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Wrestlemania 32 Predictions

Wrestlemania is almost upon us again and it’s time to make some more predictions. First of all, what are the chances it will live up to the quality of NXT Takeover? Slim I’d say personally, but the opportunities are there. After all, last years Wrestlemania didn’t look that strong heading in but it ended up being a fantastic show. It was a really case of everything going right on the night. WWE are going to need that again on Sunday and then some!

I’m writing these predictions on my flight over to Dallas so let’s not waste anytime getting stuck in.


We’ve got four matches on the Pre-Show this year and non of them are exciting. The Battle Royal is literally the ‘we didn’t have any actual plans for you’ group. The divas tag match is another pathetic attempt to advertise Total Divas. The Usos are boring, yet over as babyfaces and as for Kalisto verse Ryback. Give me a break.

US Title – Kalisto (c) vs Ryback

Let’s be honest, if we’d all be given the option of a multi-man ladder match or a singles match for either the Intercontinental Championship or the US Title. We’d have all chosen the ladder match for the US Title and focused on a meaningful feud between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Alas, the WWE have got it the wrong way round, unfortunately we don’t even get a meaningful feud this way.

Ryback has recently turned heel returning to his ‘big bully who hates small people’ persona. Which let’s be honest was rubbish the previous time around. Meanwhile Kalisto’s title runs haven’t exactly set the world on fire.

Personally I can’t see the point on Kalisto staying Champion if he isn’t doing anything with it. I also can’t see the point in Ryback being Champion either though. That said, if this heel run is ever going to take off he needs to win big. Simple as that.

Winner: Ryback

Divas Tag Team Match

Once again WWE have forced Total Divas into another Wrestlemania feud. Oh joy. This time around we have Team B.A.D and Blonde vs The Total Divas. I’ll be honest with you. I couldn’t give a monkeys about this match.

There’s only two talking points. Firstly Emma is involved which is great news for her as she’s been doing awesome work as a heel since she returned to NXT. Secondly and probably more importantly. WWE decided to put Eva Marie on the babyface team. That’s right, hated diva Eva Marie. The same woman who generates more heat that anyone else on NXT is supposed to get cheers. Not gonna happen WWE.

Sorry Vince, once again you’re out of touch with how the fans think.

Winners: Total Divas, but who really cares.

The Usos vs The Dudley Boys

Another match that I’m finding it hard to get into. There’s no denying that The Usos are a popular tag team and there’s also no denying that The Dudleys are one of, if not, the best tag teams ever. It just feels like since their return they’ve done very little and keep getting stuck in long, drawn out feuds that never really go anywhere.

I suppose I’m really just waiting for a Bubba Ray singles run ala Bully Ray in TNA. I’m not expecting one however. Long and short of it, The Usos will win in what hopefully will be a decent match. That won’t set the world on fire.

Winner: The Usos

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Completing the pre-show is the Battle Royal. Also known as the Jobbers Battle Royal by those more cynical. In honesty I don’t know who will win this but if I had to put money on it, I’d say it would be one of The Wyatt Family. It doesn’t matter though, it means litereally nothing to win the match. Perhaps however this will be the year that this all changes, maybe this year it will finally be the kick start to someones career.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Main Show

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho VI

20160303_wm32-keyart_match_ajstylesjericho_1920x1080-254cf568c0871ceb096414387d8d10e6If you’d have told me before the Royal Rumble that we’d be seeing Chris Jericho verses AJ Styles at Wrestlemania I’d have snapped your hand off. If you’d have then have told me it would be their fourth match, I’d have told you to shut your mouth. In recent WWE tradition we’ve seen a good thing too many times, too quickly to get truly excited about it.

It’s similar to how we saw Kevin Owens verses Dolph Ziggler on Raw 8,000,000 times this year. It doesn’t matter though as just like those matches between Owens and Ziggler, this is going to be another good match.

It should be a great match and I’ve got faith both men can deliver. At the very least if we don’t see a great match it’ll be a good match but more importantly it will help put AJ Styles on the WWE map.

