days before. Amazing.

It’s honestly the first time I can remember seeing Dean doing this, it’s been a long time coming. That said, he still managed to defeat Kevin Owens despite the fact that he could barely move at the start of the show.

I understand that they need to make Ambrose look resilient and tough if people are to think he has a hope in hell of beating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, but isn’t this all a little bit silly? There’s nothing wrong with an injured wrestler losing a match. It actually makes more sense.

I’m still worried about Kevin Owens as well. He seems to keep going in circles, never achieving all that much. Currently he’s the Intercontinental Champion. Yet, he’s lost twice in a row. Once to the freaking Big Show! I love his work, he’s my favourite wrestler at the moment, so consistent in his character and his wrestling. I just want WWE to give him the ball like he had when he was in NXT.

Sasha Banks verses Becky Lynch [#1 Contenders Match]

We’re getting the triple threat at mania! yeahhhhhh. charlotte interferes, so it’s a double disqualification. we later learn from renee young that as a result it’ll be a triple threat. couldnt be happier. that match should be amazing. finally, the divas revolution has produced the goods.

Sometimes, the wrestling Gods truly are good to us. No Vince, you’re not the wrestling Gods. The ‘divas revolution’ story line as we all know was utter garbage. However, it’s finally starting to produce some good results. The focus is now completely on the NXT women who came up last year. Where it should always have been!

In a rematch from Raw, one of the few rematches the world wants and needs to see, Sasha Banks took on Becky Lynch for the number one contendership to the Divas Title. However, after a distraction from Rick Flair, Charlotte attacks both women resulting in a double disqualification.

We later learn from Renee Young that as a result of that, Charlotte won’t be facing Sasha or Becky. Instead she’ll be facing both! Triple threat? Hell yeah! This is what I’m talking about. If WWE actually give these women time on the biggest stage of them all, this could really be the start of a divas revolution on the main roster!

Bray Wyatt against Brock Lesnar at Roadblock

Hey remember that heavily rumoured Wrestlemania feud between Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt? That’s right, the feud they actually started before the Royal Rumble, continued at the Royal Rumble and then dropped immediately?

Well it’s back! Bray Wyatt finally revealed who his rambling promos were aimed at and it was Brock Lesnar after all. It’s just that now he wants to fight him at the WWE Network special, Roadblock. Talk about a step down in importance.

On the plus side, WWE are actually going to finish this feud rather than ignoring it. However, it does mean that after their match. Lesnar goes onto fight Dean Ambrose in a street fight at Wrestlemania. While Bray Wyatt goes into…absolutely nothing. How have WWE wasted Bray Wyatt this badly! It’s madness!