135_raw_02292016ca_1571-e18b06a116c69e2291aa8dfbc1a726e7After an incredibly bland Fastlane PPV, WWE really pulled it out of the bag last week by delivering an actually decent episode of Monday Night Raw. The return of Shane McMahon, Brock Lesnar verses Dean Ambrose and the first clash between Triple H and Roman Reigns.

Could WWE pull of a miracle and have two good shows in a row? The short answer is no. Unfortunately we slipped back into rematch and recap street. WWE spent more time recapping last weeks raw, patting themselves on the back than actually progressing any Wrestlemania storylines for this week.

With that said, let’s look at The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good

After his promo on Smackdown last week, Triple H delivers another solid one on Raw. He’s interrupted (obviously that’s how all Raw’s start) by Dean Ambrose who challenges him to a World Title Match. For some reason Triple H considers to challenge saying he’ll let him know by the end of the night.

Firstly, why the hell would Triple even consider that? Secondly, what happened to your injuries Dean? For Gods sake WWE, don’t tell me a man’s half dead and then have him absolutely fine a week later. Also at some point during this promo Dean mentioned that he just been on the phone to Roman Reigns and the crowd went absolutely…silent. Awkward much?

220_raw_02292016ca_2145-12020e5e65b228908fe6b6ebf391e80fIn the mean time Dean is put in a match with Alberto Del Rio for the main event. Oh joy. That match ends in disqualification when the League of Nations get involved and then its a very similar picture to last week. After agreeing to the match Triple H attacks Dean Ambrose, but instead of being cheered like with his assault on Roman Reigns, the crowd actually boo. Ah, so Triple H is a heel after all!

If last week wasn’t enough to wake up the WWE that Reigns isn’t over as a babyface then surely this reaction is? People shouldn’t be cheering the bad guy in favour of the good guy, if they do. You’ve done it wrong!

Sasha Banks Verses Becky Lynch

035_raw_02292016hmm_0272-efa1e26b8b619e8299af58b816f4d45fSasha Banks and Becky Lynch faced off to see who would become the number one contender for the Divas Title at Wrestlemania. I’ve been predicting for weeks now that this would end up as a triple threat instead of a singles match. That edged ever closer as Banks and Lynch wrestled to a draw! Not very often you see those.

Now I know some people will have a problem with the finish itself. After all, who gets pinned after performing a sunset flip powerbomb? Well, Sasha Banks apparently. So sure it looked a little silly, but it was better than a double count out or worse, outside interference for the millionth times.

I don’t understand what took WWE so long to start doing okay in this ‘Divas Revolution’. It seemed pretty simple but they’ve got their act together in time for ‘Mania at least. I hope so anyway.

Y2AJ, so we’re really sticking with that name?

Right, so I have a policy. If I’m not sure about something I give it the benefit of the doubt and say it’s good. I kind of like Chris Jericho and AJ Styles teaming up, I kind of don’t. To me, both guys are singles competitors so it’s weird seeing them team up together. Yet it’s mostly the name that I have a problem with. Y2AJ is not the name of a team I can take seriously. It’s a rubbish name and I want it to go away as quickly as possible.

That said, at least they’re another tag team in an all but empty division. So, I’ll let it slide I guess?

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon cut an amazing promo about Shane McMahon, loyalty, sacrifices and family. The best part about it was that most of what she said was actually true! On her day, Stephanie is truly up there with the best on the microphone. It’s that so often we get left with a bland, ball busting authority figure who interacts with Roman Reigns.

The Bad

Golden Truth

R Truth and Goldust are still doing their backstage skits. I don’t know why, it’s not like when WWE eventually pull the trigger on this team that the audience will exploded with happiness or anything. In fact, the longer this drags on the more reduced the reaction will be. I enjoyed these when they first started but now I’m bored of it.


093_raw_02292016ca_1014-462f323c8b5254910c57f24749225643Ryback turned heel last week. If you can call that a heel turn in honesty. Walking out on Kane or Big Show should be applauded in my opinion. He said at the time that it’s time to start focusing on himself more, is that really a ‘bad guy’ thing to do? He had a match this week against Adam Rose, who he beat easily. Maybe he went over the top with his attack but it is a fight after all? The objective is to win surely? How is he a bad guy here?!

The other problem with this new Ryback is just like all other pushes he’s had, it’ll end in a months time and that will be the end of it. So why should I care?

Kevin Owens Verses The Big Show

We get a rematch of the Kevin Owens verses Big Show match from Smackdown and it has the exact same finish. It’s just that the roles have been reversed. This is just another example of sloppy rematches and repeat booking that nobody wanted, nobody asked for and nobody cared about.

New Day

097_raw_02292016hmm_0536-b777d9de74aebcba35a569776a751524Is is just me or have The New Day been off form since the Cutting Edge Peep Show? Actually it could have been slightly before that disaster. Maybe it’s the lack of target that’s made them loose their shine but something is definitely off right now.

This is all coming from someone who absolutely loves the New Day by the way. We just seem stuck in classic ‘Wrestlemania season’ multi-team tag match with no really feuds.

Bray Wyatt

As normal during ‘Wrestlemania Season’ Bray Wyatt has started cutting his vague promos once again while the WWE decide who is going to face. With Brock Lesnar now facing Dean Ambrose, who does Bray actually have to fight? The options aren’t good at all! The positive of him not having a big name to fight does increase his chances of actually winning however. So it’s not all bad I guess?

The Ugly

The Undertaker

With all the hype created from last week, you’d have thought it would be impossible to immediately mess it up right? Well….

First of all there is no Shane McMahon but the big question from last week we all had was “Why would The Undertaker do the bidding of Vince McMahon?”. Did WWE answer that question? Not even slightly. Vince McMahon introduces the Deadman, who comes out. Cuts a 30 second promo after a three hour entrance and leaves!

The promo itself only established that the blood of Shane O’Mac would be on Vince’s hands, not The Undertakers. That’s true I guess, but why are you so happy to participate in this family spat Deadman! Worse, there was no hint that he had to do it for Vince or that Vince was manipulating him or anything. Nothing at all. He just said “yeah cool whatever bro I need a ‘Mania match after all.” It’s rubbish.

We waited an entire week to see this? What a waste of time. This story had already hinted at it’s rushed booking, but the more I think about it. The less sense it makes!