Winner: AJ Styles Continue reading


Wrestlemania 31 – My Experiences

Finally, Wrestlemania week is upon us once again! I’m about to board my plane to fly out from the UK to Dallas, Texas and I couldn’t be more excited. Not because I think this years Wrestlemania is going to be the greatest of all time or anything but just because I had so much fun last year. That’s right, this is my second ‘Mania that I’ve attended. I was there last year in San Jose and had an incredible time.

That’s despite the fact that the booking for the previous two months had sucked something awful. That’s probably why I’m looking forward to it so much again this year. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and experiences from my trip with you all. Enjoy.

Flying Out/Expectations

5a60afcda9586348384e162cba7c0118_crop_northSo last year I flew out honestly expecting the worst of the worst. I was pissed off at WWE, I was annoyed about how much money I’d spent going to something that looked like it was going to suck something awful.

After all the build was terrible. All roads for the main event led to Roman Reigns winning the World Title from Brock Lesnar, despite the ‘WWE Universes’ complete and utter rejection of him since the Royal Rumble. They’d tried to get him over by having him beat actual fan favourite Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane, as if that was ever going to work. Finally the ‘go home’ Raw before had Reigns and Lesnar performing a tug of war for the title. The whole thing was a farce, luckily it all went right on the night, more on that later though. Continue reading

Wrestlemania 30 – My Experiences

So it’s Wrestlemania week and Rob and I will be heading off to Dallas, Texas for Wrestlemania 32 tomorrow! This will be my third year in the row going to ‘Mania and we’d thought we would share our experiences with you. Rob will cover Wrestlemania 31 (his first) and I will share my experience for Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans.

So originally this wasn’t going to be my first Wrestlemania. I was planning on going to Wrestlemania 29 in New York/New Jersey but due to a lack of funds, I couldn’t attend. However there was plus side to me me not going. Instead, I went to a viewing party in London and that’s where I first met Rob. Three years later I’m here writing on his website and we’re both flying out for another Wrestlemania and what should be a fun weekend.

Around this time in WWE fans really wanted Daniel Bryan as the Champion and the top star but the company didn’t. At Summerslam 2013, Bryan finally won the WWE Title only for it to be taken away after Randy Orton cashed in Money In The Bank thanks from help from Triple H and thus The Athority was born. For months we were told that Bryan was a B+ player and would never be the top star in the company and it showed in the booking. Much to the fans frustrations who became more and more vocal over the matter.

However in January CM Punk quit the company and everything had to be changed. He was due to be in a big program with Triple H, but that had to be cancelled. Batista had returned the night before and won the Royal Rumble match. What’s famous about that win is how the crowd turned on the match after Bryan didn’t enter at number 30 as everyone expected. Instead Rey Mysterio came out and it was boos for everyone from there on out.

The rejection of WWE booking would continue on television for the following weeks, which eventually caused Vince McMahon to change the plans. After all, the last thing he wants is for an intended babyface to get booed out of the building at the biggest show of the year.  In the end the show was changed to feature Daniel Bryan vs Triple H, in which the winner would then go on to the main event to face Randy Orton and Batista in a triple threat match for the WWE Title. Which, I think we can all agree is much better than original plans of Bryan Vs Sheamus again.

Flying Out

I did this trip on my own. A lot of people thought I was insane to do so, but I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity for a second year in a row. I’ve been to plenty of gigs and festivals and gigs on my own in the past and you always meet awesome people along the way. So it’s not really an issue. When I landed in New Orleans I imminently met people wearing wrestling t-shirts looking for their hotels and started chatting with them. Wrestling fans are some of the friendliest people in the world, so while I might have flown out on my own, I was never really alone.

New Orleans

New Orleans has a reputation for a problem with crime, but honestly I felt safer over there than I often do in my own country! I was there for six days and not once did I feel unsafe.

The main attraction of New Orleans is Bourbon Street, my hotel was roughly a minute away so that was pretty cool. If you want to go somewhere where all you want to do is get drunk and party then this is the place to go. I was there in the midst of it and what I loved the most was that you could put on any wrestling shirt on and within 30 seconds some random person will walk up to you and either do the wrestlers catchphrase or just talk to you about wrestling in general.  Also went around the French Quarter, Jackson Square. My one regret was that I didn’t do that much ‘tourist stuff’. It was just wrestling and drinking for me that week. Oh well, haha.

I saw quite a few of the wrestlers around. Guys like Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Tommy Dreamer, Booker T just hanging out having a good time. Lilian Garcia did karaoke in this one bar I was in!

Jim Ross show

10173587_10152397398037265_6627691932044228513_nOn Thursday night, I attended Jim Ross’ show at The House of Blues. Whenever he’s on the microphone Ross is entertaining as hell and told some fantastic stories. He told a story about when he and a guy named Leroy McGuirk were going to attempt to kill the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase which is pretty funny and interesting. If you watch his Hall of Fame speech from 2007, he tells this exact story. He also brought Jim Cornette on stage to exchange tales.

I was a bit annoyed as he had another show after this which had sold out and Stone Cold Steve Austin was at that one but what can you do. After the show I got the chance to meet JR himself and he signed my Wrestlemania program and I got a picture with him.

ROH Supercard of Honor VIII

This was my first Ring Of Honor live show ever and I was really excited for it. I hadn’t been watching ROH for quite sometime but I knew most of the guys on the roster. Before the show, they had a meet and greet. You had to pay for it but I thought “screw it” so I went. While there I met quite a few of the guys including Jay Lethal, The Briscoes, Adam Cole (Bay Bay), Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens in WWE), Matt Hardy and Maria Kanellis who were all really nice.

I was second row so had a great view of the ring. You can see me on the hard camera several times when it goes to the right. As well as when the wrestlers were just on the outside of our section from another shot.

It was great show featuring a fantastic ladder match as the main event for the ROH World Title with Adam Cole (Bay Bay) and Jay Briscoe. Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin had a great match as well and I got to witness ReDragon live for the first time. After that they became one of my favourite tag teams around. Jay Lethal winning a 2 out of 3 match falls for the TV Title and start his long reign and turning heel was another highlight. If ROH ever comes to your town or when they do Wrestlemania weekend, I urge you to go check them out because you get some fantastic wrestling.

WWE Axxess

WWE Axxess is pretty much a fan convention for where you can meet the wrestlers, have a look at historical memorabilia and watch some matches. This year they decided to put the spotlight on NXT. A month before this NXT had their first special event on the network and it was a success so with that, they drew a great crowd whilst I was there watching matches in the ring.  At that time I really couldn’t be bothered to wait in line forever to meet the wrestlers, my opinion on this changed a year later and it’s now my goal to meet as many of the NXT roster as I can.

WWE Hall Of Fame

The Wrestlemania 30 Hall of Fame was a pretty decent class. The Ultimate Warrior was a long overdue entry and he had a good speech. He did go one a little bit but I’ll let him off because it was great to see him live and was happy he had finally made amends with the company after everything they have been through. Jake Roberts gave a very passionate speech and Scott Hall had a decent one too but was disappointed as he wasn’t given much time.

A highlight for me was Mr. T who for his entire speech talked about his mother and the best moment was obviously when he went off about how you should love your mother. He went over his allotted time as Kane had to get him out of there so he could induct Paul Bearer. That gave us an Undertaker Cameo which was cool.

Oh, and Bad News Barrett stole the show in my opinion telling the roster how most of them will never make it to the Hall of Fame. Hilarious.

Wrestlemania 30

I woke up on Sunday pretty hungover to say the least, I was out drinking till 7am and woke up at 10am. Which was not fun. Before Iheaded to the Superdome, I went to the Live Audio Wrestling meet up and met hosts John Pollock and Wai Ting who were great and did a fantastic podcast which is available to listen to

Waiting outside the Superdome and all the people were doing were Yes! chants and as soon as I got to my seat, it hit me that I’m finally at Wrestlemania and I was really happy and excited despite the hangover and suffering.

There was a 4 way tag on the pre show but the only important part was that Cesaro split from Jack Swagger. An hour later he would win the first annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal to a huge pop.

Triple H vs Daniel Bryan opened the main show and Hunter had a amazing entrance (which included current Diva champ Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss). This was the best match of the night, told a great story and the right guy won. The crowd were now buzzing with excitement towards the main event as until then everyone was dreading sitting through Orton vs Batista

I thought Cena vs Wyatt sucked and I was not interested one bit. I will say that Bray was popular back then but the wrong guy won as once again they put Superman John Cena over clean. The rest of the feud was boring and pointless as it did nothing to boost Wyatt.

Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker

So this match wasn’t really anything special, it was slow and it was rather dull. However, it’s the ending that everyone remembers. As I watch Brock go for a 3rd F5, I couldn’t believe they were going to let Taker kick out yet again. However, he didn’t.

I was watching the match on the big screen and when they cut to Heyman stunned I thought he was just overselling another kick out that I must have missed. Then everyone starts to stand up, shocked as they see the 21-1 sign on the big screen.

I stood up, jaw is wide and in shock but then the screen crashed and went white screen. So I start to assume there’s been a mistake when Justin Roberts to says the words “The winner of this match… BROCK LESNAR!”. The streak was over and all you could hear was silence, which was then followed by bullshit chants. I knew this trip was going to be special but to say you were there the night The Undertaker lost at Wrestlemania, it will be something I will truly never ever forget.

I felt bad for the divas who had to follow that because they got no reaction because everyone was still in shock over what had happened but that would change in the main event.

The Main Event

With the streak ending, we were in danger of this ‘Mania from being a disaster with the wrong guy winning in the main event but luckily that didn’t happen as the fans finally got what they had been waiting for as Daniel Bryan won the WWE title. I thought the match was decent and they did some great spots including the powerbomb into an RKO though the announce table spot on Bryan. Which many believed was the end of him.

When Batista hit a spear on Bryan and Orton hit an RKO on Batista but only got a two count there was a huge sigh of relief from the crowd who thought they were witnessing the end of the match. In the end Bryan made Batista tap out to a huge erruption from the crowd as the bell rang. It was a great sight to see Bryan celebrating in the ring with confetti falling down and pyro going off. Awesome.

Raw After ‘Mania

The Raw after ‘Mania has developed a reputation. The crowd pretty much do whatever they want and I was excited to be apart of it. The show, or crowd, more than delivered and it still ranks as one of my top three live wrestling show I’ve attended. I’m expecting that to change once I go to NXT Takeover Dallas however!

When you watch show back the crowd was amazing and to be apart of that was fantastic and it felt like they were bringing in a new era. We had video packages of Adam Rose and Bo Dallas who were set to debut soon. Rusev and Lana made their official debut squashing Zack Ryder. Paige made her debut winning the Diva’s title over AJ Lee and she got a monster reaction. Bad News Barrett was on the verge of a big push and the crowd loved him too. The Wyatt family were over as hell and the crowd singing ‘he’s got the whole world in his hands’ was brilliant.

The highlight of the show however was Hulk Hogan presenting the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy to Cesaro. He was so over with the crowd! It was during this segment that Cesaro got paired with Paul Heyman. It looked like Cesaro was finally going to get the push he deserved. In the long run we now know that it didn’t really work out, but at the time this was a huge moment!

The Ultimate Warrior came out for a promo it was great to see him out there, however when I landed on Wednesday morning back in the UK I looked on the Wrestling Observer website to find that he had passed away from a heart attack. I was in shock as just a day before he was on Raw and now he was gone! When you look back at the promo it sounded to me like he was talking as if he knew this was coming as he started his promo with “Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe a final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized”. This was a sad thing to happen as he recently just made amends with the company and Vince himself and finally got inducted into the Hall of Fame and it looked like they were going to have a ongoing relationship in regards to merchandise and maybe appearances. Rest in peace Warrior.

Earlier in the night Triple H had challenged Daniel Bryan yo a match for the WWE title and in the main event of Raw, he had Batista and Orton attack Bryan. As Hunter was about to make a cover for the win The Shield came down and attacked all three saving Bryan. The show ended setting up a feud between The Shield and a reunited Evolution, which was awesome.

Like I said earlier, I thought this would have been the beginning of a new era for the WWE but a few weeks later, it went back to normal and the shows became hard to watch again. Which is a God damn shame. However to this day I still consider this the best trip I’ve ever gone on and I urge any wrestling fan who has never been to Wrestlemania to find a way to attend as you will absolutely love it.

That said lets hope this years is a decent one because right now I have no faith right now what so ever.


Twin Atlantic – Free [Album Review]

Free is the second studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Twin Atlantic. Released in April/May 2011 by Red Bull Records the album peaked at number 37 in the Official UK Album Chart.

I’ve been a fan of Twin Atlantic for a few years now, initially they caught my attention with ‘Heart and Soul‘ the lead single from their third studio album Great Divide. After discovering them I went back and listened to their previous works and I’ve been a big fan ever since. I’ve recently, for one reason or another, started listening to them again. A lot. As in, currently four days into a massive binge session. Can’t get enough! Love them.

To say I love this album might be an understatement to be honest. I love everything about it. Lyrically I think it’s brilliant, you can interpret them in so many different ways making each song oddly personal. Sam McTrusty’s vocals are great too, maybe it’s just the socttish accent that makes them work so well? Normally I’m not a fan of the accent, maybe because I’m a southern softy but I love his voice. Free also has so many amazing hooks, it’s catchy as hell. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun to listen too. Seriously, this is my absolute jam right now!

Twin Atlantic are a group of very talented musicians, who make very good music. I highly recommend them.

Verdict: Thumbs Up

WWE Roadblock Review

WWE Roadblock was a rather good show, for a ‘glorified house show’ I would argue that it was a lot better than WWE Fastlane. An actual PPV. Mayb e it’s just that this time around I didn’t really expect any title title changes or real storyline developments. What I expect was a fun show to watch with some good wrestling. That’s what we got.

When I made my predictions, there were only 4 matches on the card. Needless to say, several more were added to the card. A few of these did have the ‘house show’ feel, rather pointless and at times the crowd did go to sleep for predictable outcomes. That said, they did come to life for other matches, with equally predictable outcomes. It’s all in the telling I suppose.

I really wish they’d put Mauro Ranallo the commentary team it would have been nice to hear him call this. Cole and JBL just make every seem so lack luster, which doesn’t help at all during some points of the show.

Before we get to the main review, let’s have a really quick talk. Just me and you Toronto (although this applies to crowds in general). Stop chanting for CM Punk. Just stop it. I was a huge Punk fan, but he’s gone. Accept it, stop chanting for him during other peoples matches. Especially during people like Dean Ambrose’s matches. It only hurts them, your favourites! Vince will see it as them failing to get over and push Reigns even harder!

WWE Tag Titles: New Day (c) V League of Nations

Roadblock kicked off with a New Day promo. It was a great way to start the show, the crowd dug it. I dug it. New Day are slowly turning face, which they unofficially have been for months in honesty. However, the commentators have started showing signs of being warmer to them. Which is a real indication of change. After all, Roman Reigns is booed every week, but the commentary team say he’s a good guy. So he is.

I said in my predictions that I really like the idea of Barrett and Sheamus being a tag team even after the League of Nations are over. They seem to fit well together. Michael Cole however needs to stop bringing up that Barrett won last years King in the Ring, it’s a laughable, meaningless achievement. It’s an accolade that actually does more damage.

It was a good match, Toronto were hot for the New Day and it was the right decision in the end to keep the Titles on them. This was the only Title I thought could change hands on the show, but it wasn’t surprising that it didn’t.

Let’s be honest, Kofi should have tapped to Sheamus’ Cloverleaf submission, he was in it for ages! Also towards the end there was an ugly fall for Kofi, but he seemed okay. Looked painful though! Finally we had a hilarious spot with Barrett counting his own pin while Xaiver distracted the referee. Good lord referees are stupid sometimes. Continue reading

WWE Roadblock Predictions

It’s time for another WWE Network Special! The past few Network Specials have been rather interesting, specially Beast In The East, although the Madison Square Garden was fun as well.

The question is, can a non PPV event so close to Wrestlemania actually have an impact? Or is this glorified Live Event just a throw away stunt to justify the Network? Either way, I suppose I’m fine with it as long as it’s a fun time to watch. So it’s unlikely that any plans will be changed this late, but who cares?!

There’s only four matches announced so far, I’m assuming more will be added on the night. For the four we know however, here are my predictions.

WWE Title: Triple H (c) V Dean Ambrose

maxresdefault1Imagine a world for a second, in which WWE were brave enough to change the main event of Wrestlemania this close to the day. How awesome would that swerve be? It wont happen of course. Ambrose has to face Brock Lesnar, so it would change to much.

So, I think we all know that Ambrose won’t be walking out as champion. He might walk out as winner however? A DQ victory perhaps. I’m not really looking for a Title change. What I am looking for is a good match, which I think we’ll get.

Triple H, love him or hate him, is fantastic in the ring and the crowd are stupidly hot for Dean Ambrose. Much more so than Roman Reigns in fact, WWE’s intended #1 babyface for the company.

The key here is too make Dean Ambrose look good, so that he can remain a threat to Brock Lesnar. The last thing WWE can afford to do is ‘bury’ Dean so close to Wrestlemania. The backlash would be huge and most of the frustration would mostly likely be taken out on…Roman Reigns. You know it’s true.

Winner: Triple H

Brock Lesnar V Bray Wyatt

brock_bray-0-0Let’s be honest, there is no chance in hell that Bray Wyatt is going to beat Brock Lesnar at Roadblock. This is mostly the tying of loose ends from the aborted Wrestlemania storyline and as it is a Network Special, I wouldn’t expect Lesnar to have to do all that much. If it’s like previous bouts, he’ll turn up throw Bray around with some German Suplexs, quick F5 and then go home.

The problem this match has it that it’s meant to look like an even fight, or at least that’s the impression I’m getting. However The Wyatt Family have dropped so low recently that i can’t see anything other than a massacre.

I’m pretty sad about it in honesty, I really like Bray Wyatt and a wrestler and character but he’s being wasted. Hopefully after this match WWE can refocus him and allow him to bloom once again.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

NXT Tag Titles: Dash & Dawson (c) V Enzo & Big Cass

20160304_roadblock_tagteam_1920x1080-c62e37fed8f0d26d86d2196defd28c6eEnzo Amore and Big Cass, despite their undeniably massive popularity have aways stumbled at the final hurdle. They’ve never managed to win the big one. Somehow, they still haven’t won the NXT Tag Team Championships.

I don’t think they’ll do it at Roadblock either and if I’m honest I don’t want them too. I want them to finally capture the Titles at NXT Dallas. In front of their main fan base. the reaction to them winning will/would be absolutely huge. Something that I don’t think the Roadblock crowd would be able to match. It’s just the wrong atmosphere, this is a WWE show and such a Title change should be treated with more importance.

I think we’re in for another great match between the teams. A screwy finish is highly likely, one to add more heat onto Dash and Dawson. It’ll be worth the wait.

Winners: Dash & Dawson

WWE Tag Titles: New Day (c) V League of Nations

new-day-league-of-nations-roadblock-645x370Unlike with the NXT Tag Team Titles which shouldn’t change hands on the show. The WWE Tag Titles might actually do so. I think it’s unlikely, but if I had to choose one title to switch tonight it would be these.

It would be a surprise no doubt, but it would certainly add more importance to this Network Special and add a huge twist in the build up to Wrestlemania. It’s highly likely these teams will be facing off again there, so I wouldn’t put it past Barrett and Sheamus to grab the victory.

Winners: League of Nations

Smackdown: Talking Points [10/03/16]

Another week, another decent Smackdown. I could get use to this! With WWE Roadblock tomorrow night, it was very interesting to see WWE positioning their cards for that event. How important will Roadblock actually be in the grand scheme of things? We’ll find out, it is just a glorified house show at the end of the day. However, the card looks pretty damn good!

Let’s take a look at the main talking points from Smackdown.

Intercontinental Championship multi-man ladder match?

So I’m a little bit disappointed with this angle. I really wanted a personal rivalry between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. It would be a continuation and somewhat conclusion to the rivalry that started back in NXT. (Yes I know they’ve feuded before that, but I’m talking from a WWE booking perspective here) However, instead of getting that, which would have been amazing. It looks like we’re getting another multi-man ladder match type event instead.

Miz TV made it clear to me that the one on one feud will not be happening. Instead Zayn, The Miz and Neville and claimed that they wanted or deserved a shot at Wrestlemania. You can bet your bottom dollar that Dolph Ziggler will get involved here as well.

Don’t get me wrong here I’m sure what ever they book will be a good match. There’s too much talent there for it not to be. It’s just not what I wanted. With this we’ll get one good match instead of getting a great feud and a great match. On the plus side, at least this is already being handled better than last years ladder match. Not a single person has stolen the Title yet! Amazing.

League of Nations V The Lucha Dragons

078_sd_03082016ej_0637-0526c5078a71ca73d455be444d3bb815This was a good fun match between The Lucha Dragons and the League of Nations. I’m really liking Barrett and Sheamus as a team. I’d quite like it to continue even after the main group ends. I’m glad Barret is back in the ring and he even picked up the victory with a Bull Hammer! That said, Wade is probably leaving soon. Which is a right downer.

Barrett and Sheamus pick up the victory, giving them momentum heading into their Tag Team Title match at Roadblock. Part of me thinks that the Tag Titles might be the surprise result of the night. It’s the only one WWE can afford to change this close to Wrestlemania really.

The Lucha Dragons just keep existing to fill time on Raw and Smackdown I guess? Obviously Kalisto is the main man now. US Champion, singles match at Wrestlemania. Makes them teaming up rather pointless to be honest, but they’re both pretty talented and fun to watch so I’ll allow it.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho finally turned heel this past week by attacking AJ Styles after they failed to win the Tag Team Titles from The New Day. I’ll give WWE their due here, I thought they’d made a mistake not turning Jericho heel at Fastlane. However, what they’ve done is add another layer to the story. Perfect!

Jericho cut a great and vastly superior promo to anything he’s done since the start of this most recent run. The return to a more serious Chris Jericho, the best in the world persona, was much needed. Gone and the dad jokes and the awkward gormless smile. Finally the real Jericho is back! He explains that his actions are a result of the fans choices, they chose Styles over him. That’s why he turned on him, it’s all the fans fault! Loved it.

The Wyatt Family

258_raw_01182016mm_1305-2793864718So here we are, a few weeks before Wrestlemania, days away from WWE Roadblock and Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family have as much momentum as Zack Ryder. What the hell is going on here? Can’t WWE see that despite the past year of, quite frankly, shitty booking that the fans still like this guy? How have the let him fall so low! That might be a debate for another day though, let us focus on the here and now.

How in the world am I suppose to believe that Bray Wyatt can defeat Brock Lesnar? More so, after Brock Lesnar does inevitably destroy the entire Wyatt Family, where do they go from there? What’s next for Bray? Can WWE build him up in time for Wrestlemania? the answer is obviosuly no. So what’s the plan for the man who for the previous two years went head to head with John Cena and The Undertaker?!

Andre The Giant Battle Royal maybe? But if that is suppose to be the start of a big push, we all know how well that worked for Cesaro. Bray Wyatt is destined to go down in history as yet another wasted talent WWE dropped the ball with.